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the good, the bad, and the really dangerous

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Krissy~Shea Ok so I was reading through the tons of comments posted on about this book and it actually got me thinking. I both agree and disagree with everyone that has read this and left a comment.
Yes i will agree that some of the characters it didn't really go in depth with. A few comments here and there on what the narrator thought of them and not much else except for two or three. that was a bit of a downer because for me i wanted to know why, for example, was Riley and a few others sent there inthe first place. It only told you the background story on the main people it really focused, which was okay but I was hoping to learn a bit more.
The plot I thought was completely and totally awesome. I mean, who would think of making a school like that? I've never read a book like this one so there could be better but I don't think there will be. seriously a GUY wrote this and there was only girls except for Harrison and his father. That has to take skill to write a book where the narrator is a girl and your a guy. He did pretty darn good on getting the facts right. Most teenage girls do worry about appearance and boyfriends(not all but most), so I have to give Schrefer props on that one. I write stories all the time that I hope to become books and I have slight problems writing when I'm focusing on the guy that's talking.
And whoever said the plot was leading to nowhere or wasn't that great....that I'm a little iffy on. Yes it was a good book but there were parts that had me confused. For instance, Calista. Why was she there in the first place? In all honesty she seemed like a "gold thread" but was put in "purple thread" to be a spy for Mrs. Vienna and had to act tough to blend in. She just didn't make sense to me in the beginning when she was introduced. And the way they were put in a giant gym left to fend for themselves against eachother and the teachers as well didn't seem right either. I mean, Angela's cousin, Pilar, had died because she was allergic to something in the bread. Was it purposely done or an accident? I think it was purpose because that adds up with the facts. I mean, what kind of school, good or bad, would give them food at least one of them was allergic to and do nothing to come save them and just let them die? That was the main thing I didn't like about the book. Yes it gave it suspense but it didn't add up at all. No school would just let that happen. Now if it had said that on of the fellow girls knew about Pilar's allergy and put it in the food when it got there and when she started seizing up someone came to help but failed, I think it would've made more since because it looked like all of them were after blood or death of another inmate. I think he should've put that in the in somewhere, like saying Calista had put them in the food since she was willing to burn Angela in a building willingly.
Anywho, I'd like to hear from other readers of this book personally what they thought and if they agree what I had saw from the book and possibly start a really good discussion about it. Feel free to mail me anything you thought of it that you wouldn't want to talk about in a group. Thank-you.

Maari Yes. I agree with you on most of it. I agree that for some of the characters the author did not really go into depth on (i.e. Riley, Calista, etc.) but you have to hand it to him he did come up with an excellent way of expressing how they deteriorated through the book. Like the way Riley used to be a popular bully, but she slowly went crazy and feral. Even Carmen became a little more 'dangerous' by the way at the end she was able to take more risks. However, as you said it would have been nice to actually learn how some of the other characters got there because some of them probably were like Angela and were punished wrongly. I was impressed that the author was actually a GUY! so that was cool how he envisioned these type of characters. Over all i found this story highly entertaining and compelling. Especially how Angela turned out. Hope that helped :)

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