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Wizards First Rule

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Well really I think my review pretty much sums it up so you should just check that out. Actually, I'll just post it here for convenience.

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I really like the book's story and the writing was... mostly good. Let me explain.

As far as writing style, character and plot development I thought Terry Goodkind did a great job. The content is what I didn't like. There is too much sex. And not even just sex but torturous sexual acts. Cutting out testicles and eating them, making love with torture tools that cause you intense pain and bleeding on each other (for about 50 pages it was only about that), descriptions of raping characters including some of the main characters, etc. It didn't dominate the book completely but there was enough that I would never recommend this book to a friend because of it.

The ethical issues of the book disagree with me also. The prevalent emotion that is praised in this book is rage. People get angry and that is what helps them be just. Goodkind tries to pull it off as a
"righteous anger" but I am not an advocate of solving life's issues by getting in a rage. In fact, if you are angry enough then the law doesn't apply to you anymore because your righteous anger becomes the law. Sounds like a happy way to run a society.

So I gave it two stars because it was ok. There were some really good story elements but the rest disagreed with me. I don't recommend this book

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