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((What kind of rp do we want? Fantasy, magical, high school?...))

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((we can do whichever.))

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personality-show off
other- has a twin

other-Jack's twin

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Name: Lily
Age: 16
Personality: very flirty, fun, and friendly
Appearance: long wavy/curly chocolate brown hair, mediumism skin since she's 1/2 Hispanic, chocolate brown eyes, fantastic body
Other: runs track

I'm like really bad at rping guys, so we should tag one more person for this rp...

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Ok, we will do that...Do you wana start without them? Or wait?

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let's start without, I guess, until someone else is on.

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Zoe and her brother were ice-skating.

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Lily walked out to the ice and started skating. Her hair fell over her shoulders and on her low cut grey shirt.

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Zoe started spinning, Jack skated backwards

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Lily did a little spin, but bumped into a guy and fell over.

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"Sorry" Jack helped her up. "Are you ok?"

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"Yeah, I'm fine. Are you OK?" Lily asked, then looked up to see Jack.

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"Yeah," Jack smiled
Zoe skated over, "Hi, I'm Zoe, this is by brother Jack, Who are you?"

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"I'm Lily," Lily replied with a smile.

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"Nice to meet you" Zoe smiled back
Jack was also smiling, "We just moved here,[Whereever they are:] so we don't really know anyone."

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"Well, now you do," Lily said. "Where did you move from?"

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"Canada," Jack told her
Zoe just nodded.

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"That's cool, I've never been to Canada," Lily said as she started skating backwards so she could talk to them.

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"It's nice there." Zoe said
Jack shrugged, "Sometimes..."

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"It seems cold," Lily added.

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"It is," Jack explained
Zoe smiled, "I loved having so many snowdays..."

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"I lived in Texas when I was in middle school, and we rarely had snow days, though if went below 32 and there was any moisture, school was closed," Lily explained.

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"Texas" Jack repeated

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"Yeah. And no, I never owned a horse, nor did anyone ride their horses - if they had one - to school," Lily said.

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Zoe laughed, "told you!"
JAck frowned, "Are you sure?"

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Lily rolled her eyes.
"People make way too many stereotypes about Texas," she replied.

((I live in Texas, and we never get ANY snow, and today it snowed about an inch, and we all freaked out and spent a couple classes and lunch playing in the "snow" :D ))

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Jack crossed his arms, "Fine"
Zoe smiled

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Lily smiled a little.
"You guys had a bet about Texans?"

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Zoe giggled, "We have a bet about practicly everything."
Jack nodded, "I win most of them"
"Do not!" Zoe argued

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Lily chuckled.
"I wish my little brother was older," she said.

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"you have a brother?" Jack asked
Zoe did a spin, bored.

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"Yeah, he's 6," Lily said.

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Zoe nodded, politely
Jack smiled, "Is he really annoying?"

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"Pretty much," Lily said with a nod.

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Jack chuckled
Zoe did another spin

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"He's also really immature," Lily said.

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Jack smiled, "Siblings are like that"
Zoe rolled her eyes and added, "Only sometimes"

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((sorry, I haven't been on in a while!))

Lily nodded, smiling back.
"especially younger ones."

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Jack smiled, "Exactly!"
Zoe rolled her eyes

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Joshua (Buron) | 17 comments ((i dnt want to mess everything up. or can i...what can i do?))

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((1st post your character))

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Jose | 2 comments Why so many deleted users?

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