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Hey, guys, Janepage sent me this link... thought it would provide some inspiration for characters.

The thing is... these people WEREN'T trying to make Mary Sues. That's the scary part. O_O

Here are a few highlights... (By the way, it's for a Percy Jackson RP)

"Stubborn but will listen to his fellow brothers and sisters, kind, understanding when others are suffering" ((NOTE: He's a son of the WAR GOD. Seriously?!))

"she knew she was a demi-god her whole life ummm and she and Ares are rly close"
*facepalms* Riiiight, she's besties with the least amiable god.

"A bracelet that can blind people (temporarily) and can turn into a sword."

"After Grover showed her around She ran into Annabeth and the symbol of Athena glowed over her head. Annabeth helped her and they're really good sisters."

((Okay, just look at this entire description. Seriously. This is the DEFINITION of a Mary Sue.))
"Name: Aly
age: 13
home: FL (near the sea of monsters) and camp half blood
parent: Athena
Weapon of choice: love potion that can make anybody fall in love with anyone or anyhthing. for example, you could get a cyclops to be in love with a cave and save grover. plus you could get percy to fall in love with you!!
found out she was a demigod after athena claimed her at camp half blood. She went to camp half blood because she lived too close to the sea of monsters. She is dating percy. YAY!
description: has short blondish hair, is short, and nice to most people. but if someone ticks her off, she can be very dangerous! "

"My story is tht i was born in fl and my parnets did not want me so they put me in a basket."

"My dad controls what I do with my life and he wants me to be just like him"

"Weapon of choice: A sword tht is when against people makes them tell the truth"

"easly scared. hates fighting." ((NOTE: A daughter of Hades that is easily scared and hates fighting. Really?!))

"He discovered at a young age that he was a son of Ares, the war god. He then began to train himself to use his powers. Though he developed impressive fighting ability quickly, he still wasn't satisfied. Refuses to go to Camp Half-Blood saying he doesn't want to owe his strength to anyone else."

"Powers: She can fly, and heal and make people live forever."

Oh, and out of 13 characters, 6 are kids of the Big Three and 4 are kids of Athena. There are OTHER OPTIONS, people!!

Ugh. It's stuff like this that makes you want to give up writing. FOREVER.

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Hilariously pathetic? :P

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YES!!!! :D :D :D

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