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message 1: by GinBee, Founder & Mod (last edited Feb 25, 2010 02:53PM) (new)

message 2: by Bookworms (new)

Bookworms | 43 comments I read all books till Shades of Midnight and the series is very nice. For me this books are better than Black Dagger. And Tegan is very very hot :-)
He is my favor vampire and I love him. The background story around the vampires are very good and full of tension, too.

message 3: by Regina (new)

Regina (reginar) I prefer them over the BDB too, in a way. I like the relationship between the brothers and the interaction between the brothers better in BDB. Ward seems to excel there. But the fleshing out of the relationship between the vamps and their breedmates is so much better in this series than in BDB. Also, I prefer the world created by Adrian, and I so prefer the issue of the Rogues over the Lessers. But I did have to stop after the first two, I just need a break from the non-stop romance. LOL.

message 4: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) here's another series that i need to add to my to read shelf.

message 5: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (lrc123) | 11 comments I've only read the first book, and i really loved it. The rest are on my TBR pile. They are the only series that I've come across where the books are as good as the BDB, because i compare nearly all the vamp romance i read to the BDB.

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 49 comments While this series doesn't compare to BDB for me, I do like it. I like the storyline that's developed over the series and I think it's improved as its gone along. Although it's been on my shelf for a while, I haven't gotten around to Shades of Midnight yet, possibly as it's a character I'm not that bothered about because I don't really know him. I'm also concerned that a couple of non-spoiler reviews hit it for not advancing the overall story line which is the series' strong point for me. I guess I'll just have to read it and decide for myself.

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GinBee (jennymbee) | 4468 comments Mod
Should I read Midnight Breeds next in preference to Lords of the Underworld and Anita Blake? Why?

I want to start to read another series and am not sure which. I would like some opinions on why I should read one rather than the other next. (I'm posting this under a couple of series to get several opinions) Thanks everyone :)

message 8: by Regina (new)

Regina (reginar) I liked the Breed series, but I will amend my statemnet above. I liked many aspects better than BDB, but with BDB I wanted to read all the way through. With the Breed series, I stopped after #2. The romance was the main main focus of the storyline, so while I liked the world and the characters, I needed a break.

I think you should do the Fever series by Moning next. :) I would also suggest the Night Huntress series by Frost, but I am guessing you will read that since that is assigned reading for the group. :)

I have not read Lords of the Underworld.

I could not finish the first Anita Blake book.

message 9: by Archer (new)

Archer | 205 comments I Love the series and I have to admit that I like the back story much better..

With the BDB I find myself skipping much of what concerns the Lessers. But with the Breed series the Rogue parts aren't boring and fit well within the series.

message 10: by Angelika (last edited Jul 12, 2010 07:09PM) (new)

Angelika | 104 comments Archer wrote: "I Love the series and I have to admit that I like the back story much better..

With the BDB I find myself skipping much of what concerns the Lessers. But with the Breed series the Rogue parts a..."

I have to agree with you on this one. I found myself skipping most of the parts with the Lessers as well. I also like Lara Adrian's writing style more than Ward's but that's just my opinion.

I do like both of the other series you're contemplating (with mixed opinion on Anita blake). Had I read the first Anita Blake book first (I discovered the series in the middle) I don't think I would have continued. I would probably still pick Breeds of the three...the best balanced in writing and story-line?

message 11: by Desperado (new)

Desperado (lethallovely) I've read Kiss of Midnight & Midnight Rising & wrote a pretty bad (but humorous!) review for the former recently. I really can't get into this series. It seems so cheesy & unoriginal even by PNR standards. I'm going to give LA one more try though since I try to give authors 2-3 chances.

message 12: by Angela (new)

Angela (angbens) | 89 comments I really enjoy this series. I am up to Shades of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #7) by Lara Adrian . Haven't read it yet though.

message 13: by Shannon (last edited Sep 07, 2010 05:49AM) (new)

Shannon C. I like this series a lot. Definitely simliar to Black Dagger Brotherhood in style....I'd suggest reading some different books between BDB and the Midnight series so they don't flow together. I read them too close together and kept mixing up the characters and storylines.

Overall I prefer BDB maybe a tad better (for the characters and overall storylines) but there are some things I like better about the Midnight series:

- The bad guys: the rogues are much tougher/more intersting bad guys than the annoying lessers (I usually find myself skimming over those pesky lesser parts!)

- The language: sometimes I find the slang language in BDB to feel a bit forced like they are trying too hard to sound cool

message 14: by Cassie Cruel (new)

Cassie Cruel (faith_isola) | 468 comments I have 1 and am halfway through 2 now, they are great, definitely my kind of read :)

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