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Tangy Yogurt Spread

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Lisa Akoury-Ross Tangy Yogurt Spread (Lebni)

Called “lebni” in Arabic, this low-fat, healthy appetizer is a great substitute for your morning breakfast spread. Instead of using butter, margarine, or cream cheese on your toasted pita, toast, or bagel, use this delicious yogurt spread for a nice change.

You'll need:

1 32 oz container low-fat plain yogurt (avoid using non-fat)
2–3 tsp sea salt (or to taste)
3–4 tbsp olive oil

Place a small colander on top of a bowl that can hold about 1 cup of liquid. Line the colander with two or three bowl shaped paper coffee filters, overlapping them so that all of the holes at the bottom are covered. Empty entire contents of yogurt into colander and cover loosely with a cheese cloth or a clean dish towel. Let sit on counter for 24 hours until all the water has evaporated and the yogurt has a pleasant, tangy taste.*

Serve yogurt on a flat dish, spread flat in a thick layer. Drizzle olive oil and sea salt on top. Decorate by alternating cucumber wheels and pitted calamata olives on the outside of the dish. Serve with pita chips.

* It’s perfectly safe to leave the yogurt out without refrigeration for 1–2 days. This is how sour cream and cheeses are made. If you are not comfortable with it, then put it in the refrigerator while the water is being removed. The tangy flavor will be dulled, though! Try leaving it out for 2 days and discover the differences in flavors!

Jayne I'm definitely going to try this recipe to use for my breakfast spread. I prefer savory to sweet in the morning and this sounds like the perfect way to top my English muffins!

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