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Start! /Restart!

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*walks in a little shy* umm... can anyone tell me where the office is?

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Riley(: (rileylea) Logan stepped into Washington Middle School, and looked at his schedule once more time, then head off to Homeroom.

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*trips and her books spill everywhere* "ugh just my luck"* picks up her books blushing and embaressed*

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Riley(: (rileylea) Logan looked behind him to see a girl looking like she was about to cry. He walked over to her. "Are you okay?" he asked politely.

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Jordan stood up to see who was talking to her"Oh,I'm fine" she replied "Thanks for asking though"she said blushing a little

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Riley(: (rileylea) Logan smiled sweetly. "No problem. What's your name?"

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"Jordan" she said and smiled

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Riley(: (rileylea) "That's a pretty name. I'm Logan." He picked up her books from the ground for her.

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Jordan blushed a little and took her books from Logan"Thanks,your name is pretty cool too."

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Riley(: (rileylea) Logan laughed. "Well, I guess I'll see you around."

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"Yeah,guess so,bye"

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(Mexie is a strange name lol idk I kinda like it in a weird way!!!! Oh well XP)

Mexie snaps a quick picture of the girl and boy in the hall getting to know each other. She smiles at how cute of a couple the two pretty much are. If she was more outgoing she would go over and try to make friends with them but instead she slips into her next class hoping to be invisible.

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Madison bumps into Logan. "Heya, I'm Madi"

Jason eyes Jordan.

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;;BaileyGray♥ Brookelle walked into school, and went to her locker

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Mexie sits bored. Shes the first one to class. She debates whether or not to go back into the hall and look for something to do so that she doesn't look COMPLETELY lame.

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