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Religion > Christian Ignorance Revives Discrimination in Virginia (Evil of religion?)

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message 1: by Dan (new)

Dan This is absolutely disgusting. My faith in humanity is rapidly disappearing.

So, supposedly God punishes those who get abortions because the firstborn belongs to God? Doesn't anyone realize that if you get an abortion you're not killing the firstborn because that aborted fetus has not been born yet?

message 2: by Vїllaїп (new)

Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 59 comments Do all Christians agree with this?

message 3: by Dan (new)

Dan The fact that an elected official holds this position is a pretty good indicator that enough people agree with it that it's a problem.

message 4: by Keydi (new)

Keydi (kater_bater) | 3 comments that man is just sick.

message 5: by Vїllaїп (last edited Feb 25, 2010 05:40AM) (new)

Vїllaїп (lost_machina) | 59 comments Have you ever heard another Christian say what he just said? Cause I haven't. That's just his opinion, he doesn't represent all of Christianity.

message 6: by Dan (new)

Dan Have you ever heard another Christian say what he just said? Cause I haven't. That's just his opinion, he doesn't represent all of Christianity.

He doesn't have to represent all of Christianity. Christians have created this ludicrous standard where you can only criticize Christianity for the harmful beliefs it inspires if the belief is held by every single Christian in the world. Of course this standard will never be met. There are two billion Christians in the world. There isn't a single opinion that all two billion of them will share. But that isn't the point. The point is that Christianity directly causes these sorts of opinions in some.

Even if this guy were the only person holding this belief (which he surely is not), it is a big deal. He just single-handedly changed the law. It is a big deal. The fact that there exist, somewhere, Christians who don't share his views doesn't matter. What matters is that he has enshrined discrimination into law, and is pursuing more changes to the law, on no basis other than religious superstition. People are losing their rights because of religiously inspired beliefs.

message 7: by Dan (new)

Dan You choose to hate religion because of a few silly people.

Can we stop pretending that viewpoints like this are only held by "a few silly people"? This is a ridiculous claim. Sure, there are pro-gay rights, pro-choice, pro-science Christians. But there are also a lot of anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-science Christians, and they form politically powerful constituencies. It isn't just one guy or a handful of people. It's millions of people. And in other parts of the world - in South America, Africa and Asia, which are, for example, the fastest-growing Catholic populations and therefore the biggest influence on Catholic policy and law - Christianity is a very, very powerful force for conservative ideaology such as this. Stop excusing the harmful behavior that Christianity directly inspires by dismissing it as meaningless simply because "not all Christians share this view." These views are shared by enough that they're affecting public policy. All you pro-gay, pro-choice, pro-science Christians aren't doing a lot of good. Rather than speaking out against stuff like this, you're dismissing it to avoid having to criticize your religion. Millions of newly unemployed gay Virginians will thank you for that, I'm sure.

message 8: by Maurice (new)

Maurice Whitehurst (PhilosophyJones) | 74 comments Not that what we discriminate against is right but you have to discriminate or be prejudice about what you believe the truth to be or what you believe to be right.

This post discriminates against Christian believers who you believe are wrong.

Preconceived beliefs are the skeletons of your language.

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