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RP here as soon as you make a charrie

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Ellie walked up to a house on the beach. She heard that there's supossed to be a big party there.

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Shawnee was at her house, hosting her party. She saw someone walk up and opened the door. She couldn't see very well and was a little tipsy so she said, "Heyyy. Do I know you?" She smiled.

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Ellie grinned, looks like the party had already started, "Yeah I know you Shawne! It's Ellie!"

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"Oh, Ellie!" Shawnee said and smiled. She gave her small hug. "Sorry about that. Come on in. Want anything to drink?" she asked.

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"Yeah. What do you have?" Ellie asks walking in.

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"Tons of options," Shawnee said, directing her to the kitchen. She pointed to the huge fridge. "Go ahead and pick what you want." She sipped her drink.

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Ellie grabbed a beer and closed the fridge, "So what did I miss?"

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"Nothing yet," Shawnee said. "In fact, we're just starting spin the bottle. Come on," she said, smiling, and she grabbed her hand and led her through the huge house to the den.

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Ellie laughed, "Thats fun!"

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"I know right?" Shawnee said as she sat down between Kimika and Ellie. "Okay, who's first?" she asked the large group.

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Ellie grinned, "I totally want to go." She grabs the bottle and spins it.

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Shawnee smiled as she watched the bottle spin and land on Damian.

((i'm just making up random names lol i'm not going to make them charries))

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((haha that's what I figured!))

Ellie smiled and leaned forward and gave him a kiss.

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((ok lol))

Damian kissed her back as everyone laughed.

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Ellie broke away and said, "Whoa there Damian!" she laughed.

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Shawnee laughed and Damian sat back. "Just because your girlfriend isn't here, doesn't mean you get to be a player," Shawnee said and laughed again. She took a sip of her drink before spinning the bottle.

((if u want u can make some1 up for it to land on))

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Ellie laughed when the bottle landed on Lucas.

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Shawnee groaned but leaned forward and kissed Lucas.

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Ellie smiled, "Well Shawnee, Is Lucas a good kisser?"

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Shawnee backed up, blushing. "Yeah," she said and laughed.

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"Ooooo." Ellie laughed. Lucas blushed.

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Shawnee smiled. "Call me," she mouthed to Lucas subtly then turned to Kimika. "Your turn."

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Ellie giggled. "Who are you going to get?"

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"Michael," Kimika said with a giggle when the bottle stopped spinning.

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Micheal grinned and leaned forward and kissed Kimikia.

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Kimika kissed him lightly then sat back, blushing deeply.

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Micheal grinned. Ellie smiled. She loved this game.

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Shawnee saw the flashing lights of the police cars out her windows. "Uh oh. Party's over!" she shouted. She hopped off the couch and threw her beer in the trash. "Everyone, gone! Now!"

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Ellie threw hers away and got up, "Get out!"

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All of the people ran outside using the back door, but a couple people stayed. Shawnee kept the music blaring and grabbed a deck of cards she started dealing them out for the people. "Ellie, can you get the door for me?" she asked casually when the bell rang.

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Ellie nodded and walked to the door. She answered and said, "Hello?"

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A police officer looked past her and into the house. Then he gave her a confused look. "We got a report of a party complaining to be too loud," he said. "With tons of teenagers." He glanced again at the few playing cards.

Shawnee causally turned down the music. "Sorry," she said, trying to look sober. "We got a little carried away while playing a game." She smiled.

"Uh huh," the officer said. "Well, keep it down, kids." He walked away, glancing back at the house.

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"Ok thanks officer!" Ellie says closing the door.

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Shawnee sighed and sat back in her seat. "Twice," she said, holding up two fingers. "That's twice now that stupid neighbor's called the cops on me. Ugh," she groaned and rolled her eyes.

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Ellie groaned, "Uggh. That's so stupid!"

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"Tell me about it!" Shawnee said. "Well, what do you want to do? My parents are gone for three weeks." Shawnee smiled.

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"Three weeks?" Ellie grins, "We can do anything!"

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"I know!" Shawnee smiled and turned back to everyone else. "So what should we do?"

((everyone else: kimikia, lucas, michael, damian :] aren't i evil?))

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((Hahaha yes!))

"Well we can continue the game?" Lucas asks

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Shawnee smiled. "Okay," she said and grabbed the bottle from in the kitchen. "Who goes first?" she asked as she set it ont he table.

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Ellie says, "I'll go!" She spins the bottle.

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Shawnee laughed as it landed on Michael.

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Ellie leaned forward and kissed Micheal.

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Michael kissed back, but soon backed away.

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Ellie blushed and said, "Whose next?"

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"Shawnee," Kimikia said. Shawnee groaned but spun the bottle.

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The bottle landed on Damian. Ellie smiled.

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Shawnee kissed Damian quickly then sat back. "Lucas is a way better kisser," she whispered to Ellie and laughed.

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