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Kat or Starbuck

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message 1: by Tim (new)

Tim | 1 comments I've been looking around and oddly enough Kat has a rather large following, so I was just wonder who's better? Kat or Starbuck?

Here's how I score them

Looks go to Kat: Starbuck while blonde (my weaknes) her hair is wayyyy too short for my taste, also her lips are somewhat off to me. Kat's the whole package IMO

Piloting skills are Starbuck: I just think her accomplishments are so much better than Kat who really just beat Scar.

Who's your favorite out of these two rivals?

message 2: by Tsuki (new)

Tsuki | 1 comments I know I'm posting this waaaaaay late, but seeing as I just found this group and I am a big BSG fan I thought I might just post. I love Kara Thrace so much, she is definitely a bad ass of mass proportion, and Katee Sackhoff managed to pull off the character well. Granted the short hair does not suit Katee well, I can definitely look over that.

message 3: by Esther (new)

Esther (eshchory) For me it's Kara Thrace all the way, even looks-wise. There is something about that mad twinkle in her eye that makes me smile even when I am worrying if with her next move she is going to get herself killed.

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