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message 1: by Kimathy (last edited Feb 26, 2010 01:58PM) (new)

Kimathy all twelve Cirque Du freak books and Go Ask Alice

message 2: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy working on good women of sutzuan, you dont know me, and to kill a mocking bird

book number : 13

message 3: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy still reading good women, finished you dont know me and still working on to kill a mocking bird plus i started the hunger games.

book number: 14

message 4: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy 3/8/2010

just finished: Hunger Games
started: Wintergirls, Catching Fire
currently reading: Good Women of Setzuan, To Kill A mocking Bird.

#: 15

message 5: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy 3/11/2010

just finished: catching fire
starting: the bar code rebellion and wintergirls
middle of: good women, to kill a mocking bird


message 6: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finished: bar code rebellion, winter girls, to kill a mockingbird, sent, and Bad girls dont die.

staring: who knows yet?

middle of: good women(still! i dont like it ! make me stop!) :/

total #: 21

message 7: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finished: good women (finally)

started: nightlight, and black mirror

total #: 22

message 8: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finished: nightlight

started: black mirror, before i fall

total: 23

message 9: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy i gave up on black mirror(didn't like it)so it doesn't count.

middle of: before i fall

starting: making lemonade, sense sensibility and sea monsters


message 10: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finished: make lemonade, and before i fall

middle of: sense and sensibility and sea monsters, and love sick.

message 11: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finished: love sick and gave up on sense and ...

total: 26

finished: our town and dangerous girls.

total: 28

reading: if i stay, beastly, and dangerous girls #2

message 12: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finish: dangerous girls#2

reading: If I Stay, Beastly, Beautiful Creatures

total: 29

message 13: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finished : if i stay

reading : same ^

read: 30

message 14: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy read: 31

finished: Animal Farm

didn't finish beastly or Beautiful Creatures.

message 15: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy read: 32

finished: harry potter one

reading: Pretend You Don't See Her, Uglies, Guardian of the Dead.

message 16: by Kimathy (last edited Jun 08, 2010 05:05PM) (new)

Kimathy Read: 33

finished Guardian of the Dead

Reading: Pretend you Don't See Her, Uglies, City of Bones

message 17: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy READ: 34

finished: city of Bones

reading: Harry Potter 2 Pretend you don't see her, Uglies.

message 18: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy read: 35

finished: Uglies

reading:HP2, and Pretend You Don't See Her.

message 19: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finished: HP2 and HP 3

reading: PYDSH, Beautiful Creatures, and SSLoBT.

total: 37

message 20: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy total: 39

finished: BC and SSLoBT

reading: HP4 & PYDSH

message 21: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy total: 40

finished: HP4

reading: Fallen, The Looking Glass Wars, Evermore, Pretend You Don't See Her.

message 22: by Kimathy (last edited Aug 16, 2010 05:30PM) (new)

Kimathy finished: TLGW, Evermore.

total: 42

reading: PYDSH, Fallen, Wings, HPatOotP

message 23: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finished: Fallen


reading: Pretend You Don't See Her, Wings, HPatOotP, I Am Not Ester, Hush Hush.

message 24: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finished: I am Not Esther

total: 44

reading: PYDSH, Wings, HP5, and Hush, Hush

message 25: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy Finished: Wings


Quit: HH

Reading: PYDSH, HP5

message 26: by Kimathy (last edited Sep 17, 2010 10:01PM) (new)

Kimathy Read: hunger games, Hedda Gabler

total: 46 (already read Hunger Games this year)

Reading: HP 5, Doll House, PYDSH, catching fire

message 27: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finished: Doll House


Reading: Death of a Salesman, Pretend You Don't See Her, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix, Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson.

message 28: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finished:Catching Fire

read: 47 (already read Catching Fire)

Reading: Pretend You Don't See Her, Death of a Salesmen, Mockingjay, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson.

message 29: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finished: Mockingjay

read: 48

reading: PYDSH, DoaS, HPatOtP, SPoED

message 30: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy read: 49

reading: Pretend you don't see her, death of a salesman, selected poems of emily dickinson, the thin executioner.

message 31: by Kimathy (last edited Dec 26, 2010 11:42AM) (new)

Kimathy GOAL MADE! :D

read: 50

reading: Pretend You Don't See Her, Selected Poems Of Emily Dickinson, The Thin Executioner.

message 32: by Kimathy (last edited Nov 03, 2010 01:17PM) (new)

Kimathy Read: 53

reading: PYDSH, Thin executioner, the shining, medea

fin: Poems, HP and the HBP, The Cardturner

message 33: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy fin: Medea

reading: PYDSH, TE, TS

read: 54

message 34: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy fin: Shining

reading: Thin Executioner, PYDSH

read: 55

message 35: by Kimathy (last edited Dec 19, 2010 08:07AM) (new)

Kimathy fin: Othello

reading: TE, PYDSH, Pygmalion, Fahrenheit 451

total: 56

message 36: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finished: Pygmalion and Harry: A History

total: 58

Reading: Thin Executioner, Fahrenheit 451

message 37: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy finished: TE, and Fahrenheit 451

Total: 60!

Reading: I have a load of things I checked out and don't want to list.

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