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Here is the Folder for our Contest's History.
The top 3 from every Contest we have will be posted here.
Feel free to comment.

CONTEST #1-Short Story with a really cool Villain.

WINNER: Lydia.
-The Masked Maiden

Wheet! Wheet! The security bell rang. The Masked Maiden burst out the door. “Halt! This is the police!”
The Masked Maiden smiled. She turned around, ran back into the chemical lab and flew up the stairs to the roof. The bright police spotlight blinded her for a moment. Then Masked Maiden blew the police a kiss and jumped across the rooftops.
She heard a whirling noise above her. She smiled again. Her ride was here. She grabbed onto the ladder and climbed into the helicopter. Whitx! A dart flew into the pilot’s neck.
“No!” The Masked Maiden gasped. The helicopter started a death spiral towards the ocean.
The Masked Maiden braced herself and jumped at the precise moment, cannonballing into the sea. She came up gasping for air. She looked around. Who. Shot. That. Dart?
A lone dark shape was standing on a rooftop. Lightning struck and The Masked Maiden clearly saw a outline of a women. Etta Burds, most probably. The Masked Maiden’s former sidekick. The sidekick who left and blamed The Masked Maiden for ‘firing’ her.
The police siren’s wailed in the distance. Burds waved and fled. The police chose to come at that moment, pulling The Masked Maiden out of the water. She was led, dripping, into the back of a police cruiser.
“I’ll kill you all!” Her threat didn’t sound so deadly when her teeth chattered. The police smiled. When they got to the police station, The Masked Maiden was lead into a cell block.
“Enjoy your stay, Quentin.” Chief Bloke said. He walked away. The Masked Maiden laughed. The Masked Maiden waited patiently while the police tried to figure out what she was doing in a chemical lab.
While they did that, The Masked Maiden figured out how to break out. She reached down into her boot and pulled out a lock pick. She glanced at the hallway. No one. She started picking the lock. She opened the door slowly. Clang! Clang! Breakout! Breakout!
“ The Masked Maiden ran down the hallway. She paused at a intersection and looked up at a security camera. The Masked Maiden smiled and blew it a kiss.
“There she is!” Five policemen ran towards The Masked Maiden. The Masked Maiden scowled. She looked to left. Nothing but an exit door.
The Masked Maiden ran towards it. She threw it opened and entered the cold, crisp air. She noticed Etta standing by the edge of the sidewalk.
“Giada.” The Masked Maiden nodded.
“Get her, fools!” Chief Bloke boomed.
“This way.” Giada beckoned Jay to follow.
Jay followed; she had no choice.
When they got to a alley, Giada turned around.
“You know, Jay. I always thought I’d take your place. But you never retired.” Giada growled.
Jay started to back away.
Burds smiled and pulled out a gun.
“Goodbye, it was a pleasure knowing you.” Burds pointed the gun, and shot.

The police came a few minutes too late. All they found was The Masked Maiden's dead body.

-And as the Sky and the Sun meet

3RD PLACE: Ayundabs

This was our first Contest ever. It originally had a 4-way-tie, then narrowed down to a 3-way-tie, then once more narrowed to a 2-way tie, and after much annoyance, we found a winner! High Quality Stories, with some particularly spooky villains.
Do you agree with the decision?

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CONTEST #2-Poetry.

WINNER: Amber.

The disease that steals your soul,
It keeps wanting more.
It's a monster.
It sucks your life into it's blood,
living off of your naive heart.

It will make you do anything and everything.
It turns your life around.
It makes you scream at the people you care about,
If they even care about you.
It makes you cry into the night,
Even though you know that no one will answer.

It makes you think.
Who really cares?
Does anyone think you're worth noticing?
Or do you just sit in the backseat, unnoticed until someone plays you like a violin?
And then you crash back down.
Onto the soft leather of the back seat.
Waiting to be used again...

It's every feeling in the world wrapped into one.
It's what keeps the world stocked with fear, flooding with jealousy, fighting the wars we fight, playing the games we play....
Love is what tears this world apart...


Hope is the light in the dark, the fish that escapes from a hungry shark
Hope is the strength in weakness, pure white in the oncoming bleakness
Hope is the smile in a frown, the up in a never-ending down
Hope is there wherever you go the thing that will always keep life aglow.

3RD PLACE: Regan
-Best Friends Forever?

This was our second Contest.
It had soooo many entries, and all of them deserved to win-it was a real tough contest!
I would give a few an honorable mention, but it would take to long because they were so good!
I recommend you read a few that didnt win, because they are still high standard!
Do you agree with the voting?

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yeah I guess

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did you guys put out a poll

message 5: by Diana (new)

Diana yea, there wasn't really any other way to do it.

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oh ok cuz I don't think I voted I don't think I ever go it

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I don't like my poem I woulod have voted for yours amber so I guess it doesn't matter

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I liked yours.

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I like our winners the best

message 10: by Diana (new)

Diana I didn't even get to read most of the poems :(

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that sux

message 12: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) yeah, me too :(

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same here

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Me too.

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★ Jess  | 4295 comments Mod

They were really good.

message 16: by Diana (new)

Diana Actually, I read two and voted for the one I liked best, but of course, I forgot which one I voted for.

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Regan  (regan_) | 243 comments Is there going to be a new contest anytime soon? :D

message 18: by Diana (new)

Diana Good question. Now if only one of the mods was on........

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★ Jess  | 4295 comments Mod
Stay Tuned.
Oooo, it looks like we have a status report!!!!

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oh oh oh
whens the new contest comming out and what is it????

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Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 6788 comments We'll decide that after voting for the current contest ends.

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CONTEST #3-A story about a secret.

-The mirror holds the secret

RUNNER UP: Jillian
-The secret in the mirror

3RD PLACE: Hope and Lydia ( a draw )
-I keep her secret safe ( Hope )
-Sweet Sixteen ( Lydia )


LYDIA: Have you ever had a secret you couldn’t tell anyone? It’s happened to everyone, right? A secret here, a secret there. It didn’t matter; word leaked out eventually. But I’m talking about a life or death secret. One that makes you lie awake at night. You know the feeling of being terrified after watching a horror movie before bed? The feeling that, even though you know it’s only a movie, something’s about to happen? That’s what it’s like for me, only this isn’t some horror film. This is real.

It all started on my sixteenth birthday. It was just me and my family at Grandma Jones’ house. (My parents had refused to let me have friends over. I argued with them about that. I mean, it’s my ‘Sweet 16’, right?)
“Let’s go for a walk, dear.” My grandmother suggested. It wasn’t the ideal thing to do on my birthday, but I consented. Grandma always got her way.
My cousins stayed in the house; the only people who were walking was: me, Grandma Jones, my parents, and my baby sister, Julianne.
We walked along the path for a while, twisting and turning. I hoped someone else was keeping track of where we had come from. Finally we reached our destination: a glade with a clear view of the sky, which was already dark and quickly filling with stars.
“What-?” I turned to my companions. “Why?” My mother looked at Grandma Jones nervously, but she was staring at me.
And then the moon came out from behind a cloud.
I was compelled to all fours, like a dog.
“What- What’s happening?” I gasped.
“Molly,” My mother said.
“Hush, dear.” Grandma Jones’ interrupted.
“Ugh.” My spinal cord stretched out, and I watched in horror as my hands morphed into a paws. What’s happening to me!? I wanted to cry out. I opened my mouth, and out came a bark, low and staccato.
In a few minutes it was over. I groaned, but it came out as a howl.
“Stay calm, Alisha.” My mother commanded quietly, looking around anxiously. She rocked the little sleeping Julianne in her arms. Stay calm? CALM!? I wanted to scream at them. I was a monster!
“Not quite a monster.” Grandma said. She slowly walked towards me. I stared at her. “A wolf.” She announced.
A wolf? Was that supposed to make me feel better?
“I’m sorry, Alisha.” My father said. “We should have told you earlier.”
“We would have, if not for Mother.” My mother glared at Grandma Jones. Then she turned to me. “This is why you couldn’t have friends over.”
I stared at them. This was the reason? They knew this was going to happen?
My vision was blurred by a red haze.
“I think, dear, Alisha needs some time alone. We’ll meet her back at the house.” My father glanced at me one more time. As I fought back my tears, my family disappeared into the gloom. The clouds broke in the sky. I tipped my head back and howled at the moon.

This was our third Contest
It was definatley our hardest yet. To write a story about a secret in 600 words.
But somehow, our members did not only write the stories, but they wrote *great* stories in less then 600 words.
What did you think of the winners?
I recommend you read a few that didnt win, because they are still high standard!

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Gauri Godale (gaurigodale) congrats guys!Hope was really great

message 25: by Hope (new)

Hope (heyhopeful) Aw thanks. :)

Great job everyone!!! ^_^

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Baxter (julietrocksmysocks) | 383 comments Well...placing is overrated.

Good job Lexi! And Hope, and Lydia.

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Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 6788 comments And Jillian. you forgot her

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Baxter (julietrocksmysocks) | 383 comments And Jillian. Sorry about that. My eyes ran past it.

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Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) | 6788 comments lolz.

message 30: by Lexi (new)

Lexi (theonecalledwhatsername) | 651 comments thanks!
great job everyone :)

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Franklin (piedaddy) | 1 comments I think I finally found a group where I fit in. I love writing short stories for fun! I have a question, when is the next contest? I hope I'm not being too forward, but this looks fun. I'm writing a book of my own, and I hope there is a way that I can get people of here to read it and post their opinions. I need all the help I can get. I hope it was okay that I posted this here! This group rocks! :D

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