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Okay, so this is only for House of Night charries. Now, I am allowing other vamps to come to the school, like different types than the one in the HON series. If you like, you can make a charrie from someone in the series (example Zoey, Erin, Damien) or you can make your own.

Name: first and last (ones chosen after they were Marked)
Color/style Mark: okay, here's wher it gets weird. The Mark doesn't have to be a crecent moon if you don't want it to be. You can give your charrie a different shape Mark. Tell us what the designs are when they get them (they are allowed to be 'special' vamps like Zoey) and what color it is

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Name: Zariah Starre (pronounced Star. and it's her original name, even before she was Marked)
Age: 17
Gender: F
Personality: outgoing, can be crazy and fun, loves to party and take risks, hates getting attention for her weird Mark
Appearance: (with blue eyes)
Color/Style Mark: instead of the moon, she has a dark blue colored in star with stars going across her eyes and ending at the tip of her eyes like stardust, all in different sizes, and some are just outlines and others are filled in.
Family: lived with her Aunt Jackie b/c her 'rents died in a car crash
Other: new to the House of Night

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Name: Emma Hollister(real name)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: kind,sweet,caring,fun,risk taker,happy,doesn't like attention,hates being popular
Color/style Mark:(Abit like Zoey)A backwards creasent moon,her arms and legs have some flowers and roses and vines for her"Tatoos",shes not a red vampire just a rare one her creasent moon is a teal and her tatoos are red/maroon she also has an affanity for all elements
Other: Lives in California

((will post more info soon i am really tired))

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Catie Name: Juliett Lune
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Loud, sweet, quircky
Appearance: Red hair that falls to about midwaist. Olive skin. Bright blue eyes
Color/style Mark: A Purple Starburst

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Name: Falcon Ruby (new name)
Age: 16
Personality: TBA
Appearance: Tall, skinny, black hair, blue eyes, tanned skin
Color/style Mark: Red (3 leaf) clover
Family: a brother and stepfamily.

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Name: Alyss (pronounced Alice) Cara (new name)
Age: 17
Gender: f
Personality: TBA
Appearance: pale, slightly chubby, short, brown eyes
Color/style Mark: Red heart
Family: Falcon is her cousin

Ashley Elizabeth | 105 comments name- Forever
personality-sweet, fiesty, short-tempered, flirty, rebelous, dangerous, bubbly....i could go on
colour/style mark-black heart
other- has a tatoo of an angel on her left shoulder

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