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Laurell K Hamilton's Flirt

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message 1: by Terry (new)

Terry Kate (ritbs_terrykate) | 1 comments Mod
I feel robbed anyone else?
This story need to be in a two story paperback anthology - not stealing $18 from my wallet. And where the hell is JeanClaude? This is book 3 without him.

message 2: by Ivy (new)

Ivy S (IvyBookReaderTimes) | 1 comments I have not read this book yet. But I have read about it in other boards and many people feel the same way you do. I did see a tweet from Laurell last week to a fan were she informed her that there will be more of Jean Claude in "Bullet".

On Twitter February 21st, 2010

Reader: "Got Flirt in my hands last night. Didn't leave hands till it was done.... I still love Anita but now have serious JC withdrawal" (5:57 PM Feb 21st)

Laurell: "You'll get plenty of cure for your Jean-Claude withdrawal in June with Bullet." (6:59 PM Feb 21st)

message 3: by Jolie (new)

Jolie Mason | 1 comments Flirt was one of my favorites, probably because I didn't miss the vampires at all. Jean Claude annoys me, and the werewolf ex is a pain. They add to the story by being there, but neither is what rings my bell about Anita Blake's story.

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