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message 1: by Lynn (new)

Lynn | 4 comments Maybe I don't know something because I haven't read the 4th book yet, but am I the only one that is pulling for Tate?

Don't get me wrong Bones is all hot and there's nothing I don't like about him, but for some reason I am always pulling for the underdog?

I wonder if he is ever going to find love with Cat or otherwise.

message 2: by Auntee (new)

Auntee | 5 comments No, you're not the only one. Poor Tate and his unrequited love for Cat...I hope JF finds a woman for him who makes him forget all about Cat!

message 3: by Tina (last edited Feb 26, 2010 07:01PM) (new)

Tina | 13 comments I always pull for the underdog too. That's why I can't stand love triangles. The one I want to get the girl, never does. I luv Tate, but Bones belongs with Cat. Cat has never had those feelings for Tate so that won't ever happen.

Hopefully Tates finds someone to love him ... *crosses-fingers*

message 4: by Cindyg (new)

Cindyg (brotherlover) | 49 comments Cat & Bones belong together...but I would like to see Tate find someone...but she better be strong willed.

message 5: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (Savhage Temptrest) (savhagetemptress) | 12 comments I hope Tate gets his HEA as well, but Bones and Cat do need to stay together. They just work. Poor Tate, on the sidelines just hoping.

 Crystal _ Reading Between the Wines Book Club (readingbetweenthewinesbookclub) | 3 comments A bit late but I wanted to comment to. =)
I absolutely LOVE Bones and he's #1 for me but I love Tate as well and would REALLY like to see a HEA for him. I've got my fingers crossed too!

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