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K.  (maddywoo) | 44 comments Yeah...I know that's like the cheesiest title in the world for a story--ever--but I've never been good with titles lol

I'm just letting you guys know right now that I know this story is gonna have acts of making love. There will be profanity and in likely every chapter but I'm not sure on the violence. I'll still write warnings as the rules call for.

This is somewhat paranormal. People with super human abilities; that counts, right?

Plot description:

A girl with it all looking for an out...

Bluette Nordstrom has the perfect and most desired life to the outside eye looking in: wealthy fiance, wealthy family, she is well known and even better respected. But with a strange ability she is forced to keep secret, life isn’t something she would call the greatest. Maybe even a prisoner in her own life. She wishes she could escape it but she feels she can’t, until Sebastian…

A Thief who gets a taste of his own Medicine...

Sebastian Launder is an international jewel thief. Diamonds is this man’s best friend, lover and companion until an innocent redhead stumbles in his path and unintentionally steals his heart from one look. But he must take her because she’s seen too much and has to keep her from speaking. Or is that the reason? Could this blue eyed beauty be the thing to make him leave it all for her or will it be too late and the law catches up with him first? Or someone will catch her…

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K.  (maddywoo) | 44 comments Chapter 1

Warning: This chapter contains mild violence against women and excessive profanity

THIS ONE MIGHT actually do, Bluette Nordstrom thought. This is the possible the ump’th hundred dress she tried on that day. Blue stood in front of the mirror of the spacious cream walled, white silk curtain dressing room of J’Adore’s Bridal shop on Rodeo Drive. Blue was evaluating the dress on her as if she were a statue that should go in the foyer or the living room. The dress was strapless stark white; the whole material was made from silk while the entire front was decorated with tulle material sewn tightly across her body. It fit snug, accentuated every curve of body. If her mother doesn’t approve this dress, she’ll just have pick one out herself.

That woman could be such a control freak.
“Blue!” Helen, Blue’s mother called from the outside of the dressing room. “Are you almost finished? We want to see your dress!”

Blue rolled her eyes and said, “Yeah, just a sec.” In the most pleasant voice she could manage. Mother must be low on the sauce. Yep, Blue can feel her restlessness as sharp as a tack. Along with the brides maid’s excitement, for God knows whatever reason, and envy.

Blue cursed her defect. Blue was born with the strange ability to sense people’s emotions.

She guessed people would consider this a gift, but Blue could really do without it. She hated knowing people’s true feelings about her or when they’re lying to her or even those flashes of messed up thoughts that come with the emotions. The term ignorance is bliss is true but you never really appreciate the term to full extent until you’ve walked a mile in Blue’s shoes.

Blue can probably guess why those ladies outside the dressing room were harboring such an emotion such as envy, which smelled like poison ivy. While three out of five of them slept with Luke Bartlett, it’s Blue that’s going to be the one to walk down the aisle to him and wear his ring on his finger. It’s going to Blue that will marry him, give him tiny little mini Lukes, and live happily ever after in assumed blissful ignorance.

She should be so lucky. Note the sarcasm.

Blue propped her hand on her hips and gave herself a stern glare. She was thinking maybe she could dye her curly strawberry blonde hair a sort of dirty blonde for the wedding. Yeah, that would be very Sarah Jessica Parker back when Sex and City was good. Or maybe she could ask if she could get the dress in a creamer color so it wouldn’t clash with her pale skin. No. Daddy Dearest would have a fit if he couldn’t traditionally flaunt that his only daughter is twenty six and walking down the aisle truly a virgin in stark white. Like anyone in this town gives a shit.

Beverly Hills society was as pretentious like no other. Scandal and money is everything here. It keeps the bored housewives, like Blue’s mother and probably very soon Blue, entertained. If someone wasn’t having sex with someone you were probably considered a dud.

Blue felt irritation tickle the back of her throat. Blue pulled her hard glare into a smile that could melt the paint off the dressing room’s walls. Helen, Blue’s mother, hastily pulled the silk curtain back with one hand and an almost empty glass of white wine in the other.

Blue turned to her mother and beamed. “Mom, what do you think?” Blue asked with hopeful anticipation.
Helen looked Blue up and down. Her mother looked sharp in her a black, leopard collared two piece suit and leather black pumps. A true confirmation of the wealth she married into. Helen nodded with approval. Blue could feel it as well. “Resplendent, darling,” Helen said. “I think we may have found a winner.”

Thank God. “Perfect!” Bluette said then turned back to the mirror. This was a eighth dress she tried on. “Let’s ring it up now?”

“Bluette Lily,” Helen silently scolded as if she just said a dirty word. “You have to show your brides maids.”

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Very good! You've caught my interest and I hope you'll keep sharing with us.

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K.  (maddywoo) | 44 comments Right. She has to show the Witches of West Wick what she’ll be wearing for her wedding. “Right, mother,” Blue said reverently as she adoringly roamed her fingers over the material hugging her curves. “Give me thirty seconds.”

Helen sighed politely and closed the curtain after stepping back out. Blue let her face fall like a heavy purse. Quite the actress she was. All this fucking beaming outside while craving to flip off some people on the inside was starting to get old. Sometimes she just wished she could tell her mother that she does love her but this living vicariously thing is getting tiring. She wished she could tell her Father about her little “ability” and see if he’ll by chance still see her as the same Blue he’s always known. And still support her.

Probably not. She knows her father would disown her. Any type of imperfection in his life must be nixed out pronto. Then her mother has absolutely no backbone when it comes to that man because she believes submitting unto her husband at all times is just the way of life. How Biblical. She’s also gone out her way to make sure Blue knew this so she could follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Strangely, the teaching didn’t stick, but she only pretended it did.

Blue pretended a lot of things.

Blue squared her shoulders, plastered her winning smile back on her face and walked out of the dressing room. The brides maids and Helen were sitting a on a posh, light blue antique sofa. All with wine glasses in their hands. They all sighed femalely and gushed as Blue emerged and spun around in circle with the elegance of Miss America.

“So beautiful,” Tiffany, the Aryan poster child with big fake breasts said. She was lying. She thought the tulle fabric gave her a pouchy stomach. “I just love the front design.”

“Yes, the front is gorgeous,” Amber, the tall red head with the short hair said. She was honest but Blue felt a jolt of longing from her with a flash image of her fiancé, Luke. And Amber in the wedding dress. “Please, tell me you’re going to pick this one.”

“Absolutely,” Blue said as she brought her spinning to a halt in front of the women. “I really hope Luke likes it.”

As if a closet full of bones came tumbling out, Blue felt waves of doubt and stronger waves of envy from the girls. Blue’s mother was feeling extreme solace. That felt like she being engulfed in warm cloud and floating in the air.

“Let’s make a toast,” Cath, possibly the only person Blue can call her friend, said as she sauntered over to Blue with another full wine glass. Blue is fond of Cath because if there is something about her she doesn’t like, she just doesn’t say anything. Actually, Cath almost seldom spoke; she’s been more of the quiet observer. Cath was as short as Blue was, about five feet, and she had green eyes that sparked and shined like clean emeralds. Blue hadn’t heard a word from Cath so guessed she could take or leave the dress. She raised her glass to Blue and the rest of the ladies followed suit. “To our blushing bride, who will marry one Los Angeles’ most successful young men.”

“Cheers,” The women said in unison then drank from their glass. Blue mostly gulped hers, spending more than an hour with these women would drive anyone to alcoholism.

While the girls decided to tend to their daily gossip, Blue went back into the dressing room to change out of the dress so can pay for it and go.
When she stripped to her bra and panties, she caught her gaze in the mirror. She looked about ten years older and tired. What the hell am I doing? She thought. This is a question she’s been asking herself for what seemed like ages. She’s marrying one of the richest men in Los Angeles but he is also sleeping with half of Orange County and Blue knows all about it. She’s felt the satiety of some of the women whenever they were in his presence—which, sensibly smelled like female arousal and felt post coital bliss—and caught the images from their little trysts.

Blue never reacted or let him know she knew. He actually does love Blue, believe it or not; she’s felt it. Luke just saw his affairs as just having his cake and eating it too, like most men did. That’s fine because Blue was just seeing her marriage to him as her securing her future. With Luke, she would never be poor. The man was smart with money and he let her spend as much as she pleased so that’s all she needed. All she had to do was give him her virginity and companionship when he needed it, that’s all. Anything to keep her name important so she can continue her master status in society: the philanthropist.

Luke isn’t as small minded as her father. See, Blue’s father adores Luke and he’s well aware of how good the man is with money and business. So he thought he would be a perfect suitor for running the banking business when he kicks the bucket one day. Blue didn’t want it but it’s not like he would have considered her anyway. No princess of his should work, he said. She should lead a life of leisure and being pampered like her mother which is code for the woman’s role is and always should be beneath the male (yes, Blue also got this from his thoughts). Luckily, Luke wasn’t that Old Testament. He didn’t see her as property but indeed, a partner. He already has his own business and money so after they are married, Blue can get her long awaited organization off the ground and her father couldn’t say a word.

A smile lifted on her lips. Blue is going to have her chance to really shine and do some good without being held down. She just has to hang on to her sanity for a little while longer. For herself.

For Matrina.

Cath quietly entered the dressing room and closed the curtain behind her. Blue continued dressing back into her regular clothes. “So, what are you doing after this?” Cath asked. “The ladies want to go to The Ivy for lunch.”

“They can go ahead. I have some errands to do before the fundraiser tonight.” Blue said. Another minute with those women is something she just couldn’t stomach at the moment. What Blue needed was to go shopping for some new diamonds and a few hours at the spa so she could calm her nerves and look her absolute best for the fundraiser.

Blue was hosting the event with Aarons/Brooks Development group to build a new children’s hospital in east LA. She’s been busting her ass on that project for the past six months. At least the least hard part, however, was getting the crème of the crop to be there. Rich people were always looking for a way to spend their money, and what better way to do it by giving a large chunk of change to a good cause? So hopefully tonight will be the lick to seal the envelope.

“You know, all of us will be there.” Cath assured. Yeah, of course they will. Blue made a name for herself in the Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orange County as Miss Do-gooder. Her named was tied to almost every philanthropic organization in Southern California, and the people who ran them very deeply wanted to keep her working with them. If you wanted a smooth talker who can persuade a doe to give her huffs to a tiger, Bluette Lily Nordstrom was the one to call. Some of those women out there had husbands who ran those organizations. And if they knew what was good for them, they’d better turn up.

“I know,” Blue said sweetly. She was just sick of everybody. She just wished she could leave it all and start fresh on her own with her own money. Do everything her way. But she can’t, she’s indebted to too many people. Without their power, she would never rise to where she was. This was why she sucked it up with a smile as fake as everyone else’s and cooperated. “I just hope we’ll raise enough money for this hospital. It means so much to me.” Blue zipped up her floral, strapless summer dress from the side.

“I know,” Cath said solemnly. “You’re going for sainthood, you know?”

Blue snorted and looked at the ceiling as she slid her strappy pumps back on. More like suffer hood, or walking-on-a-thin-line-to-killing-myself-hood. Blue caught a glance at Cath who was frowning with her arms across her chest. “What’s wrong?” Blue asked.

“Nothing,” Cath lied. She was feeling…sympathy? No, that can’t be right. “Do you need some company?”

Cath was almost as lonely as Blue was with friends, Blue noticed. The difference is, however, is that Cath’s husband, Jacob, had so much adoration for her that the love that radiates from him at the mere mention of his wife was like being strangled by a boa. They’ve been married for nine years and it’s clear he would never cheat on her; he felt everything he needed was with Cath.

Blue imagined it would be nice to be adored like that but she’s accepted a long time ago that some of us were just blessed and some of us were just destined to be a model of gratitude for the blessed.

Blue refused to be an object of pity.

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K.  (maddywoo) | 44 comments UniquelyMoi *~*Dhestiny*~* wrote: "Very good! You've caught my interest and I hope you'll keep sharing with us."

Thanks, Moi! I'm gonna post the rest later, but now I have to get ready to go out. I hope the rest of you enjoy what I have so far =)

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish You write very well... the dialog is well thought out and the story is easy to follow. It flows well.

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Pamela(AllHoney) (pamelap) | 1706 comments Mod
wow, I'm hooked! :)

 Danielle The Book Huntress *Pluto is a Planet!* (gatadelafuente) | 9758 comments Mod
I can't wait to read it. I have to go home, and it's kind of bad weather, so say a prayer for me (and other drivers). I'll check in later.

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K.  (maddywoo) | 44 comments Kristin "maddywoo" wrote: "Right. She has to show the Witches of West Wick what she’ll be wearing for her wedding. “Right, mother,” Blue said reverently as she adoringly roamed her fingers over the material hugging her curve..."

“I’m just fine,” Blue said with more fierceness than was called for. She stood and grabbed her purse. “Never better.”

Cath rocked back and forth on her heel and soles. “I never asked if you weren’t.” She said with a light chuckle. The weird thing about Cath was that Blue could feel her emotions but she could never read her mind.

Blue chuckled. “Right, you didn’t.” She said, trying to play off the guilt. “I guess I better go tell the girls.” Although she would love to just bolt and get the rest of her day started.

“No, no,” Cath said as she closed the distance between her and blue. “I’ll tell them we can go on and leave. They’ll just see you tonight,” Cath pulled Blue into a warm and sincere hug and pecked her on the cheek. Slightly surprised, Blue did the same.

After Cath left, taking the brides maids in tow with her, Blue headed to the sales lady to inform her about the dress and she would like to pay for it. Blue was hoping for a quick entrance but her mother stayed behind. Which was what Blue really wasn’t hoping for.

“So, where do you want to lunch?” Helen asked as she checked out her French manicure, detecting for anything that needs a touch up.

It took everything in her to not groan. “Mom, I just want to be alone for the rest of the day, until the benefit starts.”

Helen looked up at Blue as if she just admitted she was taking on the porn career. “Darling, don’t be silly. I know you got ride of the girls so we could spend time together. How about we go to Valentino’s?”

“Mother, I have important errands to run,” Blue said, trying all her best to keep her voice calm and smooth. “I would like to do them alone to get everything on my agenda straight. Call Jane and the girls and have lunch with them.” Blue looked at her mother with soft eyes and a kind smile when really she wanted to scream.

Blue shouldn’t take it out on her mother. Helen was another reason why she was putting up with all this. There were times when Helen did things that made Blue itch, but she did hold genuine love for Blue. Since birth, Blue had been dotted on by both of her parents and made sure she wanted for nothing. Helen has been known to drive her up to Napa Valley for spa weekends and she would always give her the most undivided attention. If Blue wanted it.
Blue owed her mother a lot.

Helen nodded and said, “Ok, Blue,” She gathered her purse and put on her sunglasses. The sales lady handed Blue a receipt and pen to sign with. Helen leaned into Blue’s ear and whispered “You’re doing the right thing, marrying Luke,”

Blue paused and looked at her mother. “What are you talking about, mother?” She asked.

“I’m just saying with Luke you’ll always be comfortable and nobody wants that more than your father and I,” She said, placing her hand right hand over her heart. “He’ll make you happy and you’ll give him a family in return.”

Blue got the idea that she was whispering so the sales girl couldn’t hear how ridiculous her mother sounded but the sales girl heard it, she felt her shock. Blue bit the inside of her cheek until she drew blood. She signed the paper quickly and gathered up her things. The saleswoman was swift to give Blue back her card, she noticed. “I know I am, Mom. I must be going.” Blue rushed out. “I’ll see you later.”

Blue bee lined for the door and raced down the sidewalk in the direction of her car. Why did she have to say anything? That only made Blue realize more than she wanted to that what she’s doing is wrong.

No. No. She was not doing anything wrong. She was just doing what she could to survive. And that’s what she is: A Survivor. Marrying Luke was the most right thing to do. Her father won’t support her forever and without Luke, she’ll never be able keep her life, have his companionship or support for her organization. Besides, she’s put up with enough from that man for the past five years. She’s just getting what’s entitled to—

Bluette slowed to a stop. As tangible and as tartly sweet as an orange, Blue felt an overwhelming sense of aggression and vigilance. She looked around and behind her. She didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but then there was hardly anybody on the sidewalk. Rodeo Drive was a very public and much protected street in LA. She shouldn’t worry but still, she should be cautious.

That was the fifth time in two weeks that she felt those emotion at such a high frequency. She really wanted to write it off as someone just feeling hostile at the time she came around but now it was starting to seem suspicious.

Blue unlocked her charcoal grey Bentley and slid inside, locking the doors. She pulled out her Blackberry and called Hennessey Diamonds, one of the premier diamond exporters and jewelry retailers in Beverly Hills. Blue was a very exclusive customer because of her good work in the community and to the store. One of the sales representatives answered and immediately brightened up and asked how she was when he learned it was Blue.

“I’m wonderful. Surely you are well aware that I have a very important fundraiser to host tonight so it is crucial that I look fit to be a contender for a Goddess.” Blue explained as she fixed stray hairs from her ponytail in the rearview mirror.

“Absolutely, Miss Nordstrom,” The sales man said, reverently. “We have some new pieces that came in today and we would love for you to have first look. Just enter through the back door; we’ll have someone waiting for you.”

“That will be just fabulous. I will be there in ten minutes.” She said. The salesman agreed and they disconnected.

Blue refused to think about her ethics and how wrong they may seem. She would not sink herself into paranoia that someone was watching her. Bluette Nordstrom would become Bluette Nordstrom-Clevers in a matter of weeks and what she needed to do is splurge on jewelry. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, especially if the girl’s an empath.

THERE WERE THREE things that Matthew Launder did to make his living and did well: code breaking, breaking and entering, and simply breaking the law. He’d been a hacker for the past four years, a thief for two, and was never a law abiding citizen.

So it made absolutely no fucking sense that Matt would need to smoke two packs of American Spirits like they were going out of style at any moment. He leaned against the muddy red brick of the building while he anxiously sucked on each cigarette and looked up and down the alley way. Occasionally he’d push himself off the wall and switch sides while he ran his hand through his long inky black hair. It was much better than pacing back and forth or anything that would draw attention.

Not that anyone would. Alleys weren’t exactly hot spots in that part of town and the police and people have haven’t begun teetering around the sidewalks yet. Which made the morning time the perfect time to rob a jewelry store.

Matt’s big brother, Sebastian, wasn’t too lenient on screw ups or let downs. The fucker was as cool as the other side of the pillow on exterior but go Charlie Daniels on his nerves, all that goes out the window. The man was serious about his heists but it required you to be. One wrong detail, or mix up in the building layout or overall plan could mess the whole thing up and land your ass in state.

Matt’s not much of a muscle man like his big brother and the rest of the group He was tall and lanky, with just slight build. His power was all in his mind. His role in all this was to open the vault and handle virtual security because he was a wiz with computers and numbers. That was the only reason why Sebastian agreed to let him help out with the jobs.
It felt nice to be an asset and not a liability.

So why was Matt so damn nervous? Could it be that the group was ten minutes was late with letting Matt in the building from the backdoor he was anxiously waiting by? Could it be that Sebastian decided go ballsy and rob Hennessey Diamonds, one of the most well known jewelry stores on public ass Rodeo Drive? Or, in continuation of the last question, could it be that this store could be that one sweep over the open flame that’ll finally burn us?

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish *hugs* and prayers for your safe return home, Danielle!

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K.  (maddywoo) | 44 comments No. The plan was fool proof, Matt thought. It was two weeks before Valentine’s Day so it was a perfect excuse for all the guys to walk in—at different times—like they’ve decided to do some jewelry shopping for their “wives”. They’d all be dressed up fit to blend in with the Beverly Hills society, so the employees wouldn’t know any better. The sellers would think they’d come in with wallets blazing but once the last guy came in with the weapons—which Sebastian and Davy did about fifteen minutes earlier—they’d realize that’s just their guns. Someone would bring Matt in after they gather the hostages, he’d unlock the vault, they’d grab the jewels, Frank would do his thing, Matt would erase the tapes if needed and they’d get the fuck out.

Matt would skip the video cameras this time around. They didn’t even turn on the recording. The Business owners of this street were a bit overly confident in the security it offered.

They were about to nip that right in the bud.

Jackson, a burly pretty boy with sun kissed skin and metal grey eyes, opened the door holding an AK-47 in one hand and held the door open with the other. He checked the alley from left to right then Matt. “You ready to do your thing, hewy?” Jackson said. He was wearing a casual designer golf ensemble.

Matt dropped his cigarette butt to the ground crushed it with a hard twist of his motorcycle boot. He picked up his black duffle bag of tools. “As always,” Matt said as he jogged pass Jax and inside the building.

Jax closed the door behind them and walked around Matt to lead the way. Matt followed down a long corridor decorated with shiny cherry wood panels and expensive art. Van Gogh, Matt recognized. No doubt, Sebastian would want to get his hands on these pieces.

There were private viewing rooms to his left. Matt glanced inside one of the open doorways to see one of the guys was aiming his machine gun at a scared shitless salesman in a nice designer off white suit and thick rimmed glasses, who had his hands up in surrender. The table was all set up. Three exhibition pads of some of the biggest and cleanest diamonds Matt has seen yet, from necklaces to earrings.

“Any chance that guy’s expecting anyone?” Matt asked.

“Please,” Jackson scoffed. “This early in the morning? You know how rich people are.”

Matt nodded and shrugged. Matt guessed sleeping in was a desirable for the rich as well but he wouldn't know.

Jackson’s hand shot out when they approached the arch threshold to the main part of the store, forcing Matt to stop walking. Davy, the piece of shit, passed through with two sobbing women whom he had by the hair. Davy must’ve been grabbing too hard because they were arching back and gripping onto his hands. Davy was always unnecessarily violent towards women and Matt hated the man’s guts for it. Why Sebastian kept him around, he didn’t know, but in Matt’s eyes it was clear he was the weakest link in some way.

Davy was forcing them into the empty viewing room just as the other guy was being lead out with the machine gun pressed to his back was hustling into the same room, all to be tied up.

Jackson and Matt continued walking until they rounded a corner and reached the silvery steel vault. It was bulky and two times the size of a regular door, the color was a shiny black and if Matt had to guess, it was bomb proof. Three of the guys were surrounding it, looking normal and at ease while they waited for Matt.

Austin, Jackson’s identical twin, stood with his arms crossed next to Alex, a tall man with dark spiky hair and mean ass mug, leaned against the wall. Seriously, that guy was born with a scowl.

Then there was Frank. He was a brutish looking Russian who was surprising friendly—for a jewel thief. Designer suits really suited him. He was also Sebastian’s best friend—even though he would never admit it but they all saw it. The thing about Frank was the guy was gifted. Not in something lame like sports or hobbies or any of that shit.

Frank was born with this strange ass ability to erase and manipulate people’s memories. When Matt finally found his brother, Sebastian didn’t want to believe he had any other kin. So he asked Frank to do a sweep on him. Literally. He violated Matt’s mind and took away any memory about him that he had and dropped him off some street in New Orleans, leaving him with a huge gap in his memory that couldn’t fill for the life of him.

The only reason Matt knew he wasn’t going crazy was because the private investigator called Matt that following evening to see how it went. When Matt finally got the ball rolling with Sebastian and learned about Frank, he promised if he ever did that again, he’d beat his ass like he stole something. From him.

Frank chuckled and looked at Matt. No doubt he was listening in on Matt’s trip down memory lane.

Matt rolled his eyes then examined the vault. It was nothing too fancy; this safe had your typical dual combination lock and an electric key pad that called for a twelve digit combination. Good thing Matt always carried his combination finder which that he built himself. They’d be out of there with pockets full of diamonds in ten minutes tops.

“Doc?” Alex nodded at Matt. ‘E.T.A.?”

Matt dropped his duffel bag and pulled out his black leather gloves. “10 minutes. Ready your baggies, boys,” He slipped gloves on and began to work.

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K.  (maddywoo) | 44 comments Pamela wrote: "wow, I'm hooked! :)"

Man, you guys are the bee's knees! Thank you so much! I have to write the rest though. chapter's not finished, oooo

Lady D, will mos def pray for your safe return *super hugs!*

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Arch  | 4176 comments Mod
Wow Kristin, you truly did some writing. You write like an author. Are you thinking about getting someting published one day?

I'm not really a paranormal fan. I have to say that your story has my attention.

The heroine nick is Blue? Cute.

Waiting patiently for the next installment.

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K.  (maddywoo) | 44 comments Arch wrote: "Wow Kristin, you truly did some writing. You write like an author. Are you thinking about getting someting published one day?

I'm not really a paranormal fan. I have to say that your story has m..."

Hey, Arch! You really think so? I tried to make it as easy on the brain as I could but I'm so glad you liked it!

I thought about writing something then publishing it...and I'm still thinking about it lol

Your opinions mean a lot

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Arch  | 4176 comments Mod
Kristin "maddywoo" wrote: "Hey, Arch! You really think so? I tried to make it as easy on the brain as I could but I'm so glad you liked it!

I thought about writing something then publishing it...and I'm still thinking about it lol

Your opinions mean a lot"

Yes, Kristin, I think so. If you want to get something published. Follow your dream.

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 Danielle The Book Huntress *Pluto is a Planet!* (gatadelafuente) | 9758 comments Mod
Kristin, that was truly awesome! You are very talented. I love the atmosphere and the personality of the characters coming though. I get a real caper/crime drama vibe on the jewel store part.

I made it home uneventfully, so thanks, Ladies!

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K.  (maddywoo) | 44 comments Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "Kristin, that was truly awesome! You are very talented. I love the atmosphere and the personality of the characters coming though. I get a real caper/crime drama vibe on the jewel store part.

Thank you, Arch! I will, if I decided that is.

Lady D, I'm so happy to heard you made it back safe =) And I'm glad you liked what I had of my story, you are so kind! All of you are. I should have the rest soon

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Arch  | 4176 comments Mod
Take your time Kristin. No rush.

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K.  (maddywoo) | 44 comments Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "Kristin, that was truly awesome! You are very talented. I love the atmosphere and the personality of the characters coming though. I get a real caper/crime drama vibe on the jewel store part.

Continuation of chapter one. The Continuation below continues violence against women, sexually, and loads of profanity.


BLUE PULLED INTO an empty space near the end of the jewelry store property. As she cut the engine she examined the store. The building was a long upside rectangle of white painted brick and blue and gold stripped awning over the bulky double wooden arch doors. There were only two windows and those were the wide ones in the front with a creamy mocha velvet backdrop and displays of different pieces of jewelry.

Blue got out the car, bringing only her wallet and went straight for the display. The weather was so nice. The air was silent but the breeze was a cool whisper. It was your typical sunny California day. The store was located in Bel Air, a more residential part of Beverley Hills, so all the quiet and lack of traffic was normal. That was one thing she loved about California aside from the variety.

When Blue approached the window and absently placed her right hand on the glass window and she looked the jewelry over. Her focus was on the sunflower style necklace that was made completely of diamonds and platinum and a sea weed green emerald set of earrings caught her eye as well. Butterflies began to flutter in Blue’s stomach from all the excitement. She loved shopping for expensive jewelry. It was therapeutic for her.

Blue separated from the window to start her walk up the alley. The time was a few minutes past eleven thirty so the store should be opening up soon if not already. Blue kept her eyes on her feet: the alley was uneven and bumpy which was not a good combination for four inch pumps. She was seriously regretting not bringing her back up flats.

Blue rounded another corner and walked into a narrower alley where the back door was. She would’ve missed it if she hadn’t taken a glance up ahead of her from her footing. Blue frowned. She thought the owner or sales person or whoever she spoke with was supposed to have someone outside waiting for her.

Blue shrugged and didn’t think much of it. She did get to the store four minutes early because of the light morning traffic so they were probably still getting ready. Blue didn’t bother to knock; she put her hand on the knob and silently opened the door.

When Blue set foot through the door, she froze. As the new air came to give her small form a welcoming embrace, so the mood.

Fear. Honest to God fear that was so strong it nearly knocked Blue over. Blue quickly and silently scrambled to grab hold of the door just as it was about to click shut. She was afraid it was going to cause noise to bring attention to her arrival.

The store was in the process of being robbed.


OK. She had to keep calm. Blue didn’t do this often because she despised her ability but she had to put her personal feelings aside for the sake of the other people. She reached to the other bodies in the building. The fear made it damn near impossible to sift through because it was the strongest emotion in the area. Imagine suddenly being dunked in a pool of water and having to walk—not swim—in the water searching for a different element.

That’s what Blue’s mind was feeling like as she reached out.

The logical thing to do would be to just call the police. But Blue only had her wallet with her so that would mean she had to leave the building to go and get it. Only, she didn’t want to risk letting anybody know she was there.

It wasn’t such a hot idea to stay either but damn it, she had to do something.

She stood there frozen in spot for a long time; her left hand on the handle and her palms on the door which was cracked open. She breathed deep and released a shaky breath. The fear in the place was really starting to get to her. Another sucky thing about her defect was that if she was in the presence of the emotions for too long, it would start to take a more personal effect on her. Kind of like a shield breaking down.

Voices sounded off at the end of the hall. Blue panicked. She soundlessly shut the door and scooted across the shag carpet, again without a sound, to the nearest room with no emotional vibes.

A private viewing room. One that was prepared for her. Blue did a quick sweep over the collections and saw four that she just had to have without second thought.

That is if she got out of this.

She heard the soft thudding of footsteps come from direction the voices came. Blue rushed behind the table, bent down and shimmied in between two of the four chairs at the table and crawled under. The chairs in the room were ridiculously monarchical. They had velvet royal blue padding with real gold trim and were literally fit for a king so maybe the men wouldn’t see Blue under the table.

“Did you hear something?” A deeply masculine voice said. It was rough but as smooth and rich as Swiss chocolate. As the man spoke, something weird happened to Blue then. Moisture pooled to her feminine area at the sound. She also started to ache and throb then a spark so delicious shot up deep inside her pelvis, she rocked forward.

What the hell? That was definitely a first for Blue and a little disconcerting. Was this what it meant to truly be turned on? Or was this something different? Because surely she couldn’t be just from hearing the sound of a man’s voice. She heard men’s voices all day and it did absolutely nothing for her.

“So you heard it too?” A man with a deeply European accent said. His voice did nothing for her. “You don’t think someone came inside, do you?”

This was a moment when Blue should’ve been panicking some more but only found herself anticipating the sound of stranger danger’s voice again.

“I’ll check the main part of the shop; you quickly check the front parking lot. Make sure no one sees you, we’re already wasting too much time,” The man with the voice said. More moisture, more pleasure sparks. “We should’ve been gone two minutes ago.”

This wetness was evil, Blue thought. Her fiancé, Luke, was a very beautiful man who had most of his morals in order; all the women swooned over him. But here was Bluette, the woman who was marrying him never had that reaction for him but she was for a man she’s never seen and a thief no less!

She was downright appalled with her behavior and decided yes, the wetness was indeed evil. Her body was just one big traitor. She rubbed her thighs together in hopes that the friction would dry it out. But all it did was made her shudder and softly moan “Oh,”

A pair of a man’s legs entered the room. Blue froze. Her arousal was quickly replaced with the adrenaline of fear pumped through her. She didn’t breathe as the man slowly crept around the table and lowered his gun enough to let her know he was armed with a weapon that could turn her into a Swiss cheese. If her heart beat any faster, it would’ve exploded out of her chest.

Blue has never been this scared. Her joints shook and she sat there on all fours, completely vulnerable if the bastard found her but she couldn’t move. A tear slipped down her cheek and she squeezed her eyes shut. She felt waves of her terror roll off of her. When she got that scared, there was absolutely no control in what she held in and what she took in.

Blue allowed her eyes to open after a few deafening moments of silence. She looked to her left to see the man was frozen in spot. She didn’t move a muscle, just stared and waited for the man’s next move.

He took off at a dead run out the room.
After a few more moments, she let out a sharp breath of air as she tried to process what just happened. Was it possible that Blue scared the man off with her own terror? Could she really have that kind of power? She wanted to be optimistic about that possible fact because it would be fair given with the burden she forced on.

Who was she kidding? Nothing was fair. But she didn’t have time to give a mentally bitch and moan about that at the moment. She needed to get the fuck out the building before the son of a bitch came back.
Blue silently crawled backwards out from under the table and stood. She took off her heels in case she needed to bolt. Clutching her wallet and shoes with her left hand and her right free, she jogged out the threshold—

A strong hand grabbed her by the throat and slammed her onto a wall so hard, pain shot through her skull. She dropped her wallet and shoes to grip onto the hand which was nearly choking her to death. It seemed as every second passed the man gripped tighter and tighter.

Oh, shit, Blue was going to die. And the bastard was going to have no mercy about it. He was much taller than her with deceivingly handsome face and shoulder length brown hair. He was smiling and genuinely giddy with joy as he nearly squeezed the life out of her.

There was so much evil was in this man. She saw so many brutal acts he committed against men and woman as the deep skin on skin contact gave her an up close and personal look into his mind. He got off on fear of the weak so Blue would not cry or give the piece of shit the satisfaction of showing her fear. She had no reason to because in that moment she thanked God for her jewelry buying habit.

“What’s going on out there?” Blue heard someone yell out just before she balled up her right fist and clocked the fucker right in the nose, adding most pressure on her three carat canary diamond ring on her ring finger and the one and half carat amethyst ring. The bastard’s head rocked back like a punching bag and Blue took another jab when it shot back up.
He let go of her to bend over and grab onto his nose. “Fuck!” he yelled as Blue grabbed one of her pumps and swung the heel across the bastard’s temple as hard as she could. He screamed as he crashed to the ground, curling up in pain.

Fuck the heels. Blue swiped her wallet and began to bolt for the display room. Just as she passed through she heard the sound of a gun firing off and ricocheting off wood. Blue hopped on a display window box and rolled off onto the ground, crawling frantically the rest of the way to the double doors to the main parking lot.

Blue cursed those damn display windows and foggy arch windows on that wooden door. The secretive look was nice but damn it, it was stupid and dangerous when times like these came!

Almost there. Almost there. Almost—

Blue yelped as someone grabbed the back of her dress and picked her up in mid-air. Blue was so caught off guard and shocked that she froze in her all fours position as the guy carried her off.

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K.  (maddywoo) | 44 comments Kristin "maddywoo" wrote: "Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "Kristin, that was truly awesome! You are very talented. I love the atmosphere and the personality of the characters coming though. I get a real caper/crime d..."

When she got over her shock and decided to struggle she was back in the back hallway and dropped to the floor. The man quickly grabbed hold of her throat—gentler—and forced her to stand up back against the nearest wall. Blue was slouched a little as the man held her up with his right thigh.

She looked around to see a whole group of men surrounding them, all of them except the outstand-ishly skinny kid and the jackass whom Blue had to teach a lesson all had guns and were focusing intently on her. Blue’s gaze slid to the man who was holding her by the neck with surprisingly with tender care.

She had to crane her neck because he towered her by a whole foot and some inches. The man was menacing and yet beautiful at the same time. He had long chestnut hair that was pulled back into a low pony that draped over his shoulder like strands of fine silk and a medium skin complexion. His eyes were a deep woody brown that were big and held an innocence that just reeled her in. It clashed with his hard face and beard stubble. He was all muscle and power in his physique and he radiated as much too.

But the most feature that stuck out the most was the long scar that cruelly ran down his right eyebrow, making him lose hair there, skipped his eye but continued down the peak of his cheekbone to the edge of his jaw. The scar didn’t look like it stopped there either.

Blue, truly captivated, absently lifted her pointer finger up to the man’s face so she could trace the scar. Wondering how far it continued.

He smacked her hand back down to her sides. And it was no surprise that it hurt. The silence that followed was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Before Blue could thoroughly study the rest of the men, Chestnut spoke. “Do you have any idea what you got yourself into?” he calmly asked.

Ah, shit. Chestnut was the man with voice. She knew this not from the familiarity of his voice in her memory but her arousal started to do cartwheels again at the sound. Blue groaned in aggression and whispered “he’s a fucking thief.”

The bent his head and leaned his head in closer to her mouth. “Excuse me?” he asked. He didn’t say it in a threatening way; he really did want to hear her better. He even smelled like pure lovely man.

“Fucking snap that bitch’s neck, Seb!” The shithead who got his ass handed to him said.

Blue shot him look that could glare a mirror into hiding. “What, afraid short’s stuff gonna kick your bitch ass again? Or do you want to play head games you sadistic fuck?” Blue spat. Blue felt she didn’t have to put on a show for these lowlifes so she let the bottled up seething anger seep through a little bit. Just a little.

The standby men “ooh’ed” with impish grins, a couple of them laughed and clapped in entertainment. The bastard narrowed his eyes and glared at her, Blue didn’t even flinch, he was so pathetic.

“Don’t hurt her,” One of the beautiful set of twins said. “She’s probably worth more than these diamonds, man.”

“I highly doubt that.” Chestnut stranger quickly said.

Blue was instantly offended. “I beg your pardon?” she said with outrage as she shoved at the man’s chest. He didn’t even move. That annoyed Blue so she tried again, harder, with the same result. Just as she was going to try a third time, the man groaned and let go of her neck so he could pin both her hands to her chest. The grip was solid. His hands were rough like a man who believed in working with them and working hard. “I am worth more than any rock!” Blue continued, to keep herself from finishing that thought about the man’s hands.

It was probably a bad idea because one of the wonder twins said, “Yeah. I know. You’re Bluette Nordstrom. You’re head of the Save the Homeless organization, The Brians Shelter for Battered Women and Children, The Safe Haven for troubled teens and children and not to mention you’ve even been working with a big time development group for the past few months on a children's hospital. You’re one of those women who throw big parties twice a week to raise money for a good cause but that’s not the only reason why you’re so important.”

Bluette’s face fell into one of worry as the man spoke. The know it all obviously read the papers. She caught everyone’s wonder and amazement at her. The twin, however, was feeling proud that he was sharing information. She slowly lifted her gaze to the man that pinned her down. He was staring at her so intently that it nearly made her squirm. He was curious to the bone about her and she got the impression that she was memorizing every single feature on her face.

If she didn’t know any better she swore there was some admiration there as well.

“Your old man’s a big time banker in So Cal,” The twin continued. “More money than God. And nothing is more important—” He eyed her up and down like she was a steak. Jackass. “—than his little girl.” He finished with a slow building mischievous smile.
Blue knew where he was going with this before he said it out loud. He was going to suggest they kidnap her and hold her ransom. The other guys got the idea as well, their excitement told on them.

Fuck that.

Blue took the opportunity to knee the man where it counts—oh, she got a reaction that time—he didn’t let go but did ease down in pain. The guys were about to move in on her so she used her body with all her might to push the man’s large form to the direction of men. He tripped on his footing and lost his balance. He let go of her and fell to the ground; the men either skidded to a halt or tripped over him. Blue bolted in the opposite direction to the back door.

As soon as she burst outside, she ran west of the alley, not even bothering to go to her car because she lost her keys in the fray. They could have it as far as she was concerned. She didn’t have anything important in it.

She leaped over bumps and pounded feet over even land. Just as she was about to pass the corner of the third or fourth block, something hard came down the back of her neck. She fell flat on her stomach on the hard concrete ground. The air was knocked out of her lungs and pain shot through her as she felt her knee scrap.

A tight grip and forceful pull on her ponytail came next. She grabbed onto the hands as he or she coerced her to her feet. She twisted around to see it was a woman doing this. She couldn’t see her face but she knew from those mosquito bites you call breasts peaking through her black shirt. She also had on leather pants and a jacket to match.

Blue dig her nails into the bitch’s hand and dragged. The woman yelled out and pushed Blue onto an opposite wall. Blue took that time to notice that she was dressed differently from the men at the jewelry store. They were wearing clothes she’d seen in Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom and suits from Armani. But not this woman. Could she be a thief as well?

Blue tried to focus and dig deep into her mind. She saw determination to kill Blue as brutally as possible. Anger that Blue defended herself from the woman’s grip and seething hatred for a woman she’s never seen before. She had pale hair, blue eyes—

Something sharp stuck in the side of Blue’s neck. The woman was just about to stalk up to Blue froze in place. Blue snatched the dart out and chucked it to the ground. The world started to spin as Blue feebly tumbled to the ground. The woman looked in the direction where the dart came from in outrage and yelled “She’s mine!” just before two silent bullets impaled her chest and her throat. She collided with the ground and died instantly.

Things started to get blurry in Blue’s vision. Everything was spinning. She could hear her heartbeat pound thud in her ears and even her breathing. Blue wanted to get a look at the shooter but before she could, she blacked out.

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Yz the Whyz (whyz) | 54 comments Riveting story...Hope you'll continue writing. :)

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Thank you, Yz!! That means a lot =)

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Blue is tough.

This man voice must be very powerful. lol!

Keep writing.

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So good, Kristin!

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Still waiting patiently for the next installment.

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Kristin "maddywoo" wrote: "lol I'm working on it, I'll have it before the week is out :)"


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I'm eager to read more, too.

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K.  (maddywoo) | 44 comments Hey, I know this is looong over due. But I had some serious school and intense personal drama that I just could not write with on my brain. With most smoke cleared, I think it's all good =) Here's chapter 2.

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K.  (maddywoo) | 44 comments Kristin "maddywoo" wrote: "Hey, I know this is looong over due. But I had some serious school and intense personal drama that I just could not write with on my brain. With most smoke cleared, I think it's all good =) Here's ..."

Chapter 2
SEBASTIAN LAUNDER WAS a man who usually thought every obstacle through for his heists. He was prepared when a hostage decided to break free and make a run for it. This was why he had Davy and Marlowe to always guard. While Davy was a sick fuck with a fetish for hurt, he’d had extensive skill in combat and self defense and Marlowe, the man with dark chocolate skin and even darker eyes was a Brazilian jiu-jitsu master.
He was prepared for an un-decodable safe. He noticed early on that if the safe wasn’t bomb proof, it needed to be cracked the good ole traditional way and that was fine with him. Matthew may be the computer and tech geek, but Sebastian’s been cracking safes since he was sixteen and no matter what: those kinds of safes will never go out of style.
He was even prepared if the cops decided to spontaneously show up at the scene of the heist. That was where Frank always came in handy. His mysteriously wonderful gift allowed Sebastian and his crew to barely dress up for the heists at all. They could just play along with the hostages while Frank wiped their memories clean. Blend in. It was the only way how Sebastian was able to rob jewelry stores and museums for fifteen years since befriending Frank.
He may have thought himself to be prepared for all of those things but somehow he was never prepared for her.
Sebastian was furious. This woman was nothing but a wrinkle in his bed plan. This woman with the most luxurious locks of curly strawberry blonde he’d ever seen was a liability to slow him down in his line of work. This woman with skin that looked like liquid Swiss white chocolate would put him back on the authority’s radar. This woman with lips as full and sensual as a fresh peach in the peak of its season would just be the thing to get him caught…
He must get rid of the woman with the eyes so deep a blue they almost seemed violet; the woman with curves that could run you through valleys and possessed full, alabaster breasts that would spill over in a man’s firm palm. Her femininity radiated sassy boldness and anger she’s been holding in. Sebastian wouldn’t mind she took it out on him with scratches on his back.
Yes, Sebastian was beyond furious because he had already begun to have sexual feelings for the woman. Bluette.
He believed that women were an inconvenience. With their subjectivity and lack for logical thinking, they had no part in Sebastian’s plans. Or life. Acquiring some of the world’s finest diamonds was his love. They were his great love. They’re worth more than you can dream, they don’t talk or think, they just are and what they are is exquisite.
As Sebastian leaned back in the passenger seat with an ice pack over his groin, from her sudden attack, he turned his head to the left to sneak another look at the girl. She was passed out cold from the sedative dart Frank shot at her. It was a good thing Sebastian sent him to search for intruders outside the store or else she would have gotten away.
According to Frank—who was driving at the moment—right before he shot her with the dart she was in a standoff with a unidentified woman.
“We’re doing her a favor,” Frank said out of the blue. He must have read Sebastian’s memory of Frank. “That woman looked seriously hell bent on killing the girl.”
“What did you see?” Sebastian asked. Frank knew exactly what he was talking about.
“I didn’t get a look inside her head but it was clear she wanted Blue dead.”
I wonder why? Sebastian asked in thought. He shouldn’t have but he couldn’t help himself. It was only logical for anyone to ask that question in a situation they’re not familiar with.
From what he understood, the woman was an aristocratic Mother Teresa. With all that good work she’s done, why would anyone want her dead? Was she guilty of things that no one knew about? Could these little programs she invested her time be a scam or cover up or something worse?
Sebastian highly doubted that. As she slept—well was knocked out—she looked like something out of a peaceful dream. With the mid-day sun beaming down over her from the rear window, an angelic innocence shone over her delicately crafted features. She looked like someone who was totally incapable of diving into corruption or dirty deeds. But Sebastian knew better than anyone that looks are very deceiving.
“This is a disaster,” Sebastian muttered as he turned his head back to the road. Annoyed with himself. “We were so close to being caught and now, we’re just pushing our luck.”
“We didn’t know they were expecting anyone.” Frank said. “We won’t make that mistake again.”
“Yeah, if we last that long.” Sebastian quickly spat. His irritation for the whole situation was finally reaching the surface. “Why didn’t you just wipe her memories?”
“I couldn’t get into her mind.” Frank admitted.
Frank opened his mouth then closed. Opened then closed again. He was having trouble, emotionally, with what his next confession was. Sebastian could tell by how his eyes squinted in annoyance.
“Her mind…” Frank tailed off. “Its…like thick cloud that I could not break through, do I make sense?”
Sebastian was half turned in his direction eyeing him with a curious worry. “I think I can follow.”
“I think she might can do what I can do, you know, read— wipe memories.” Frank may have been in the States for a little over sixteen years but getting him to speak smooth English was still like trying to get oil and water to mix.
Sebastian kept his cool at the possible revelation. “What are the chances of us running into someone else who can do what you do?” Sebastian asked, Frank quickly looked at him in confusion then turned back to the road. Sebastian held up his hand and made a pinching hand gesture. “Silm.”
“They may be slim but they are there.”
After a couple minutes of deafening silence that could make your ears pop, Frank spoke again, “Have you given any thought as to what you want to do with her?” He asked in a careful voice. “Jackson suggested a ransom, I heard.”
“You know how I feel about ransoms.” Sebastian added in a hard tone of voice. Sebastian considered himself to be a professional at what he did and holding people ransom was most definitely something an amateur would do, in his opinion. “She’s a liability. No matter what she can do, No matter how rich her father is.”
“Or her fiancé,” Frank added. He was saying it as if he concurred with Sebastian, that the wealth of either men was moot but his tone was full of hinting suggestion.
That only bugged the shit out of Sebastian.
“Enough,” Sebastian ordered. “The only reason we are keeping her is to make sure she doesn’t talk, and that is the only reason.”
Frank puckered his lips and nodded in surrender. “And just how long were we planning on keeping her around?”
Sebastian hadn’t thought that far yet. The woman wouldn’t even have to do anything to cause his world a heap of trouble. Just laying there in that back seat all tied up but out of it like a sleeping beauty made him want to reach back there and stroke her hair.
This was why he hasn’t looked back at her since. He couldn’t figure out for nothing why he was suddenly feeling this way for some…girl but it had to end. Letting her go free was not an opinion though. There was only one way to ensure that she’ll keep her mouth shut.
“I’ll take care of her when the time comes.” Sebastian said darkly. Frank merely nodded and didn’t say another word.

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Beautiful, Kristin!

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CaliGirlRae (rae_l) | 276 comments Ooh this is a great story, Kristin! I love your blurb and I'm itching to see what abilities she has (I'm not sure if it's already revealed as I read the beginning of the chapter but will definitely keep reading the rest!) Great dialogue, too!

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Tapping my foot like Sonic.

I want to read more. :)

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