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message 1: by Madeline (last edited Feb 23, 2010 08:58AM) (new)

Madeline (madelinemoghimi) 5 stars
Avatar was a great movie about another world and how the humans are rob it of its presious mineral basicaly
i would recomend it to anyone willing to sit in a movie theater for 162 minutes because it does get kind of long but it does keep your atention

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I loved Avatar! 5 stars! Ya I agree, it is kind of long, but still amazing! :)

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah It was amazing, there is no other way to describe it.

message 4: by Summer (new)

Summer | 7 comments I liked it except for the dialouge. Not so excelent towards the beginning and the end was a little cheesy but otherwise it was absolutely amazing! I love looking at it! I love their eyes actually, very inthralling. 4 1/2 stars.

message 5: by Madeline (new)

Madeline (madelinemoghimi) okay others can make a reveiw also in the same thread if they want to say something about a movie

message 6: by Ariane (new)

Ariane (seeker15) | 32 comments i personally was not a big fan of the movie. i thought it was way too long (a lot could have been cut) and i thought it got kind of repetitive. however, it's not really my kind of movie in the first place . . .

message 7: by Madeline (new)

Madeline (madelinemoghimi) oh well it was really good

message 8: by Madeline (new)

Madeline (madelinemoghimi) you should it is AWESOME

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