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message 1: by Mr. Addas (new)

Mr. Addas Ray | 22 comments Mod
Sorry I was late, but let's open the discussions for Black Boy

message 2: by Miss Smith (new)

Miss Smith (alsmith) | 7 comments I think there are a lot of different themes to discuss, but the one I keep finding interesting (maybe because I'm a teacher) is the adults' approaches to Richard's questioning of things. For all of the hardships his family had and his life on the streets, he had this thirst for knowledge and all the adults in his life just seemed to want to squash it. They didn't like him questioning the authorities in his life: his father, his God, his teacher, the existing social structure. Maybe the question then is how did he come about to question all of these things, and not just accept things as they were told to him and did what everyone else wanted?

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