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Hmm... Well, we'll see how this turns out. :) It's basically self explaintory, but if needed; you all work at a hospital or are a patient at a hospital. Enjoy :)

Age: if a doctor, above 22 because earning a degree to be a doctor takes about 8 years of college, maybe more.
Doctor/Patient/Med Student/etc.: something along those lines, or any other position there is available at a hospital
Kin: Family

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Name: Zoey Johnson
Age: 23
Gender: F
Personality: puts on her polite, kind and respectful face for work, but is really funny, outgoing, flirty, and fun
Patient/Docter...: Receptionist
Kin: lives with her twin bro
Crush: OPEN
Other: loves to party

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Name: Jakob (Jake) Johnson
Age: 23
Gender: M
Paitent/Doctor...: Doctor
Kin: Zoey's twin bro
Crush: Rana
Other: rich

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Catie Name: McKenzie Shrake
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Sweet, loud, stubborn
Appearance: Long brown hair, fair skin, blue eyes. (I couldn't find a pic that I liked. Sorry))
Doctor/Patient/Med Student/etc.: Patient
Kin: None Foster Child

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Rana ♥ (ranaluvskorbenlondon) | 65 comments Name: Rana Mitchell
Age: 20
Personality: Smart,sweet, lovable
Gift Shop worker
Kin: Family back in Miami, Eric is her brother.
Other: Rana is also a model, she's rich and works in the Gift Shop.

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hypocrite clams... Name: Nora Roberts
Age: 20
Gender: Female
[image error]
Doctor/Patient/Med Student/etc.: Patient
Kin: None
Other: No one knows what's wrong with her, but she's been in a hospital as long as she can remember. Her muscles are too weak to support her, so she is most often in a wheel chair.

Name: Theophilus Grey (goes by Theo)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
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Doctor/Patient: Doctor (surgeon, diagnostician)
Kin: Little sister
Other: Also works with the police force as an autopsist. Hey, if he can operate on live people, why not on the already deceased?

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lol nice charries

hypocrite clams... thank you ;)

hypocrite clams... Name: Cami
Age: 22
Gender: Female
[image error]
Doctor/Patient: Doctor
Kin: None
Other: Theo's assistant. A wonderful doctor, but she doesn't measure anywhere up to Theo's level-or insanity-as a diagnostician or surgeon.

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Rana ♥ (ranaluvskorbenlondon) | 65 comments Name: Eric Mitchell
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Kin: Rana's older brother. Family back in Miami.
Other: He's single, rich and lives near his sister Rana.

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Name: Nicki Marcella
Age: 22
Gender: F
Personality: outgoing, crazy, funny, flirty
Doctor/Patient/Med Student/etc.: receptionist
Kin: none
Other: works with Zoey

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Ashley Elizabeth | 105 comments name-Cordelia nickname Cory
personality-u will c
doctor/patient/med student/etc...-med student

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