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Ever get nervous in front of your crush? here you guys can write tips on how to get rid of those nerves.

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Cailin (Gabriella17190) | 8 comments just act normal! pretend he is just a friend!

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The only way to over come your nervousness is from within. Before blabbering, think about what you want to say. Take your time but don't take too long. Find a comfortable moment to say. Remember take your time, say what you have to say, don't scream.

Practice in the mirror. You'll want to make sure you know what you're going to say.

Approach your crush when he or she is alone, in a casual situation.

Introduce yourself and tell them a little about yourself. The important thing is to start a conversation.

Ask your crush about himself or herself. Try some simple questions: "What teachers do you have?" "Where do you like to hang out?" (watch these first 2 since you might be known as a stalker) "What music do you listen to?" But, don't make it an interrogation. Just talk to them like you would talk to anyone else.

The key is to talk in stories. Like if he or she has the same teacher as you then talk about the teacher. Tell him or her about the funny thing that your teacher said. Anything but question after question. You want to talk about the answers and if theres nothing else to talk about transition into another question.

Always give your crush eye contact and don't look anywhere else so that you'll be less nervous

Never talk about their personal life or their previous girlfriends or boyfriends until you are going out, you might give them the wrong impression.

These are kinda cheesy, but hey, they work, so whatever I guess. Hope some of these tips help you settle nerves in front of your crush!

And then the moon flew up....... (Bellari) | 15 comments Be natural. Your body knows exactly how to react in front of your crush. Dont intervene with the natural. It is the most greatest of things you would remember.

But before all that, you have to do one thing that is the most difficult. Character analysis. This can be very difficult because your mind will see only the positive compatabilities of him/her as he/she has already smitten you with it.

Have you ever played chess. It is the most healthiest of the mind games that would teach you on how to engage an opponent (here it is your crush).

Strike him/her with your natural, in the midst of the crowd when he/she is in the crowd and if he or she is the central attraction of the crowd, the more better. It shows your boldness. It shows you are not shy. It is better to make him/her come after you than you taking painstaking steps to attain him/her. After that if he ever approaches you, treat him/her as you treat your general friends. Do not show that you are head over heals for him/her.

Start just with a "HI." And believe me it is the first registration of your presence in his/her consciousness though they will not know it yet.

Initial attractions always goes for the looks, I admit. But, if you have keep him/her engaging you have create what is called the Presence. Dont take it lightly, as this presence is the most likely factor that engages your crush for as long as you want.

And to specifically note is the fact that maintain your natural instinct all the time. It has never failed and it will never as we are people who are the sole survivers among the millions of sperms that competed with us.

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