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Teri G 1. Little Face, Sophie Hannah

Intriguing story, started out interesting, but the solution required too much suspension of disbelief. The story line around David's insanity could have been interesting, but it wasn't developed at all. The characters were also flat. Disappointing.

2. Ask the Fruitcake Lady: Everything You Would Already Know If You Had Any Sense, Marie Rudisill

What can I say? You've gotta love the Fruitcake Lady, the wisest foulmouthed little old lady there is. Might have to buy a copy for the guest bathroom, haha.

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Teri G 3. The Pyramid: And Four Other Kurt Wallander Mysteries, Henning Mankell

Mankell has a spare writing style - unless that's a side effect of translating the text from Swedish. Even so, Wallendar is an engaging, likeable character with very human faults. I enjoyed this and will read other Mankell novels in the future.

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Teri G 4. Secrets of Eden: A Novel, Chris Bohjalian

The story is told from the points of view of several of the characters. However it starts out quite slowly, plodding along at parts while Bohjalian paints a picture of the scene and the mood. (This time we could have used less painting, and more storytelling, please!) I figured out the solution about halfway through, but it was still fun getting there.

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Teri G 5. Without a Map, Meredith Hall

Beautiful prose, haunting memoir. It's easy to feel her anguish and rewarding to follow her journey.

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Teri G 6. The Wednesday Sisters, Meg Waite Clayton

I kept waiting for this book to take off - but it never did. I didn't feel as though I knew the characters well, or really even cared about them. There were marginal references to current events that the reader is meant to believe are very important to the women - but instead they seemed like fads or whims. "Oh, and since we're all free on Tuesday, let's go to the women's rights march!" And we had the obligatory friend-struggling-with-cancer-diagnosis and the one-with-the-unfaithful-spouse (these are not spoilers, you had to know it was coming). Nothing was really well developed, all just surface - yet even with just these high-level details, and the storyline moved in fits and starts, the thin plot somehow still managed to just plod along. The author liked to end chapters with a mini-cliffhanger of sorts, and the next chapter would jump into the middle of some action - I rarely knew if a day had passed, or a week, or years.

I only finished this book because my sister had recommended it - or so I thought. Turned out, she hadn't even read it!

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