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Live Chat with Annette Gordon-Reed

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The New Yorker's Book Club At the New Yorker's book club, we've been reading Annette Gordon-Reed's marvelous book, "The Hemingses of Monticello," throughout the month of February. Today she sat down for a live chat with us. Check it out here.

Phillip Goodrich Just finished this book this past week. It's definitely worth the read, if for nothing more than providing fresh insights into the way 18th century slavery, and mixed-racial childbearing, was perceived. Sally and her older brothers, while living with Mr. Jefferson in France (he was American Minister to France after the Revolution) could have walked into any office of the Admiralty Court in Paris, and asked to be manumitted, and it would have been done. So why didn't they? It's a very persuasive read: try it.

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