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The Baby Unicorn
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. unicorns living in houses? [s]

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Julie (onetrooluff) | 42 comments I just read two books out of the Unicorns of Balinor series, and suddenly this image flooded into my head that I THINK is from a book I read many, many years ago...

Here's what's coming to mind:
Two unicorns, both of the cream-colored fluffy-maned variety (not the kind with more goat-like attributes like what Michael Hague draws); it's a mare and her baby, or more accurately a mare and her uh, teenaged kid?; both have flowers woven into their manes; they are standing next to a house with white walls and a yellow thatch roof, which they apparently live in. Yes, for some reason, the unicorns live in the house.

Ok, I think I'm remembering something else... I think the unicorn TURNS INTO the house, for protection of the baby unicorn? Protection of a friend of theirs? When it turns into the house the flowers in the mane are also in the thatched roof.

I have done some unicorn-related searching on GoodReads but haven't turned up anything that looks familiar. Please help!! :<

Julie (onetrooluff) | 42 comments *ahem* I just answered my own question! After I remembered the turning-into-the-house part, I Googled "unicorns turning into houses" and thankfully someone had asked/answered it on Yahoo Answers! Thank you Internets!!

It is: The Baby Unicorn by Jean Marzollo, illustrated by Claude Marzollo.

Man, that would have driven me absolutely batty.

M— | 378 comments Oooo, I remember that book! I hadn't thought of it in years.

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