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Good or Not

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Susan Pictures beam with reality, life and hope that lives upon the girl in the story. Shining with pleasure, I think this book is really good!

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ELA Teacher Why is it good. You aren't telling me anything that would make me read it.

Susan The story begins as a girl who is an orphan loves to cook and her dream is to be a famous cook that can cook food that makes otherss happy.The reason I like this book is sometimes the girl is accused, or something bad happened to her and her beloved ones, she stop shining. But her friends and the 2 boys cheers her up and beems her back into reality.The girl never gave up on her dreams and hopes. I want to be like this girl, never giving up on my dreams and hopes no matter if something bad happened. That is what the girl did. Reality is hard, knowing all the sufferings you had, but you have to live with it. Soetimes I feel unsure about my dreams and hopes, and feel so upset about all that is going around me, but it is okay. That is because the girl in the book lived with it, if everyone else can , I can too. It is not the book I liked it is the all seris.

Zarina I agree. What makes this book memorable is how Najika-san is a rare person to find. She's sincere, forgiving, and determined to live her dream and bring happiness to the world. Everyone should strive to be like her!

Fade I rarely find anime novals that are as good as these, they are awsome, they encorage me. I was really sad when the series came to an end.

Teja Deevi It really good book because we might want to learn to cook like her or dream come true.

Aria It is a very good book! Sad but good!

Jannie Huang It's like the most awesome book!

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