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message 1: by Emma (last edited Feb 22, 2010 01:15PM) (new)

Emma (emmascout) Note: This is something where you pick like ... anime looking character pictures instead of real-life. The best place for me to look at anime is www.photobucket.com , so you can look there! :)

Element: (two elements if you want, but they should probably be opposites, like fire/water, like that)
Power(s): (limit is three)
Weapon: (if you want one)

message 2: by Emma (last edited Mar 25, 2010 01:01PM) (new)

Emma (emmascout) Name: Oralie
Gender: Female
Age: 18
The Killing Anime Girl Pictures, Images and Photos
Black hair anime girl Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality: Sarcastic, quiet, serious, intelligent
Element: Light/Darkness
Power(s): Teleknesis which is moving objects and creating barriers around them Teleportation
Weapon: A seath, like in the first picture of her.
Crush: Open
Other: If she gets too mad, and can't control her emotions, they can like ... overpower her slightly. Like she can't control herself, her eyes turn red, so it's not like you don't know when it happens.

The names Su..(: i'm looking for pictures...hang on, sorry!

message 4: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) :)

The names Su..(: do you have any suggestions? i can't decide on what i want my character's hair color or weapon or......

message 6: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Well, do you know what type of element you want her to be? Because if it's like fire, red or brown hair would look good, or if it's water, blonde hair, would book okay. And a cool weapon could be bow and arrow, or like a ... ninja-y sword.

The names Su..(: okay, good ideas! i should have a character soon.

message 8: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Okay!

message 9: by The names Su..(: (last edited Feb 22, 2010 02:11PM) (new)

The names Su..(: Name: Tuesday
Gender: female
Age: 18
[image error]

Personality: shy, in-the-dark, quiet, often crying, paranoid, no self confidence, depressed
Element: water
Powers: can control water, but doesn't know it yet
Weapon: if she needs to hurt anyone, she uses her bare hands
Crush: open
Other: She has her own secret cave that she'll swim to whenever she's sad, and she feels completely untouchable in it. Also, leader of the swim team.

message 10: by Emma (last edited Mar 25, 2010 01:00PM) (new)

Emma (emmascout) Name: Daichi and Yoshi Tsubasa
Gender: Daichi: Male Yoshi: Female
Age(Daichi): 19
Age(Yoshi): 15

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anime pirate girl red hair eyes trapped Pictures, Images and Photos

Personality(Daichi): Cocky, sometimes rude, sweet, caring, protective of people he cares about others
Personality(Yoshi): Silly, sarcastic,
Element: Yoshi's element is plants or earth or whatever. Daichi doesn't have a element
Power(s): Daichi is a shapeshifter and can read people's thought, except for his siter's.
Weapon: Daichi has a sword, Yoshi has a bow and arrow
Crush(Daichi): Tuesday
Crush(Yoshi): Open
Other: Both of them know Oralie from some point in their lives. Yoshi is really good friends with her. Yoshi is always barefoot.

message 11: by The names Su..(: (new)

The names Su..(: so coolio!!!

message 12: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) :) thankss

message 13: by The names Su..(: (new)

The names Su..(: could tuesday maybe like daichi??

message 14: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Suuure :)

message 15: by The names Su..(: (new)

The names Su..(: yay! thanks.

message 16: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Woah ... HI! :)

message 17: by The names Su..(: (new)

The names Su..(: Hiya!

message 18: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) :)

message 19: by Ara (new)

Ara Canacan | 4 comments can i know the story? give me ythe ling? how about the movie? message me on fb Ara CAnacan Adtud

message 20: by Ara (new)

Ara Canacan | 4 comments i want nto know the story... im interested :)

message 21: by Ara (new)

Ara Canacan | 4 comments i want to know the sory....

message 22: by Ara (new)

Ara Canacan | 4 comments emme iwant to know the story

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