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Kindle, Nook or Paperback? Help Me Decide!

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Not Now...Mommy's Reading (notnowmommysreading) | 34 comments Mod
I'm trying to decide between purchasing the Nook (Barnes and Noble) or the Kindle ( Do any of you have either one and if so, what are your thoughts? Or should I just pocket the $260 and stick with my paperbacks? I have over 1,000 paperbooks that I have yet to read (and I just ordered 6 more *giggle) but I keep hearing raves about both products. I am not one to jump on a bandwagon but I'm tempted to add one of these to my "must-have" list. Please help.

message 2: by Arch (new)

Arch  | 22 comments I don't either one, but I do like paperbacks.

Pamela(AllHoney) (pamelap) Can't say. I got me a Sony which I really like. I too have many paperbacks but even with the ereader I won't get rid of most of my keepers.

message 4: by Kathy Anne (new)

Kathy Anne (kathyanne) I do paperback but I think it`s just because I`m too lazy to go to something new

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Winter Frost Queen)  (gatadelafuente) | 65 comments Mod
I have a Kindle DX. I'm happy with it, because it allows me to read some books I'd have trouble getting paper copies of, and there are a lot of great free ebooks out there. If you get a Kindle, spring for the DX, because it's much easier to transfer non-Kindle ebooks, and it's larger, feels more like a real book.

I don't know much about the Nook.

message 6: by Norma (new)

Norma | 4 comments I LOVE my Kindle. I have the regular one, but the DX is certainly cool. The Kindle and Nook hold more books than the Sony.

There's a lot of debate about which is better, Kindle or Nook. I dont think there's a huge difference, but the Kindle does seem faster. I think you can play with the Kindle now in some Target stores.

Elise-Pinterest+Goodreads=The Perfect Book Boyfriend (eliselovesshinyandnew) | 1 comments I love my Kindle. I have not seen the Nook, however, the Ipad is too heavy for me. I put my Kindle in my purse and I have a wealth of reading material with me at all time. Or, when I am in a meeting (shhh) I read from the Kindle App on my iPhone. The only problem I have found is sometimes you cannot find all of the books you want in ebook format. Look at the types of books, authors and genres you like and see if there is enough to justify buying for you. Also, be warned, sometimes an author will change publishers in the middle of a series so you might have the first 2 or 3 books in ebook format and no more or the last books in e format, or any variation thereof. That sucks.

message 8: by Norma (new)

Norma | 4 comments The iPad is SUPER cool, but it's not a designated reader. It's too heavy and it doesnt have e-ink like the kindle or nook. So it's like reading on the computer. I think it's a cool gadget, but I'd stick to a kindle or nook for reading.

message 9: by Booked (new)

Booked | 1 comments IPad is a good investment it has both kindle and nook apps plus the iBooks. I never leave home without mine. Kindle fire would be the next best thing hooks into your kindle account and you get great perks as prime member. You can watch movie, surf web, music and android apps. It's great but iPad's still better. I had Sony not very convenient I had to hook it up to my computer to add books. I didn't try the nook. I love the good old books and flipping pages. Carrying them around is a great hassle.

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