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Cion ((sii-on))

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A 700 acre island in the ocean that is around Sinnoh region. A bit north of Fullmoon Island. It is full of Canyons and rivers. Several mountains also home themselves here.

Shifting Mountain

A mountain that suffered an earthquak many centuries ago when it was still forming. It was split in half and now River Cad has formed a gorge.

Cad Gorge

The gorge between Shifting Mountain. Comes from an underground source from Silent Falls. Cad means 'to fall' or 'happen' such as cascade.

Old Moat

Was man-made long before any other living being came to inhabit it. Was connected to Towering River. The Faded Loridge was built here. Now it's barely there.

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NeinShousa | 75 comments Mod
Towering Forest

A forest of decicious trees, several being particularly large. Also happens to be east of Shifting Mountain and northwest leads to Towering River.

Feather Prairie

A prairie surrounding Towering Forest. Its cliff drops down to Towering River.

Mossy Rock

A large rock hollowed out into a large underground system with many rooms. The residence of Lafena, Lily, and Ferrin.

Silver Pond

A pond several meters south of Mossy Rock. It's about 2 yards wide, 5 yards long, and 3 meters deep. At noon, the water shines like silver.

Towering Falls

The largest waterfall on the island. It's around 50 yards high. The surrounding cliffs reach as high as 70 yards.

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Canyon Caves

A system of caves that is in Emerald Lake. When floods occur, the caves are a little submerged, but not fully, since excess water flows off to sea. It's said to connect to the Castle Ruins' cellar and the cave system under Mossy Rock.

The Pines

A pine forest covering the island's southwest portion. The Mossy Rock is inside this forest, along with Silver Pond.

Castle Ruins

An old castle that's slowly crumbling away, as no humans have lived in it for years.

Cion Path

Most of Cion is up on a canyon. There are cliffs on all sides. One of two ways to the top of the canyon is Cion Path. The other is a skillfully carved pathway to North Beach.

Eggxicute Hill

5 hills on the western shore. Each kill has a crack or hole in it, resembling an Eggxicute.

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((i have free time))

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-East Coast-
This coast has several palm trees on its shore. The cliff top has Silent Falls, which is the water source to Towering River. It's covered in large bushes, most of them holding various berries. 3 large rocks are on one side of the island. On rare occasions, lava will squirt out of some cracks.

-West Coast-
The Emerald Cad River deposits into the sea. The deposition area is surrounded by medium sized rocks, forming a half-circle. There is a large rock besides Moon-Circle. The Eggxicute Hills make up part of the beach, as well as a couple of berry bushes and pines. The northern and southern cliffs cover a tiny part of the coastline, but there isn't a western edge.

-North Coast-
The Cion Path is part of this area. The Towering Forest and its prairie covers a small amount. Cad Gorge and River begins here. A large creak in the side of the cliff comes from an earthquake that occurred a long time ago. Few palm trees and large boulders scatter along the beach.

-South Coast-
The cliffs are covered with pine trees and berry bushes... yet again. There's a small cliff separated from the main one, which has strangely pyramid-shaped boulders. 3 volcanic rocks from the sea off the side of an island. The same earthquake for North Coast might have also been here, as there happens to be a creak as well.

-Moon Rocks-
Edit this post, Jennifer.

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-Moon Rocks-

a stange area at the bottom of Emerald cad river.every fullmoon Cressilia goes to is theplace. Only two pokemon knows she goes here it is Rayquaza who never talks to her and Lafena who get news of the outside world.

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people RPRPRPRPRPRPRPRPRPRP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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