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message 1: by GinBee, Founder & Mod (last edited Apr 26, 2010 01:39PM) (new)

GinBee (jennymbee) | 4468 comments Mod
On my TBR! Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1) by Richelle Mead Frostbite (Vampire Academy, #2)  by Richelle Mead Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, #3)  by Richelle Mead Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, #4) by Richelle Mead Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, #5) by Richelle Mead Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy, #6) by Richelle Mead

message 2: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) amazing series. loves it.

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 49 comments Such a great series! I can't wait for Spirit Bound!

message 4: by Jessi (new)

Jessi  (jessim) I loved this series! Once I started reading the first one I couldn't put them down!! I can't wait for the next one.

message 5: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) yea. im halfway through the second one now and its soooo good. im kinda glad i waited to read it til now b/c then id have to wait such a long time for the 5th one.

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 49 comments You're alright Mariya, the wait between the third and fourth books was the worst! =)

message 7: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) was it? why? b/c of a cliffhanger or b/c the wait was really long?

message 8: by Tabbi (new)

Tabbi | 3 comments Been waiting so long i think we're being tortured hurry up please time go faster xx =)

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 49 comments cliffhanger - and really the only book of the series to do have one to that extent, so you'll definitely want to have book four handy!

message 10: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) oh. good. b/c i bought the fourth already. so i have it rite on my desk in case i go insane wit the cliffhanger. thank god, i bought the book. i hate cliffhangers!

message 11: by Susan (Suz) (new)

Susan (Suz) (sharney) I've had the first book of this series in my pile at home FOREVER! Sounds like I need to seriously move it up my list to read soon!

message 12: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) yup. its a really good series. as soon as i read like the first 2 chapters i order & preordered book 1, 4, & 5. im waiting for hardcover to come outy for books 2-3.

message 13: by GinBee, Founder & Mod (new)

GinBee (jennymbee) | 4468 comments Mod
I've got the first book in the series. Sounds like I'm going to need to move it up the TBR!!

message 14: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) yup. do that, jen. this series is really good. i like it a lot better than the twilight saga. its one of those vampire deries u just gotta read.

i put it off for almost a year. but that's okaiexz b/c that means i dont gotta wait that longer for the fifth.

message 15: by Shmaybra (new)

Shmaybra | 4 comments OOOOOO Blood Promise is my favorite of all the books in the series.

message 16: by Melanie (new)

Melanie (melobrien) I LOVE this series! Blood Promise was my fav too. I cant wait for the next one. I wonder if she is going to develop the relationship between Rose and Adrian. I really am starting to like him. I have a thing for the underdog.

message 17: by Amber (new)

Amber Hoxit (clove311) | 8 comments I too loved this series. I bought them fairly close together, and could barely put them down to eat and sleep! I finished the 3rd one very quickly and went out at 3am to walmart to get the 4th one because I HAD to know what happened! I love Rose, and I will not lie, I cried over Demetri. Definately on my Recommended Reading list. Her other 2 series are also wonderful. I'm in the middle of Succubus on top, which is the 2nd in the Georgina Kincaid series, Succubus blues being on top. Richelle Mead is one of my favorite authors :)

message 18: by ~Kate~ (new)

~Kate~ (katesbooklife) loved this series very well written they are just so good. i did find that as the series went on that they got better.

message 19: by Nathaliedv (new)

Nathaliedv | 4 comments I love it! Rose is such a fun charachter :) I'm curiod about Spirit Bound, i really hope Dimitri will be saved, but what will hapen with Adrian then?

Can't wait :)

message 20: by LOVEFORBOOKS (new)

LOVEFORBOOKS (nosaintsfan23) | 4 comments I am almost down with frostbite and one of my favorite characters just died so it made me cry oh well at least dimitri isnt dead.

message 21: by Heather B (new)

Heather B (heatherbenson) This is probably my favourite paranormal young adult series that I have read so far. It has by far the best female lead character in it and the twist and turns in the plot keep me on the edge of my seet everytime I read one of them.
So Jen you should definietly read them, I'm sure you won't be disapointed.

message 22: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) me too. this is like my all-time favorite young adult vampire series!!! i didnt read it until recently and so mad i didnt read it sooner b/c it was soooo wonderful although i still have to read blood promise which i will after im done wit night huntress. but this series is sooooooo great! love it.

on second thought im glad i didnt read til now then i'd have to wait like forever for spirit bound to come out like most of the other VA fans.

message 23: by Heather B (new)

Heather B (heatherbenson) Ya you're lucky you didn't have to wait, it really sucks.

message 24: by Jenny (new)

Jenny | 42 comments I love this series!!! It was the first paranormal romance series I read, kinda what got me started. Even though its young adult and not as erotic as say, BDB, it's still amazing and I can't wait for Spirit Bound. May 18 is so soon.

message 25: by Literary Ames (new)

Literary Ames (amyorames) | 276 comments The final book Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy, #6) by Richelle Mead Last Sacrifice will come out in December. I'm going to read them all then. I've only read the first one.

message 26: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) finally its almost may. so spirit bound will be coming out soon. gotta read blood promise this week or next so im ready for spirit bound.

message 27: by GinBee, Founder & Mod (new)

GinBee (jennymbee) | 4468 comments Mod
Amy or "Ames" wrote: "The final book Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy, #6) by Richelle Mead Last Sacrifice will come out in December. I'm going to read them all then. I've only read the first one."

Thanks Amy, I didn't know the series had an end date. I'll do the same as you and read them all when book six is out as I like to be able to read the whole story sometimes :)

message 28: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) that's a good idea. b/c i have a feeling that you will love the series and go crazy waiting for the last book. i mite read 4-5 together when 5 comes out, not sure yet.

message 29: by Heather B (new)

Heather B (heatherbenson) I wish I could wait till the sixth came out to read the last two, but I've waited too long for the fifth and I'm dying to know what is going to happen and can't imagine waitin that long. I might regret it, but oh well :P

message 30: by Bianca (new)

Bianca | 117 comments I read the first one yesterday and Im really liking it, I love Rose!

message 31: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) i just started the fourth blood promise.

message 32: by Heather B (new)

Heather B (heatherbenson) Bianca wrote: "I read the first one yesterday and Im really liking it, I love Rose!"

It's like impossible to not love Rose isn't it?

message 33: by Bianca (new)

Bianca | 117 comments Oh yes, truly impossible haha. Just started on Frostbite and Im hooked again already :)

message 34: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) im a few pages from finishing blood promise and will be moving on to spirit bound in 2 weeks.

message 35: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) the next one is the fifth which come out in 2 weeks may 18th 2010.....and the last book, last sacrfice comes out december 9 2010..

message 36: by Bianca (new)

Bianca | 117 comments Ive already almost finished Frostbite, cant put it down!

message 37: by Heather B (new)

Heather B (heatherbenson) I think that that one was my favourite in the series so far, it had just about everything.

message 38: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) i loved frostbite. it is also one of my favorites in the series.

message 39: by Bianca (new)

Bianca | 117 comments Yea it was amazing, I went right onto Shadow Kiss after I finished it and managed to finish that one now as well. Blood Promise next, library here I commmmeee!

message 40: by Heather B (new)

Heather B (heatherbenson) Or wait I think that it was Shadow Kiss that was my favourite, buy it's hard cause their all so good.

message 41: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) i knoe! they r all good but yes! shadow kiss was pretty good too! we got more adrian!!!!! i loved the dimitri and rose scenes in shadow kiss....i want more dimitri and rose...hopefully we'll get more in spirit kinda crazy for more adrian too!

message 42: by Heather B (new)

Heather B (heatherbenson) I'm just crazy for all of it! :P

message 43: by Bianca (new)

Bianca | 117 comments Crazy for all of it too, I started on Blood Promise now! I was really distraught after finishing Shadow Kiss, I loved the parts between Rose and Dimitri so much! Blood Promise was slow starting with Shadow Kiss fresh in my mind, but after about 3 chapters I got into it again and am now really impatient to find out what happens next.

message 44: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) yea. i agree that it was a little slow in the beginning.

message 45: by Vikki (new)

Vikki (silverstarz) I love this series! Actually was quite a long gap between when I read the first book, and when I read Frostbite. Drink spilled over my original copy of Frostbite, so I had to replace it, but when I was waiting for it I was reading other books (could well have started Southern Vampires series then)... so they got buried in the midst of my to-read pile and forgot about. Shame on me, I know! I read straight through books 2-5, and then only had a couple of months to wait for Last Sacrifice at least.

message 46: by Katie (new)

Katie (skateanddonate) | 19 comments I read straight through the entire series in 10 days. Loved the way it was a perfectly plotted arc over the entire series with every thing being relevant.

message 47: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Wong | 6 comments I just ove this series to death

message 48: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Wong | 6 comments I just love this series to death

message 49: by Timothy (new)

Timothy (jeditimothy) | 240 comments I AM SO READY FOR THIS SERIES TO BE MOVIE.

message 50: by Sharmin (new)

Sharmin S | 142 comments I love this series so much. It was all over amazing. Rose is incredible and the characters are awesome. Everyone needs to read this series.

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