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Name: Naomi Elizabeth Walters

Age: 18

Appearance: Black hair that's stick-straight and down to her shoulders. She's pretty tan. Her eyes are green-ish in the middle, but fade to brown around the edges. Either normal-sized lips or thin lips. (Hehe.) Let's say she's almost 5'10". She doesn't really have any issues with her body, but she doesn't show it off. She loves sweats, T-shirts and tank tops. She does have a slightly strange arch to her back though.

Things you know about the character so far: Not a lot. She hates most mainstream music, like I do. She's left handed, so she always has graphite smears on her hand. Her handwriting is also unique because it slants to the left. (Random, I know.) She loves fantasies and fairytales. She's the kind of girl that goes to a football game for the social aspect but still cheers for her team when they score. She has three younger siblings, and one of them calls her Nay-Nay. Hehe. A tad superstitious. She's a flip-flop in the winter kind of girl. She sticks her thumbs in her pockets a lot. She loves laughing, but she gets into arguments a little easily and can be pretty defensive.

Things you know about the character's past: Virtually nothing. She just got out of a nasty relationship where a guy asked her out as an April Fool's joke to see how long he could keep it going. (I know. Jerk. ZJARK!)

Where you think the character will end up: Either dead or wishing she was.

What you want help with: Quirks and personality, mainly. I'd like to give her some physical and emotional flaws, and some past would be helpful. I feel like most of my female characters are the same.

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Does she have any family/people she cares about? Friends?

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She has three younger siblings, and I'm figuring out her friends right now. I know one friend is named Rachel.

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Is she a preppy person?

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Normal? Nerd? Goth?

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She's somewhere in the middle. I don't like giving my characters labels, usually, so she's... she's just Naomi.

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Ok, that's kul. Is she superstish?

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Hmm, she could be. That would be fun to write!

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XP What does she want to do once she's older?

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Maybe I'll have her want to work with special-needs kids. I have two sisters that do that, so...

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Anna (Maxy) wrote: "She has three younger siblings, and I'm figuring out her friends right now. I know one friend is named Rachel."


Sorry. I couldn't resist.
She needs a friend named Cassie too.

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Emme wrote: "Normal? Nerd? Goth?"


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Emme wrote: "Is she a preppy person?"

Maxy, I'm getting down on my knees and begging you to never make one of your protagonists a prep. I would be unable to read it if you did.

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Cassie (Mallory/Skitts. I accept probie snacks) wrote: "Anna (Maxy) wrote: "She has three younger siblings, and I'm figuring out her friends right now. I know one friend is named Rachel."


Sorry. I couldn't resist.
She needs a friend name..."

She should

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...Thin lips...there's a novel idea...haha, not really, but iChuckled.

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Oh mama mia, mama mia! Mama mia let me go! Be'elzibub has a devil put aside for me-e-e, for me-e-e, for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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*headbangs to guitar solo*

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Queen...what a band, what a band.

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Maybe she loves Queen.

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*gasps like a freaking maniac* YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! And she should think that Freddie Mercury was hot with a moustache. (No, I'm kidding, although it did suit him.)

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He actually did look fine with a mustache. (I don't care which kind of fine you decide that is.)

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I think it was fi-ine *wink*.

Too bad he was gay.

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She should love Cheez-its!

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Summer | 349 comments -Has kind of a rounded bridge in her nose
-Big eyes but kind of low lids around the bottom
-Kind of a curve to her upper back that's a little abnormal
-Doesn't have issues with her body but doesn't like showing it off, is fond of sweats and tank tops
-Sticks her thumbs in her pockets
-Likes to wear bright to foresty green
-Flip flops! (even when its 30 degrees outside)
-Drinks cranberry juice instead of orange juice in the morning, prefers it to water
-Caries jasmine tea bags in her pocket


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Oh my gosh, most of those are so perfect! I love you Summer! XD

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Summer | 349 comments Glad I could help :)

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I'm glad you could too. XD

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Yes, this is all just swell, but does she agree with me that Freddie Mercury looked spicey with a moustache and it's a pity he was gay and is now dead?

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Indeed she does.

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