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I've been watching this show since the first night of the first season. I love it and hate it. I really love it. But I have been disappointed. I didn't like Addison but love her now. I want her to come back, please. I didn't like the loss of Burke but I understand why. I want George back, how can I support a show that treated a person like that? But overall I still love the show. Grey's Thursday is the best day of the week.

McDreamy and McSteamy... Yummy

Anyone else love the show? or Not?

[ eff. i have no clue! ^o^ ] (me_want_cookie) | 40 comments i love that show....

McDreamy and McSteamy.. Yummy??

thats funny...

message 3: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) never seen it

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If this show makes it over to you... you should watch it at least once. I think you can watch the newest episodes at

message 5: by Jencey/ (new)

Jencey/ (jencey) Yes, you can watch the latest episode on ABC. I think you can also watch the last three episdoes that have aired. I think...Been a fan for a few years.

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Karli (goodreadscomkarli_is_booked) Love it too - but I have to store several on the DVR and then do a marathon. It drives me too crazy otherwise. If I'm in the mood to watch it I want to see the story! So, I watch about 3 times/year. Usually on a sick day from work, because otherwise my 4 year old daughter wants to come watch...and we can't support that! (from the mom who won't ban their books, the graphic tv shows, YES!) But I'm allowed to love it!

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It is graphic. I never thought of it that way. My boys have seen most shows because that is the only time the TV is mine really. But I guess with boys gross guts don't really do it for them, they think it is boring. I can't imagine it being worse then Spongebob. Ha Ha. How did that become a kids show??

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Karli (goodreadscomkarli_is_booked) It's not so much the guts...its the sex. There is a lot of naked/underwear and kissing and groping. Of course Arizona and Callie would give me a GREAT opening for the all love is good love conversation, but...

Not saying there's too much sexy for tv. Just too much for my little ones and for my willingness to explain! Kasia goes to a catholic pre-school...heaven halp me if she starts to explain something she saw on Grey's there!

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True. I hear you with that one. That would be embarrassing. Little ones say the darnest things and the darnest times.

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[cOoKiE mOnStEr?:] wrote: "i love that show....

McDreamy and McSteamy.. Yummy??

thats funny..."

lol..that's what i wanted to say...that show is amazing

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Thursday's show was pretty good. They have lost so many main good characters. I'm happy that the writers can still carry a good storyline.

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Jencey/ (jencey) What about Lexy with that blonde hair?

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That I was not expecting. I find it funny that she did something for herself and the guys thought that she did it for them. LOL!

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