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Dapplenose | 71 comments Mod
In order to participate in the roelplay creativity category, you must submit an HONEST entry of what your roleplay is about and why it is unique ASAP! but don't sugar-coat it or anything please, keep the contest 100% fair.

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I think I'll let the other WL mods explain.

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you know what my groups roleplay is like dapplenose

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) | 14 comments Ok this may take a while, but I'll try my best...

Warriors Lovers is about a unique set of clans along the lakeside and all of the events that take place along it. Since there are so many things that occur in each clan, I feel that each should have a section describing it's story.


The first group of events took place with Rosepaw, Nettlepaw, Thornpaw, Dawnpaw, and Tigerpaw. Tigerpaw was an evil cat who wanted a lot of power so he attempted killing his mentor and even those who were somewhat stronger than him. He was killed as a punishment, but he left Rosepaw with a permanant mark of her injury.

The next step that happened was when all of these cats became warriors. All of them fought over love of each other and it ended up with Rosepetal and Nettlewhisker and Dawnfeather with Thornclaw. However, the second grouping took longer. In this same time period, we were introduced to the evil character: Soul. He was a special spirit who is bloodthirsty and evil. He had to fight a cat named Autumncloud so a Stormclan cat could be saved. Autumncloud was the cat for the job because she has a special condition in which she goes crazy and kills anything against her family.

The next group of events occured with Dawnfeather's family herself. She went on a journey to discover that she came from a farmland.

After this, there is a small family that has a problem with a she-cat named Pebblepaw. She was stuck in a coma like situation and was haunted by a spirit. The apprentice siblings and friends all went on a long quest to find the special things that Pebblepaw would need to get out of that state. They returned and all turned out rather well.

From here, there were two other she-cats, Whisperpaw and Moonlitpaw. they both had fallen in love in a forbidden manner. Moonlitpaw fell in love with Driftwave of Iceclan and Whisperpaw fell in love with a cat from starclan: Weedpaw. They were very close, but the love they bore broke them apart when Soul came back in an epic battle. Whisperpaw joined Weedpaw but didn't die. She then went on a long quest to find Soul's weakness. She met many great spirits and others on her quest and returned for greatness later on. All she left when she disappeared was her daughter: Lifekit. She was left with Soul's son Deathkit.

These two cats grew up with driftwave and moonlitnight's children and the children of Rosestar and Nettlewhisker. Eventually, Deathkit became deathpaw and joined Soul's horde of sorts. He almost killed his best friend Flamepaw, but since he had good in him, it ended pretty well.

Time went by and suddenly Rosestar and all her family grew ill. This was because Tigerpaw, who actually did love Rosestar very much on earth, was dangerous and Starclan put him in The Place of No Stars. He was defended by No, the leader of that place. The disease was sent to Rosestar's family, but Tigerpaw didn't know. So, two cats named Graypaw and Stormpaw of Starclan joined some ancient cats and they went to save Nightclan. They won the fight with No and it all ended well.

Finally, the battle between Soul and his horde came about and this brought on the fight that Whisperpaw, now Whisperleaf and Flamepaw now Flameheart shone. Flameheart brought back the love in Deathpaw now Death. Whisperleaf got Soul to become weak and she diesappeared forever.


This place circles mainly around different romances. For the longest time it was about the love between Driftwave and Nightclan as a clan. He found love with a she-cat earlier mentioned named Moonlitnight. His apprentice, and later lover, and family fought against it, but this brought only more drama. Soon enough it all turned out well.

More romances of the same sort occured in this clan.


This clan revolves around generations of friendships. The first one was with a group of six who had to go on a long journey to find an herb for their friend. This herb was in the mountains, so they had to go very quickly. Thankfully, they made it and brought joy to the clan.

In this group of friends, there was a special character named Theifsoul who pranked the clan and knocked over the whole camp, brought in chickens, and released tons of insects.

The next group was the children of these six. They all grew up to become great warriors, but they had many challenges along the way. They had to support Fireclan in their great flood and had a locust attack. They worked hard and managed to get out alive, but just barely.


This clan has the least history. However, many characters shone for their battling against Soul and most helped him gather information for the best times to strike and so forth. Some even joined him.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of events that took place over the whole roleplay. There are even more with each and every character having their own story, but I couldn't write it all out. There is just too much to say.

Sorry for making it so long! I hope it clarified enough and I did a good enough job for the other mods lol

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Dapplenose | 71 comments Mod
very good. i'm looking for how they're unique

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Dapplenose | 71 comments Mod
Jamis wrote: "you know what my groups roleplay is like dapplenose"

are you participating in this category?

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Sam | 6 comments I'm just going to give you a summary of the whole roleplay.

Warrior Fans:



The roleplay started out calm with a conflict between Ambermoon and Thornhaze. Ambermoon thought Thornhaze was trying to steal his girlfriend. It also started with Thornhaze not wanting to get an apprentice. Then Sprrowstar took a patrol with her apprentice and they met WindClan cats. A border skirmish followed. Thronhaze was injured by an exiled warrior named Dustclaw. Thornhaze got worse but he agreed to mentor Mintkit. They moved him to camp and he made a full recovery. Sparrowstar was out of camp when she recieved a visual prediction of a brown cat leaping on a raven in flight. Thornhaze and Sparrowstar talked it out and figured out who the cat was. Thronhaze also recieved a sign: A broken mask on pile of snow with an eagle and a hawk circling it. Ambermoon came back with news: Hawkclaw of RiverClan was asking to join WindClan. Thronhaze and Sparrowstar went out to try to warn them when a fox attack occured. Right as the fox attack happened Thornhaze saw Hawkclaw as a fox and the warrior it was attacking was a kit. After returning Thronhaze talks to Ambermoon about Hawkclaw and assuming that Chillymask was dead and that Hawkclaw did it. But Ambermoon says they were best friends. Sparrowstar catches up with them and two ShadowClan cats claiming they were sent by StarClan, Starpaw and Stardance, meets them by the RiverClan border. They let them into the Clan.

I'll have to finish later, I g2g and I'm only on page 20 of the roleplay for ThunderClan.

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Dapplenose | 71 comments Mod
very nice, Sam

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Icefire *Completely lost* XD this is torture for you, isn't Sam?

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turture for Sam? i'm the one who has to read everything!

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Icefire *Completely lost* But she has to type it AND read it!

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but i have to read all of them!

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this is about what makes it unique, not a summary of the whole plot -.-

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Icefire *Completely lost* lolz

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Dapplenose | 71 comments Mod

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) | 14 comments Wow...then that giant post was pointless lol

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Icefire *Completely lost* bwahahahaha....

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Dapplenose | 71 comments Mod

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Icefire *Completely lost* XD

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~♥Alyssa♥~ (Lyssie123) | 6 comments Ugh. Lol, that's a lot of stuff...Maybe everyone should just post summaries of why their rp is unique instead. Right? ^^ Oh Dapplenose, did you write one for WRT?

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Dapplenose | 71 comments Mod
exactly, alyssa. and no i haven't

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~♥Alyssa♥~ (Lyssie123) | 6 comments Lol. Hey, you changed your pic! I like it, it's funny.

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Icefire *Completely lost* RAWR! We are a cat XD

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Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) | 14 comments Here I'll make a redo.

So, there are many different special things that makes Warriors Lovers a unique rp with many creative things within it.

Soul: Soul is a soul-spirit and is very unique because he is pure evil and has some powers such as speaking to other cats from far away and possessing cats. He is bloodthirsty and cruel.

Starclan: Warriors Lovers allows roleplayers to play with cats as part of starclan. They make a huge impact to what is going on and many prophecies and things along those lines come from this roleplay. Plus, they describe the beginning of Starclan with a special cat named Star and his brother named No who makes The Place of No Stars

Journies: The cats go on several trips that are unique by making herb journies and saving cats from far away lands.

Warriors Lovers is also unique in that they have a History and Future RP that are fairy active. Plus, it created a Newbie RP that helps build up the group. Some plots are made there and are transfered.

Is that better Dapple?

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Dapplenose | 71 comments Mod
yes, verry :)

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) | 14 comments ok good, sorry for the mixup there lol

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Icefire *Completely lost* XD

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Dapplenose | 71 comments Mod
Warriors Roleplay Training is unique because it takes place in the future but has a special history. Back when some of the elders were kits, the clans had a huge fight. There were so few survivors that they only re-made two clans: Cloudclan and Leafclan. A few warriors escorted some queens, kits, and a medicine cat to safety at a place far away and became known as Fireclan.
So now, some cats are going to go on a quest to Bring Fireclan back. But Leafclan and Cloudclan aren't looking forward to giving them some of their territory.

Baisically, it's unique because it has such a unique history, new clans with a purpose, and a quest

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~♥Alyssa♥~ (Lyssie123) | 6 comments And a prophecy from StarClan to go with the quest! ^^

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Dapplenose | 71 comments Mod

message 32: by Briaq (new)

Briaq  (Briaq) Warrior Cats =^._.^=
Basically, we just go about the original Clan and Tribe life. No conflicts...yet. Though in our next Gathering, the Tribe leader may appear, and we've brought back SkyClan to the forest. They had a fire, and their deputy suddenly went crazy...
Also, the Dark Forest is plotting against StarClan and the living Clans, by possesing living cats (like the SkyClan deputy), and capturing StarClan kits and training living cats (like Breezepelt).

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Sam | 6 comments Wait- what!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! All for nothing....

This what makes Warrior Fans's roleplay unique:

DarkClan: Also known as the Place of No Stars. They can go nto the physical world and interact with the living. Some can posses. They currently are becoming actually physical where they lose their power to posses and only be seen when they want to. They can actually roleplay there and create cats that live there. Currently they are the main antagonists in the rolepay.

StarClan: Like DarkClan, they can also interact with the living. They create and recieve prophecies and all cats in StarClan get a say. Anyone can create a StarClan cat. StarClan cats can't posses- not to my knowledge- but like DarkClan cats they choose when to be seen and appear in the physical world.


Hawkclaw: He is a ShadowClan-ThunderClan cat who has been in all four Clans including the brief time BloodClan reappeared. He has killed his best friend Chillymask, Ravenflight, his father Eagleflight and stolen a kit. He has been an important part of the Clan's history and will be in the future.

Flamepaw and the 'vamps': A current enemy of the Clans who has been discovered by Sparrowstar. They have gone from ShadowClan to ThunderClan.

In other words a lot of drama, conflict and enemies.

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Icefire *Completely lost* XD Sam, DarkClans aren't protagonists

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~♥Alyssa♥~ (Lyssie123) | 6 comments Lol, wouldn't they be antagonists?

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Sam | 6 comments Oh. I got confuzzled.

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Dapplenose | 71 comments Mod

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Lyla Neko (ScourgeLyla) | 19 comments She covered it pretty well though! >.<

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