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message 1: by Talin (new)

Talin | 1 comments name books that you only rate as 5 stars, i want to add good books to my shelf to read

message 4: by Werner (last edited Feb 22, 2010 03:12PM) (new)

Werner | 1885 comments I have several books on my "supernatural" shelf that I've given a five star rating to; but the one I'll mention here is Ghost Story by Peter Straub.

message 5: by Chris (new)

Chris (flahorrorwriter) | 97 comments Succubi, by Edward Lee. Yes, that's right. ;)

message 6: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) I don't hand out 5 very often. The only ones in my Supernatural shelf are:
Salem's Lot by Stephen King (vamps)
The Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice (3rd of the Vampire Chronicles)
The Witching Hour also by Anne Rice

message 7: by Simon (new)

Simon (friedegg) | 30 comments Oops...I just realised that "Teatro Grottesco" isn't on your bookshelf but My Work Is Not Yet Done: Three Tales of Corporate Horror is so I'll make that my recommendation.

message 8: by David (new)

David Burton (davidhburton) I second Salem's Lot - superb, like quite a few of his earlier novels. Pet Sematary and The Stand as well. IT was phenomenal. Does Blindness by Saramago count? That was utter brilliance.

message 9: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) David,
Yes, early King is incomparable. Too bad he's one of the worst authors now.
Did you ever read The Talisman? That should have 5 star rating from me. I'll have to go and check why it's not, maybe I don't even have it on my shelves. Pet Sematary and The Stand too. I probably have them listed in something other than Supernatural. Although, Pet Sematary should be listed as Supernatural.

message 10: by Jackie (last edited Mar 20, 2010 11:06AM) (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) OK. Checked my shelves. I have The Stand listed as Horror and Post-apocalyptic.
Misery is listed as Horror. That was a 5 star ride of crazy.
Pet Sematery also listed as Horror, I'm remedying that right now, same with The Stand.
The Dead Zone, The Shining, Thinner were listed as Horror, but have a Supernatural element, so that's been changed too. They were given 5 stars. All early King, back when King was King of the Macabre.

message 11: by David (new)

David Burton (davidhburton) And then he wrote Tommyknockers...ugh. And in that book you could tell there was (snort, snort) something horribly wrong. It was kind of downhill after that. That said, The Dark Half was quite good and I think that came out after Tommyknockers. I stopped reading after that.

I've heard that The Green Mile was pretty good though.

message 12: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) I'm in agreement there. Green Mile was good but different than his other books.

message 13: by Amy (new)

Amy Lignor (httpwwwgoodreadscomalignor) | 6 comments From the very first page, I was hooked. The plot keeps you begging for more
5 out 5 Stars!

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