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Naked at the Water Well

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message 1: by Rosana (new)

Rosana I have already posted this somewhere else on Goodreads without much luck. I am posting again here because this is quite important to me, so i hope you may e able to help me. Anyway:

I need some help finding the source of a story. I have asked around but I don’t know where this story/image comes from: there is a siege, and the people inside this walled village are dying of thirst, as the water well is outside its walls. A woman then disrobes and goes to fetch the water in front of the watching eyes of the invading army. She disrobes because the army would not kill a woman, but the only way to show she was a woman was to expose herself as such.

I have asked people with a lot of knowledge of the bible, and they tell me they don’t think it comes from there. I tried to search the apocrypha online, but was not lucky either. I am starting to think that it may be a short-story (Borges maybe?)


message 2: by Candy (new)

Candy | 338 comments What an incredible image, Capitu. And it's wonderful to see you here! Howdy!

I'm sorry I can't place this image for you.

message 3: by Dana (new)

Dana | 2 comments Capitu,
There is a group called What's the Name of that Book here on Goodreads... You might try posting there?


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