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Leonardo Solaire felt his eyes getting droopy, all he wanted was to go back in time. He just wanted to have his past come back. He didn't want the pain, that had been unbearable. It might have been why he was much younger than most of the teachers there and why his child was not that much younger than he was. For a moment the man sighed leaning back on his chair outside of his classroom. He picked up his muggle telescope and his wand, he had done a bit of tinkering. Later that night he had already decided that he would look at the stars on the astronomy tower.

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The young teacher took a step back as he saw one of his own students. He gave a small smile and he took out to see the stars forming on the ceiling. It was a nifty trick but he had always preferred the outdoors over this. "Hello Hugo." He offered not quite sure of what to say.

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"No you are not disturbing me at all. I quite like the company."

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L (audinosbiitch) ((I don't know...R U still on? Either of you?))

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L (audinosbiitch) ((YAY!!!))

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Laura (oh oops ok)

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