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message 1: by Rajaa (new)

Rajaa I wanted to see the movie but I couldn't so I will read the book.

Ayan Why couldn't you see it. Maybe you should convince the teacher to take you guys on a field trip to the movie theater that's how i saw it.

Em The movie officially sucked. Even my almost-8-year-old-sister who read the books says so. It was almost weird. It's PG, but they're running around, and I think some kids in the theater learned a few new words (if you know what i'm saying)

Kennedy The movie actually entertained me becuz it was so dumb!

message 5: by Zoe (new) - rated it 4 stars

Zoe omg how could you say that? I loved that movie!

Shalom Tse kinda freaky when the cleaners in the museum turn into the 5 headed dragon... was the dragon even 5 headed or 3 headed?

Phoebe Don't. The movie is crap. My wallpaper is a pic of the poster w/ the words This movie was Stupid. I said i agree completely.

message 8: by Aidyn (last edited Aug 27, 2012 11:51AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aidyn their making a sequel, but theres no point it would be stupid. percy already defeated luke wtf the movie was poointless and stupid

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

I saw the movie before i read the book and now i hate the movie its so stupid i mean percy in the first book is eleven how the hell in the movie is he like sixteen

message 10: by johanna (new)

johanna This isn't the book, this is the graphic novel.. it's useless. And Rajaa, read the book first. As always, it's way better.

Unicornhallow10866 Yes, definitely read the book. If you watch the movie first, you will be forever turned off of Percy Jackson. THE MOVIE WAS SO BAD. IT WAS SO. BAD.
I don't think the director even read the book. WTH, man????? It's so disappointing because with a proper director and producer, this could've turned out to be at the same level as say, the Hunger Games. That director screwed it up big time.

Gabby I loved it batter than the book.
<3 Logan Lerman! ;D

message 13: by johanna (new)

johanna Gabby wrote: "I loved it batter than the book.
<3 Logan Lerman! ;D"

T_T. Did you watch the movie first or read the book? The book was about 5 times better.

message 14: by Ceyda (new)

Ceyda Akalın I had watched the movie first and absolutely loved it. Then I fell in love with the books when I read them and saw how badly they had screwed up the movie. But I still think it's an entertaining-ish movie and if I hadn't read the books I would probably still really like it

Allana Solo Both the book and the movie sucked. The book was so boring that I skipped all the way to the end. The movie, they made Annabeth out to be this too-pretty girl. I just think they messed up in a lot of ways.

Andrew the movie sucks

Andrew the book was good though

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