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message 1: by Cathy (new)

Cathy (cgraceh) | 236 comments Mod
Do you have a particular way you like to write? Do you consider yourself to have a dark sense of humor? Witty and sarcastic? Or are you more light and cheery?

However you express your story or your characters, please share with us your ideas or examples you've heard elsewhere.

message 2: by Stacy (new)

Stacy (stacymarie913) I really like the tone that Meg Cabot uses in her Heather Wells mysteries. It's light and funny, I don't know how to describe it. It's like you're reading it and they just found a dead body or something like that but you don't get that scarey-my-imagination-is-running-away-with-me thing going on that you do when you read the darker mystery/thrillers like Dean Koontz & John Saul. It's like, "Oh, there's a dead body? Huh, oh well."

Does that make any sense?

message 3: by Cathy (new)

Cathy (cgraceh) | 236 comments Mod
hahaha..I only listened to the first Heather Wells mystery and I got a similar fact, trying to think back to it, I barely remember what the mystery part was?? I do love Meg Cabot's books though...especialy the Queen of Babble was so sweet

message 4: by Tara (new)

Tara I loved the Queen of Babble series. Stacy you have to read those!!!

message 5: by Jencey/ (new)

Jencey/ (jencey) I really love the way Julie Garwood rights with her sense of ironies. I also love Kristin Billerbeck because of her witty sense of humor in the Ashley Stockingdale series. I appreciate Kristin Hannah for her richly developed characters that she shares with us in her books.

message 6: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (diva2416) Besides Kristin Hannah, I haven't read any of those authors, Jencey. I will have to look into them.

LOVE Meg Cabot and the Queen of Babble. Check out her Airhead series which is young adult.

When I write my memoirs I try to be funny. Love sarcasm. When I write fiction I like to have a little humor. I also try to get a little dramatic, but sometimes I overdo it.

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