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Name:AnnaLeigh Jameson
Dorm name: Madison Hall
Personality: Annaleigh appears to not be very friendly and inviting, but as you get to know this girl her personality flourishes and you get to know the fun and crazy girl she really is.

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☠Kai☠ ☠Shun☠ (Dark_Wolf-XxKaixX) | 80 comments Mod
Name: Seth Marson
Gender: Male
Grade: 10th
Age: 16
Dorm Name: Ford Hall
Personality: Cool and Mysterious type. He doesn't really talk that much...but he is nice to basically everyone who he has no reason to hate. He is also top male student in looks and grade average.
Cliques: Skater, Geek(ish), and Popular (among girls)

Name: Josh Marson
Gender: Male
Grade: 11th
Dorm Name: Ford Hall
Personality: out-going, class-clown, flirty, and very handsome.
Cliques: Skater, Jock, Sporty, Popular, class-clowns

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Name:Elizabeth pronouced Elisabeth(Lisa)
Grade:6th grade
Dorm Name:Madison Hall
Cliques: Musician very good with music and is good with classical music plays the piano and flute
Other: Lisa is a smart and talented girl.

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Name: Quinn
Age: 17
Gender: F
Personality: TMI
cliques:Skater, Not Very Popular
Looks: Extremely Tall, Long Black Hair With Purple stripes
Other:a Talented artiest and Musician

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Gabs Name: Josh
Age: 18
Gender: male
Personality:make as go
Crush:-wants a girl
Other:make as go

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Name: Jeydon Wale
Gender: Male
Grade: 12
Age: 17 Turning 18
Dorm Name: Ford Hall
Personality: Cocky,Sarcastic,Joker,Sweet And Caring
Cliques: Popular(Among Both Girls And Guys)
Appearance: jeydon wale Pictures, Images and Photos And As You Can See He Has A Lip Ring

Name: Brooke Wale
Gender: Female
Grade: 10
Age: 15 Turning 16
Dorm Name: Madison Hall
Personality: She is like her brother Jeydon
Cliques: Ppular(Among Both Girls And Boys)
Appearance: cassie scerbo Pictures, Images and Photos

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Name: Kassandra (Kass)
Age: 16
Grade: 10th
gender: female
Cliques: musicians, skater (sorta)
personality: Rockstarish, out going, fun loving flirty, tell it like it is kinda girl, nice to those who are nice to her, when you get on her bad side you are there for a long time
crush: open
other: she plays guitar, really talented at it, sings, her dream is to be a rockstar.

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Gabs Name: Connor
Gender: male
Personality: Funny and protective but has a seriose side to him

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Name: Akira
Age: 17
Gender: Female, although she dresses as a man for fun

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Name: Taylor swift
personality:outgoing, flirty, fun, sweet
other: singer, cheerleader, popular

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Xox_Kyosuki_xoX (aleka) Name: Roxas Heart-net
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Personality: Roxas is a popular out-going guy with a easy confidant grace. He can be quiet and reserved when he lazy, or tired. When he's trying to sleep he doesn't like to be woken up. He uses charm to get out of trouble, but it doesn't always work.
Apperance: Roxas has a tall figure, he seems to lean over people he has very winning smile, but if you looked closely you can see just how devious it was. His hair is short except for one large chunk that flops over in front of his eyes. It has several mottled tan in it making it look like a hawks plumage, his hair is just short enough to see the small silver ring that hangs from his right ear. His eyes are the colour of moulted lava, and has a burning look in them which would make you feel somewhat self-conscious.

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Soon-yiHearto name: soon-yi
age: 17
gendeR: female
ethnic: korean
grade: 11th
cliques: dont really have any cuz shes new.
personality: friendly, cairng,bubbly, smart
crush: open
others:new to town, sings/cooks/dances,cares about animals, plays volleyball

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