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Hi, Suzana. Nice to meet another fan of Muriel Spark. I know there are more of us out there. How did you come upon Muriel Spark? I find that not many of my friends in the US know of her.

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Jessica (jesstrea) | 54 comments I came across Spark late in life...I read a short story of hers in anthology of women writers and thought: why have I never read her? When I read The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie I was blown away. What a terrific novel: biting and brilliant. I've since read several others of her novels, am less impressed with the latest ones, but the early ones are so varied and lively and brilliant. What I love about Spark's fiction is that it is so wholly unclassifiable. She is such an original, a thoroughly modern writer who's not afraid to take risks in style and subject.

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Kathleen | 14 comments I totally agree, Jessica. I felt the same when I first came across Spark, with The PofMJB, also late in life.
What was the short story? Do you remember?

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