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message 1: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
Do we sometimes have a plank in our eyes when it comes to music to go with our book videos?

So far, I've used and my license allows me to use the same piece for continuity for all my videos.

message 2: by Rebecca J (new)

Rebecca J Vickery (rebeccajvickery) HI Rowena,
I probably would have been guilty of that before becoming informed about music and performance copyright. The Napster deal opened my eyes to that problem.
I make it a practice to use music from little known artists and usually trade credits for the right to use it. The artist gets free promo and I get great music. There are also some sites I've found that synthesize music on the computer and they have some really original sounds. Some of it is very inexpensive or free also for proper accreditation. Just takes time and research to find the right piece.

message 3: by A.F. (new)

A.F. (scribe77) There are sites with creative commons music, much like photo sites. Some offer small samplers for free, credited use, others license music for reasonable fees.

message 4: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
Indeed there are. I like for Royalty free music for a reasonable fee.

message 5: by A.F. (new)

A.F. (scribe77) I haven't tried that site.
I've used Partners in Rhyme and Soundsnap; they have free creative commons music samplers

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