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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > romance/ american heiress spys for ameria durring was of 1812 [s]

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Suzanne | 13 comments story takes place around 1812 a young heiress is asked by her fiancee to go to england and visit with her mothers family as a poor relation and to spy for america
in england her grandmother hold the pursestrings in the family and makes everyone misserable never letting her forget that her father was just a school teacher and she should feel indebted to the family for taking her in. she starts to like her uncle and aunt and her cousin
engand thinks its funny that she came to england durring a war and puts a spy on her like an earl or something they fall in love (after all this is a romance) and then her fiancee from america comes over and blows everything out of the water as she never actually stole any info from her uncle they cant prove anything
at the end of the story she tells her gandma off and says her fater did verywell and she help get her uncle out from his moms thumb and she puts up a dowery for her cousin so she can marry who she wants

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6990 comments Mod
um, ok, I definately want to read this book when its found. :o) I'll have to keep an eye on your thread Suzanne.

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Suzanne | 13 comments Betrayed by Judith McWilliams

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