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Mantras and Meditation

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I have recently become interested in cleansing the soul, by means of meditation and mantras and things. Geroge Harrison was interested in these types of things, and that is where I heard of them. Does anybody meditate/chant/anything? I also have been thinking about religion (pretty deep stuff for a 13 year old, because everybody seems very touchy on the subject.) I think that it doesn't matter which god you pray to, or chant to, or whatever, because I think that Buddha and Krishna and Jesus Christ and everybody else are all the same person. Geroge believed that, too. What are your thoughts on this? Does anybody know of any books or anything where I could learn meditation and other Mantras? (I myself like the sound of the Hare Krishna Mantra, and I need to read up on it now.) Does anybody else even think this sounds like a good IDEA?

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J. Guevara (jguevara) | 3 comments Sit quietly and listen to what your brain is trying to tell you. That's life talkin', your life, not someone elses interpretation. you already have what you need. we all do if we'd just listen.

In Search Of The Ultimate Truth

From Big Bang to Ying Yang, you name it, I tried it:
Astral projection, Childhood Rejection, EST, Seth, Chess,
Primal Scream, Wet Dream, lost soul, Pentecostal,
Macrobiotic, Embryonic, Sufi, sushi, Rolf, golf,
Numerology, Scientology, and every other –ology from astro- to zoo-,
Naturopathy, Herbal tea, neuralpharmachology...
Like Weed, speed, LSD, peyote,
Spiritual Improvement, American Indian Movement,
Deist, Atheist, Evolutionist, Creationist,
Nichiren Shoshu, shakubuku, Go, nam-yo-ho-ren-ga-kyo,
Biorhythm, Inner Child, Primitivism.
Nordic Runes, rising moons, 2nd coming, morning running,
I Ching hexagram, Amnesty International, Oxfam,
Tae Kwan do, Aikido, judo, sprouts and other rabbit food,
Kung-fu, jiu-jitsu, granola and tofu too,
I walked the plank of Ultimate Truths

When illusion vanished, the fads out played, I stayed undaunted
Left with the ultimate truth that everyone has all along what counted
There are no shortcuts for none are needed

The distance between your head and heart is not that far

From: 'Vice Verses, a book of rhymin' crime', by j guevara

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Thanx u, dude. That was pretty coolio...

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