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message 1: by Abdulla (new) - added it

Abdulla its a terrific piece of art that is hndeled with proffesianalism from a writer that knows how to use his pen right , ESAM YOUSEF gave us a very live living example of an experiment that most of the youth r in these days espacialy against that monster herion that is spread very wide with cruelty 2dy , n unfortunetly most of the r sliping in to a tunnel without knowing if were going to make it out of it or not but we will isA we will with the help of god n with the faith from us that we r able to make it through n fight it no its our war non else.
first this piece of art once u strat with the first page u know that u cant left an eye from it , it combines between the very simple way in readin and in absorbtion , ESAM YOUSEF was able to get into our mindsvery easily by writing about his issue by his pen and ur thougts , he made us read the book as if he was writing about us , not as a herion addict but as a person seeking after a way to break with it his chain of bordness or unsatisfaction . nad in the end of his writing he should us that wether u r addict with drugs or with behvior u cn change it , we can break through and make our way to the other side of the tunnel we forced our selved to drive in without knowing it sequences .
second what is took on ESAM YOUSEF in his writing is that he disscused every single detil nd every single mood with its good and bad effects , he discussed it in a way that made the reader feel like its a new life that he whould like to try and feel its ecstasy he made me want to try every kind of drug and feel every mood of it... at the begining. , he entered me to the world of drugs to watch and see but not to touch but us human we want to eat that apple from that forbidden tree. and he showed ways and types of drugs that me myself wanted to try when SALAH or his friends trieed it and feel how they were feeling . he maybe sisnt have to go through these expirments that deep . but no offence there is no way to discuss it better than that way im sure.
at the end i would like to thank that man and his time for giving us that book as lesson tht every one of us should learn that leasson nothing else from the book cause US and ONLY are able to save our selves and god be with us all.
NOTE: my advice for who is willing to read that book that he should finish the book to see the end and know the full sequnces from eating from that tree before his mind starts thinking in any other way far from where the book is leading u to . thx for ur time ....

message 2: by Eman (new)

Eman Mohamed روايه رائعه

Sara Alhosary أكثر كمن رائعة..فادتتنى كتير فى دراستى عن المخدرات..

فاطمة  الزهراء أكتر من راائعة مع إني أول مابدأت فيها حسيت إني هزهق ومش هكملها وقلت أنا مالي ومال جو المخدرات ده ,,,بس بجد هي من أكتر الروايات اللي اثرت في حياتي الخاصة جدا وخلتني اعيد النظر في أي سلوك ادماني ,,,مش بس ادمان المخدرات

Amged انا كنت سمعت انه حتتعمل فيلم بس معرفش كملوا الفكرة ولا لأ

Noha Magdy the best book i ever read .beyound imagination.the author gives u the feeling that u know the salah (main character) asif he is ur friend.
for those who didnt read this book u missed too much.
thank u mr ESAM YOUSEF ur book is more than wounderful

Dero Faheem أكثر من ممتازة من حيث أهمية الموضوع وطريقة عرضه البسيطة جدا.........ولكونها مواقف حقيقة هذا ما يميزها
أنا استمتعت بالرواية جدا
واستفدت أكثر

Maryam رواية رائعة استفدت منها على المستوى الشخصى رحلة الشفاء من الادمان بجد اكتر من رائعة اجمل ما فيها انها بتسمك فكرة الشفاء من حاجات سلبية فى حياتك مش شرط الادمان

Esraa Kamal روعه :)

Shoosh رواية ممتعة و مفيدة و هي فعلا روايه رائعة و مشروع فلم رائع و مفيد

message 11: by Aya (new) - rated it 2 stars

Aya abd el hady ممتعه جداااااا و بتديك حماس

message 12: by Maha (new) - rated it 5 stars

Maha My favorite Novel <3

message 13: by Heba (new) - added it

Heba رواية ممتعة جداااااااا ومفيدة

Haitham fahmy المشكله الوحيد لكاتب هذه الروايه انه بدأ بروايه اقرب للكمال لذلك فمهما قدم من اعمال لن يصل الى مستواها لذلك لم يكتب بعدها شيئ

Rotina Roty akter mn raw3aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 b7bha gedn fra7t n sala7 batl akter awiiiiiiiiii w nafsy ashof l sh5sia d gdn !! bgd heya btwasl msg ad eh enta momkn tb2a 7aga lw enta karart daa w ad eh momkn tb2a dai3 bardo lw enta estslamt l da !!

Jihad Youness انا حسيت انه وصل لمستوى مش هلاقيه فى اى رواية تانية من روايته .. فخايفه اقراله تانى ... بجد رواية رااااااااااااااااااائعة

Essam Youssef كم تعليقاتكم جميلة :) وسام وشرف لي، ومن لم يعجب برواية "١/٤ جرام" فأعتذر له املا في ان تنال رواية "٢ ضباط" علي اعجابه او تقديره. اجتهدت علي مدار عامين كاملين في محاولة النهوض بمستوي كتابتي الادبية، متمنيا ان اكون قد نجحت. وفي النهاية لكم مني جميعا كل التقدير والاحترام، عصام يوسف

Jihad Youness Essam wrote: "كم تعليقاتكم جميلة :) وسام وشرف لي، ومن لم يعجب برواية "١/٤ جرام" فأعتذر له املا في ان تنال رواية "٢ ضباط" علي اعجابه او تقديره. اجتهدت علي مدار عامين كاملين في محاولة النهوض بمستوي كتابتي الادبية،..."

هى نزلت ؟ !

Essam Youssef نعم، من يوم الخميس ، الحمد لله :)

Jihad Youness Essam wrote: "نعم، من يوم الخميس ، الحمد لله :)"

تمام بس ياريت لو نزلت بى دى اف :))

message 21: by Loly (last edited Sep 25, 2013 03:35PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Loly عجبتنى جدا انا حبيت الكتاب القصه حتى صاحب القصه شدنى وعجبنى ازى غير نفسه خلانى احس انى ممكن اغير حاجات فى حياتى حاجات اهيف من المخدرات ازاى اغير حاجات انا مش بحبها فى نفسسى وكدا بجد بدايه جميله للكاتب

message 22: by Noha (new) - added it

Noha Ma'moun راويه جميلة اوى عجبتنى جدا

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