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message 1: by Chrystal (new)

Chrystal | 144 comments I want to purchase an e-reader, but torn over which one to get. I have heard great things about the Kindle, but haven't really heard anything about the Nook. So I would love to hear everyones thoughts. I hope I posted this in the right place. Please help me decide!

message 2: by Gina (new)

Gina (so_vintage87) | 5 comments I love the Kindle I feel it is the best. I havent had a chance to really play with the Nook but I don't like the buttons on it. It doesn't even have a keyboard. I does anyone know if you can highlight, make notes in the book and if it has a dictionary in it like the Kindle. I love the fact if I don't know a word I can just scroll next to it and at the bottom there is the definition easy as that. I have no idea if the Nook can do this or not but I would def look into it because I love that about the Kindle.

Hope that helped :)

message 3: by Alex (new)

Alex Hey Chrystal! Someone else asked about the Kindle recently elsewhere, so I'll paste what I told him below. I don't have any particular opinion about Kindle v. Nook; I haven't played with a Nook. But I can tell you what I like and dislike about the Kindle.

Gina, I agree about the dictionary. Pretty cool.

Here are my pros and cons:

- Amazing for travel. It's so light! I recently spent a week hiking through the jungles of Colombia, and it was pretty great that I didn't have to lug a ton of books with me.
- Older books are free or close to it. I just finished Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde for free. I downloaded the complete works of Shakespeare for 99 cents! That's awesome.
- If I'm in a place with dim light I can bump the text size up, which is convenient for those of us who've tried to read in a bar while waiting on friends.

- For "Important" books, I still want to own a copy. I haven't gotten over the urge to just own books. So I don't always read off the Kindle.
- The inability to loan books out pretty much sucks; if I read something I know my wife would like, I have to loan her the Kindle. The Nook has a loaning feature, but a) I've heard it's not as cool as it sounds (for instance, you can only loan for a week, which, as we all know, isn't really how loaning books works), and b) of course it relies on the other person also having a Nook, which is pretty unlikely.
- Apple just announced their weird, overpriced iPad, and Google's rumored to have an e-reader in the works, and I'll bet ten bucks that by next Christmas my Kindle will look like an archaic artifact. You gotta be prepared for the fact that new and cooler toys will always be coming out.

Overall, I love the thing. I got used to reading off an electronic device immediately; I don't get distracted by the thought that I'm not holding a book. And it's fun to get envious looks on the subway. :) I'm a big fan.

message 4: by Usako (new)

Usako (bbmeltdown) | 326 comments The Nook loans a book for about 14 days but it's a loaner for ONE TIME ONLY! The Nook app is available on Blackberry, iPod Touch & iPhone, PC and MAC (same as Kindle now!). The both pretty much do the exact same thing. The Nook does take notes and has a keyboard but it appears in the touch screen area. I read a review comparing the two and the writer said they're the same the only difference is Nook's color in the smaller keyboard area AND that the Kindle functions more smoothly and quickly than the Nook which still gets some errors. The writer said in a year or so, the Nook MIGHT overtake the Kindle.

Apple's iPad has a iBook library which is basically like Kindle. It's all color. To me it's overpriced and total crap. Not sure what Google will do but eeeeh. I like Kindle b/c Amazon does a great job in keeping up with books!

message 5: by Alex (new)

Alex Ah, thank you for that correction Tanja.

message 6: by Dalene (new)

Dalene Alex wrote: "Hey Chrystal! Someone else asked about the Kindle recently elsewhere, so I'll paste what I told him below. I don't have any particular opinion about Kindle v. Nook; I haven't played with a Nook. ..."

Alex, I haven't tried it but wonder if you move your book to an SD card and then insert that card into another Kindle if you are able to share books that way? I don't know anybody close that has a Kindle to have tried it yet.

message 7: by Dalene (new)

Dalene I love my Kindle!! A co-worker just got a Nook, really wanting a Kindle, but has found he likes it alot. I haven't seen it yet to compare. He did say the book selection is small, but I remember that when Kindle first came out as well.

message 8: by Holly (new)

Holly (velvetsun) I LOVE my Kindle! It's so addictive and I love being able to have 100+ books in the palm of my hand. :)

I have a co-worker who got the Sony reader for Christmas, and she likes it, but I played around with hers and wasn't really impressed with it.

message 9: by Karen (new)

Karen | 28 comments Gosh I'm becoming an addict..spending too much money. I have to slow down.

message 10: by Alex (new)

Alex I know Karen, Kindles are dangerous. Any time a book crosses your mind you can have it with one click! Some of us really shouldn't be allowed this kind of power.

Dalene, I suppose that's possible. I've heard there are ways to hack the Kindle, but I haven't bothered to try them myself - partly because I don't know anyone else who also has one, so there's really no point yet.

message 11: by Karen (new)

Karen | 28 comments It's kind of like gambling and being in Vegas and walking by a slot just can't walk by it if you're

message 12: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10060 comments Mod
Wouldnt it be great if there was a way to "borrow" each ebook format and "try it out" to decide which you like better?

Each reader has options that will appeal to different people....

Personally, I dont think I can let go of the physicalness of books. I am a book whore - I look to touch them, smell them, shelve them, and show them off. I cant do that with en ereader....

message 13: by Alex (last edited Feb 26, 2010 10:29AM) (new)

Alex It's a great conversation starter, too, which is super annoying. "Oh hey, is that the Kindle? How do you like it? Can I hold it?" Dude, if I wanted to talk I wouldn't be reading.

message 14: by Lu (new)

Lu | 37 comments I bought myself a Nook for Christmas and love it.
It is amazing how fast you can get a book from anywhere you happen to be. I highlight, take notes, look up words (love it) and find it all very easy.
My hands don't get cramped (reading in bed) that sometimes happens when holding open a heavy book.

message 15: by Karen (new)

Karen | 28 comments I love the way you can look up's right easy and convenient.

message 16: by Diane U (new)

Diane U (djuseless) I love my kindle! With over 420,000 books available at your fingertips instantly, you will always find something you like. I love how it has limited internet access, built in dictionary for those big words or to help when playing Scrabble, adjustable font size, text-to-speech option if available and most importantly no computer needed!

message 17: by ~~*Julie (new)

~~*Julie Kawalec-pearson (jewl) Okau- I have to throw you all off and I absolutely LOVE my sony ereader! Its so cool!

message 18: by Dalene (new)

Dalene Lu wrote: "I bought myself a Nook for Christmas and love it.
It is amazing how fast you can get a book from anywhere you happen to be. I highlight, take notes, look up words (love it) and find it all very e..."

I'm wanting to get my mom an e-book reader for the same reason of being too heavy in her hands. She's had to give up the hardbacks recently.

message 19: by Dalene (new)

Dalene Alex wrote: "It's a great conversation starter, too, which is super annoying. "Oh hey, is that the Kindle? How do you like it? Can I hold it?" Dude, if I wanted to talk I wouldn't be reading."


message 20: by Shona (last edited Mar 02, 2010 12:59AM) (new)

Shona (anovelobsession) I have to jump in here - I haven't played with the Nook, so I can't really have an opinion on that. I started on e-readers with the Sony (PRS 505). I got the Sony over the Kindle because I was in the process of moving to Germany and I wasn't sure how the whole wirelessly downloading books for the Kindle would work. I loved my Sony when I first got it. I thought I would miss the experience of having a "real" book in my hands, because I love everything about getting a new book - scouring the shelves at a book store, taking it home, curling up on the couch and opening it for the first time. I found that the e-reader just augmented my reading. I haven't given up on "real" books, but now I can read anywhere and believe me I have!
Anyway about two months ago I started having problems with my Sony. I was no longer able to open up the Sony library program on my PC which is required to download books and sync your reader. This problem started around the time they upgraded to a new format. I worked with the Sony help desk and got that opened, but the program was never able to sync with my device due to problems with not only Sony, but with Adobe. I spent many hours on the phone and on the chatline with technicians and nobody was able to fix my problem. So I gave up on Sony and ordered a Kindle.
Since I've had both I can tell you that there are pros and cons to each one. The Sony does have a much sleeker, almost professional look to it and the Kindle seemed a little bulky to me when I first got it. However, the Kindle also feels more like a regular book to me when I am holding it - somehow a little more substantial.
I didn't think wireless downloading would be a big selling point for me and I certainly didn't miss that when I had the Sony, but I've become hooked on the convenience of downloading samples of books no matter where I am at. I've even downloaded magazines and newspapers to try them out and it's a pretty neat feature. The downside to that is I have bought a lot of books in a week, it's almost too easy and I'll have to watch that!
Anyway, the point is, everybody is going to have an opinion about which e-reader they like best. It is a significant investment and we all want to feel like we have chosen the "best" one. All I can say is that the two I have used have both been very convenient and a lot of fun to play around with. I love my Kindle now, but I would have been just as happy with the Sony until the problems started.

message 21: by F1Wild (new)

F1Wild I'm a pretty avid reader and since we live (at times) both in the UK & USA I always have to travel with a huge stack of heavy books. For this reason I researched and really wanted a Kindle for Christmas ('08). My hubby did his own techie, but not reader research and got me a JetBook. It was so not good! I exchanged this for a Sony and liked it, but found I had to go through way too many steps to get books, etc. So I returned it.

I ended up buying a used Kindle2 (warranty transferred) and have LOVED IT ever since!!!!!! It is very portable & lightweight, even with my custom skin & Oberon leather cover. I can download a book in something like 20 seconds, shopping online or through the wireless ereader itself. I love reading bestsellers and other books and couldn't always find these for the other ereaders, but with the Kindle I can get a book the day it's published (in most cases) and while the new hardcover sells for $25+ I can get it for the Kindle for $9.99 or less. There are even tons of books available for $4.99 or less - or even free. Since the Kindle has such a huge market attached many new authors give there ebooks for free.

Kindle is also in the process of forming an app store, very similar to that of the Blackberry & iPhone and so with the wireless features will have a slew of new activities.

If you have any questions about the Kindle, I would be happy to answer them or you can go to an online forum called for answers to everything/anything - Kindle or not! It's also a great source for used Kindles, mostly from people trading up for a new DX version.

Good luck with your choice.

message 22: by Usako (new)

Usako (bbmeltdown) | 326 comments I have the Kindle DX. The only downside is how to hold it w/the black leather cover (adds weight) without dropping the thing *OR* accidentally hitting the buttons on the right. I wish there was a more COMFORTABLE grip w/o the fear of your thumb hitting a button when we're reading. So I guess I'm asking for more thumb room on the right side to the MIDDLE of the device.

Oh and I wish it was available in black. My thumb smears from reading newspaper and my regular oils have turned the buttons a funky cream-green.

message 23: by Donna (new)

Donna (dfiggz) | 1626 comments Honestly I love the physical book but if I really HAD to decide between the two, I would go for the Nook!!!

What about the Sony e-reader?

message 24: by Kari (new)

Kari (kiwibee) I have a Kindle and I LOVE it. My dad got it for me for Christmas. I left it up to him what kind to get me, and he went with the Kindle because he likes Amazon and knows that they have a pretty large library of books.

Then when my birthday hit in January, I got inundated with a bunch of Amazon gift cards, so I was in book buying heaven.

My only regret over a physical book is that when I finish an amazing book on my Kindle, I can't loan it to a friend. I've love to be able to just email samples or something even.

message 25: by F1Wild (new)

F1Wild Tanya - there is a cover I have seen that has a place to slide your hand in for way easy holding. I'll try to find it for you. Also, YOU NEED A SKIN!! A very good company is DecalGirl - they make some of the best skins - in so many colors and patterns I guarantee you'll have a hard time choosing. Also, their skins also cover the buttons so they do not become discolored.

message 26: by F1Wild (new)

F1Wild Tanya - I found the Kindle cover I told you about - it's from Marware called the Eco-Flip. You would like it. I'm not sure if they make one for the DX so I sent them an email.

message 27: by Amy (new)

Amy (signgirlamy) | 32 comments I got my dad a Nook for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. I played with it some before I went back to school, and, after limited experience, I prefer the Nook to the Kindle. I really like the touch screen and the ability to finger-swipe to turn pages instead of clicking a button. The functionality of the touch screen is just great - I'm used to touch screen phones, Nintendo DS, iPods, etc so it made things way easier. My dad isn't that much of a technophile (he can rebuild a computer but isn't too into all of this newfangled touching stuff), but it only took him a few days to get used to the touch screen. He also put a lot of his music on the Nook so he can listen to music while he reads or at work.

I think the battery life is a bit better on the Kindle, but the battery lasts for about a week on the Nook with the WiFi off (which you don't need on unless you're buying books).

The Kindle I've played with was a DX, and part of it may have been that it was just too big and bulky for my tastes. It wouldn't fit in many of my purses without me having to take everything out.

You can go to B&N to try out a Nook to see if you like the way it feels. Amazon used to have a program where you could meet up with Kindle owners to try them out, but I don't know if they still have that going. It may have only been when the Kindle first came out. But the best way of seeing what you prefer would be to try them out.

Ultimately, though, they're both incredibly nice e-Readers with a lot more capability and books available than the Sony products, so I'm sure you can't go wrong with either one :)

message 28: by Shona (new)

Shona (anovelobsession) I have a question about skins for the Kindle 2 - I'd like to get something to keep it from getting dirty, are they worth it? Is it hard getting them on and off?

message 29: by Rita (new)

Rita I have a nook and chose it over the kindle for the reason that it allows different formats and I'm not tied to just getting books from B&N As a matter of fact, I have yet to buy a book and I have several on there that I wanted to read. My library has a rather extensive eBook section so I was able to set up the Nook to use them.

I don't buy things from Amazon as a rule, so I knew I wouldn't buy the Kindle. I chose the Nook over Sony because of the dual screen and touch screen and price.

message 30: by Darcia (new)

Darcia Helle (darciahelle) I have a Sony Touch Reader and I LOVE it! It has a built-in dictionary, you can highlight and make notes, you can download any format e-book, and you can also borrow books from your local library without leaving your computer chair! They are downloaded right onto your Reader for you. Also, the font options are great. I can make it large enough to ditch my glasses. :)

The only drawback, which is true of all the patented readers, is that you can't download from Amazon on a Sony or Nook, you can't download from Sony with a Kindle, etc. But Sony offers a bunch of free downloads weekly and there are a ton of sites where you can get cheap and even free ebooks.

message 31: by Alex (last edited Mar 05, 2010 06:37AM) (new)

Alex Just out of curiosity, why don't you buy things off Amazon?

Edit: Darcia, Kindle also has highlighting (which I use all the time), dictionary and font options...but it doesn't have the library thing. That sounds pretty awesome. Is there a good selection?

message 32: by Darcia (new)

Darcia Helle (darciahelle) The Kindle download format doesn't load onto a Sony or Nook. You can download the software to read the Kindle books off your computer but you can't transfer them to your Sony Reader or Nook. It's a proprietary thing that each company does to suck you in to their world.

message 33: by Ralph Gallagher (new)

Ralph Gallagher | 64 comments One of my pet peeves about Kindle owners/prospective owners is that they think they have to buy their books from Amazon. You don't. You can go to any number of ebook stores (except Sony and BN) and get books for good prices (even free).

message 34: by Amy (new)

Amy (signgirlamy) | 32 comments Actually, if you do a bit of Googling, you can figure out how to get Amazon books on the Nook. It's all about the Android-based software. If you're at all interested in doing "more" to your e-book reader (think jailbreaking on the iPod), the Nook is by far the best way to get because you can get pretty much anything on it with some tinkering.

message 35: by Darcia (new)

Darcia Helle (darciahelle) Speaking of eReaders and ebooks, next week is Read An e-Book Week! Participating authors and publishers will be offering their ebooks at huge discounts (many free!). For a list of websites involved, check out Stock up on the cheap and free reads!

message 36: by Rita (new)

Rita The nook can highlight and has a dictionary as well. I think the only place I can't get books from is Amazon and I'm ok with that.

IMO Amazon price gouges, and I have a big problem with how they removes some books that they didn't have authority to sell. That probably could have happened with any company but it happened with them. That and the price wars they've recently had with publisher's and authors leave me squarely on the side if the author.

But the biggest thing to me is the price gouging.

message 37: by F1Wild (new)

F1Wild Shona wrote: "I have a question about skins for the Kindle 2 - I'd like to get something to keep it from getting dirty, are they worth it? Is it hard getting them on and off?"
Skins are totally worth it, IMO! At first I got a skin from DecalGirl, but there are other good companies as well such as Tego, Gelaskins, etc., but I prefer the DG's because of their customer service, fast shipping and the fact that the skins fit so well, are easy to put on and also cover the buttons (which are the things that get the most dirty, IMO). Then after several months I became adventurous and designed a custom skin which DG made up super quickly. Around Christmas time DecalGirl asked for suggestions on their Facebook page and I suggested them offering a "matte-finish" skin in addition to the regular glossy style - I felt the matte would have less glare when in use with a book-light at night. They loved it and the matte ones were in production within the week and now both options are available.

I have found with the skin being a little darker (rather than the white virgin Kindle) there is a better contrast for reading the page.

message 38: by F1Wild (new)

F1Wild Kindle will be opening an App Store, similar to that of the Blackberry & iPhone. I know of hundreds of apps already in development that will revolutionize the use of the Kindle. Several will be ones in which to categorize/library your books, newspapers, blogs, & more. Also, there will be gaming, interactive, etc.

message 39: by Usako (new)

Usako (bbmeltdown) | 326 comments F1Wild, thanks for the info! Surfing DecalGirl now!

message 40: by F1Wild (last edited Mar 05, 2010 06:05PM) (new)

F1Wild Tanja wrote: "F1Wild, thanks for the info! Surfing DecalGirl now!"
No prob - did you find the ones for Kindle? Also, you can use the drop downs on the left side to search for coordinating colors (to work with a specific cover color or favorite) or genre. Plus, there are often deals for discounts. Remember, if you are going to use with a cover the "back" design won't show so much so I usually try for something that will look good along the periphery of the "page".

I got a reply from Marware and at this time they do not make covers for the DX. I have heard that Amazon has come out with a new & improved Kindle cover.

message 41: by Usako (new)

Usako (bbmeltdown) | 326 comments I've seen some of the new Kindle DX covers. Mine still is the better with its magnetic latches. But I'll look again.

I'm torn for the skin tween library and a wood stain.

message 42: by F1Wild (new)

F1Wild Tanja wrote: "I've seen some of the new Kindle DX covers. Mine still is the better with its magnetic latches. But I'll look again.

I'm torn for the skin tween library and a wood stain."

Go to as people who have those skins have posted pictures of them. From what I've heard a few people thought the library one was a wee bit dark.

message 43: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte | 8 comments I think what it comes down to is personal preference. I have seen (on other boards) this discussion become very hostile because people think *THEIR* e-reader is the best.

I personally have the nook. I used to work for B&N and find myself still very loyal to them. I was extensively trained on nook long before I bought one, so it was the e-reader I was most comfortable with.

After moving 400+ books 1,000 miles, I like the expanded storage offered by nook.

message 44: by Diane (new)

Diane Sandstrum | 7 comments I've had the chance to play with both the Kindle and the Nook (my husband was able to bring them both home from work).

I preferred the Kindle. Here is why:
- The word selection for Dictionary lookup and phrase highlighting is much much easier. For these, the Nook interface was very clunky and even hard to get to the right word, but the Kindle was clean and simple to use. If I am going to use an e-reader, these features need to be right at my fingertips.
- I found the menu system easier to navigate on the Kindle also. The Nook menus are driven through the bottom pane/touch screen, which I found to be less intuitive (I noticed some strange behavior here), and had to pass through more screens and strokes to get to what I wanted (such as font size changes).
- I liked the book style cover for the Kindle over the envelope style cover for the Nook. The Kindle cover stands up nicely on its side while lying in bed reading. Perhaps the Nook has over cover types available - this what simply what I sampled with each.
- I preferred the feel and weight of the Kindle.

I did like the idea of the bottom screen on the Nook for book covers, but that wasn't a deal maker for me (I'll store my book covers here on goodreads...). But the Dictionary and Highlighting features (and ease of use) are is a deal makers/breakers for me.

I almost pre-ordered a Nook based on its feature descriptions (like the book borrowing, and other cool features), but decided to wait. I am glad I did because when I go to buy my own e-reader, it will be Kindle.

message 45: by F1Wild (new)

F1Wild Nice review, Diane - and there are tons & tons & tons of different styles of covers out there for all of the e-readers. I'm even contemplating opening an online store for Kindle accessories.

message 46: by Alex (new)

Alex If I ever get hostile because someone likes a different brand of gadget than I do, I hope one of you kill me. :) I'm pretty sure most folks would be very happy with either e-reader.

message 47: by F1Wild (new)

F1Wild I don't think anyone has been hostile here, Alex. When the OP asks for help deciding we just give out input based on our own experience.

If you do a fair bit of online research (and better yet, in person) you will probably find a compatible device, but not necessarily an "any one will do" situation. That's what happened to me - as I tried 3 devices and finally found the best fit with the Kindle.

message 48: by Alex (new)

Alex No, they haven't, F1; that was in response to someone who mentioned that it'd gotten hostile on some other board. I was sortof patting us on the back because we're way too mature and awesome to do something silly like that. :)

message 49: by F1Wild (new)

F1Wild Glad to have you clear that up as I couldn't, for the life of me, find anything remotely hostile...but sometimes more can be read into these posts - like trying to joke with someone online or via text and them not getting it because they can't see your face or hear the inflections. I guess that's what makes our writers so extraordinary - they can express all emotions with just the written word!

message 50: by Usako (new)

Usako (bbmeltdown) | 326 comments It's Kindle or NOTHING! RAAWWR! HISSS! uuh. BOO? BOO BOO!

Oh here's another comparison update...
The Nook burns the battery much more quickly than Kindle due to its color usage!

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