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message 1: by Morgen, woof. (new)

Morgen | 75 comments Mod
would you rather be cass or max-ernest?

message 2: by Clark (new)

Clark max-cass a mix of both I like both!

message 3: by Morgen, woof. (last edited Feb 21, 2010 10:23AM) (new)

Morgen | 75 comments Mod
mee 2!!!
((u can ask wyr questions too... :P))

wyr have to fight dr.L or miss mauvais?

message 4: by Clark (new)

Clark ms.mausvais totaly!

message 5: by Morgen, woof. (new)

Morgen | 75 comments Mod
yeah. mee 2. id feel bad about fighting dr. L.

wyr drink monkey blood or eat the tablecloth of flower petals?

message 6: by Clark (new)

Clark flowers all the way dude!

message 7: by Morgen, woof. (new)

Morgen | 75 comments Mod
yesss totally

wyr be part of the midnight sun and live forever or be part of the terces society??

message 8: by Clark (new)

Clark um midnight sun duh

message 9: by Morgen, woof. (new)

Morgen | 75 comments Mod
i think i would be part of the terces society because eventhough with the midnight sun you would live forever, it would be horrible to see your best friends die and to miss them for the rest of forever. also, you would have to get along with the other members because you are stuck with them.

i cant think of any more. your turn :)

message 10: by Bridget (new)

Bridget (americanxgirlxluvrx386) | 3 comments 1. I can't chose between max and cass, so both!
2. Muavais
3. Table cloth of petals
4. Terces society

message 11: by Grace (new)

Grace | 1 comments Max Ernest is so cute and smart and funny!

message 12: by Daisy009 (new)

Daisy009 | 2 comments I don't know, I think that it would be cool to be your own character in the book and be a part of it, that would be fun. It would be just like getting a part in a movie. They should make this book into a movie.

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