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M (wwwgoodreadscomprofilem) | 337 comments A thread dedicated to add your favorite books/reviews and reading ideas about different life forms.
And don't forget to add them at The Green group Listopia's List - " The International Year of Biodiversity "

message 2: by Melissa (last edited Feb 27, 2010 03:44PM) (new)

Melissa (mjkirkland) I recommend Lichens of North America by Irwin M. Brodo . This book is eye candy and contains a wealth of knowledge from one of North America's most accomplished and respected lichenologists, Dr. Irwin Brodo. The book is divided into two main sections, the first is an informative and easily read overview of lichens, while the second part of the book is an key to the identification of lichens.

The photography is unbeatable, though sadly, one of the two photographers passed away before the book was published.

message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (mjkirkland) Ultimate Mushroom Book The Complete Guide to Identifying, Picking and Using Mushrooms a Photographic A-Z F Types and 100 Origina by Peter Jordan


Here's another one. If you like to cook, and eat, mushrooms, I found a copy of this in a used bookstore and pounced. This book is a guide to identifying, collecting and cooking with 100 recipes.

The book focuses on fungi of Europe, however, there are a number of species that occur circumboreally and the recipes are easily adapted to your local flora.

Furthermore, I'm a lover of what I call "food porn" cookbooks. You know the type, with good recipes and a big spread of yummy photography.

It appears that I like pictures, judging from these two books I've recommended. Ah well, so be it.

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Lorne Rothman It's been a long while since I read Life on Little Known Planet, and it's an older book, but it's a well written classic. The title is apt as the book opens the readers' eyes to the hidden wonders of insects that share our planet, and are so often overlooked as being too small or mundane. The insect tales are fascinating!

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Bramble 2nd that. If you liked it try _For Love of Insects_ and John Janovy's books of essays.

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