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RP here as soon as you make a charrie

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Emma was walking to class

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Zariah was walking to class slowly, looking around at her new school.

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Emma bumped into her and said"Oops sorry.I didn't see you."she picked up her book and talked again"Are you having trouble finding a class?"she asked looking at her and smiling

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Zariah smiled back. "Acutally, yeah. Can you help me find the drama room?"

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"Wow.Cool I'm going there now."Emma said "Oh and i'm Emma Hollister.Whats your name?"Amanda asked

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"Zariah Starre," Zariah said and smiled. "That's good. I'm glad I finally know someone."

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"Yea.People don't talk to me alot."Emma said slowly walking to Drama

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"Why not?" Z asked.

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Emma looked at her and said"Backwards cresant moon and."she pulled up her sleeves and showed her tatoos"It's because of the roses and flowers,and vines."Emma said

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Zariah nodded as she looked at her Mark. "I totally understand how you feel," she said and pointed to the star on her forehead. "At least yours is somewhat similiar to the others. Mine's a star. I mean, how abnormal can you get with a star?!" She laughed.

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"Yea I tried not to talk about it I don't like a whole lot of attention."Emma said

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"Agreed," Zariah said. "Well, we should probably get to class."

((I think im gonna make a guy just to make it interesting. shud i make 1 from the series or make 1 up?))

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(make it oraginal its funner lol)

"Yea we should."Emma said

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

((lol ok so who shud i make?))

"Lead the way cause I have no idea where I'm going," Z said.

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(nooo wait make your own origanal sorry lol)

"Oops sorry."Emma said and walked a bit faster to Drama

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"That's fine," Z said and followed.

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Emma walked into drama and said"We have a new student and I was showing her how to get here."Emma said to the teacher

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Z blushed but smiled at the teacher.

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The class stared at them and looked at their marks and murmered"freak show." Emma heard them and sat down quietly at her seat

"Thank you Emma and what is your name?"She asked

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"Zariah," Z said, glaring at the class for hearing what they called them.

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"Well Zariah please take a seat next to Emma."the teacer said to her

"Emma please tell her what we do in this class."the teacher said again

"Ok."Emma said and started to talk about what they do and eveything that goes on

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((professor nolan is the drama teacher right? in the books?))

Zariah listened to Emma, still throwing looks at the class.

((i think we shud have like the twins and damian in here and like we can switch off playing them but not make profiles for them. no zoey tho unless u want to make her. do u agree?))

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(yea that would be cool)

"And thats it pretty much."Emma said

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"I can manage that," Zariah said and nodded.

message 26: by Catie (new)

Catie Juliett listened tapping her leg.

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Falcon walked into class. Late, Again.

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"Ok good."Emma said

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Falcon sat next to Z.

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Z sighed. "This should be fun," she said, watching Prof. Nolan.

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Falcon smirked, "Yeah right. This is like the lamest class ever."

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Zariah looked at him with a smile. "For you. I'm excellent at drama."

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"Yea it can be."Emma said

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Falcon shrugged

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Z faced the front of the class again, pulling a leg up to her chest and on the chair.

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((SOMEONE needs to make the twins!!!)))

Emma listened to Professor Nolan

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((we dont need to make them! we already know who they r! i'll play shawnee and u play erin, k?))

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

((lol ok but have you seen the website the pics are cool))


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((yea i have :) and i meant shaunee, she spells it differently. and yea sure))

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((kk lol Erin is my fave lol jk they both are AWESOME!!))

Erin was walking with her Twin during passing periods

Emma came out of class

((woah weird both start with E lol Emma Erin!!!))

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((lol :)))

Shaunee was chatting with Erin when she noticed the two girls with different Marks.

Zariah followed Emma out of class, watching her feet to make sure she didn't trip.

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Erin looked at the two girls as well then looked at her twin"We should say hi."Erin said

"So what was your impression on Drama class?"Emma asked Zariah

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Shaunee shrugged. "Okay," she said and walked towards them.

Zariah shrugged. "It seems better than my old drama class." She looked up and smiled at Emma.

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"They remind me of Zoey a little bit."Erin said walking with her

"Thats good."Emma said

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Shaunee smiled and tapped the girl's shoulders.

Zariah spun around. "Hi," she said and smiled at the girls.

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Falcon waved to the twins.

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"Hi."Emma said and smiled at them

Erin said "Hi."To the girls"I'm Erin."she said

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Falcon watches them.

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Erin waved back quickly to Falcon

"I'm Emma."she said

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Falcon smiled walked closer, "Hey"

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