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ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) (rp here)

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Lynn was walking around bored

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Jay was bored outta her mind and saw another girl just walking. She flew up to her. 'Hi, I'm Jay.' She held out her hand. 'What's yours?'

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'Cool. So what are you doing just walking around. Why don't you go to a bar or something?' Jay asked, because that's where she was headed.

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Lynn shrugged "I don't know"

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'Well, let's go to Central Park. It's so much more fun at night! There are more people there.' Jay asked. She was always flirting with guys.

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When they got there Jay pointed to a bench filled with people. 'That's my favorite bench in the park.' Jay told her (g2g srry!)

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'Because, there's always a lot of people around there at night! Very interesting people too!' Jay told her

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'Let's go!' And she bounced off to the bench.

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Lynn followed

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) Seth was sitting in the park bored waiting for something interesting to happen

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Lynn climbed up a tree and sat down on a branch

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) A few moments later he sensed something and his eyes started scaning the shadows around him even those in the trees

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Lynn looked up at the sky

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) Seth saw something in one of the trees and got up cautiously and went towards the tree to get a closer look at it

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Lynn heard something coming and looked down at the ground

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) Seth realized it was a girl "hey what are you doing up there" Seth called up to her getting interested

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"just hanging around" she laughed

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) "Why don't you come down and hang out on the ground for awhile" Seth

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"ok" Lynn said and jumped down landing infront of him

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) "I'm Seth and you would be"

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) "nice to meet you" Seth

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"you too"

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) "So what are you doing out here so late" Seth

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She shrugged "couldn't sleep so i decided to take a walk"

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) "So you want to do something" Seth

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"sure like what"

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) "What about a movie" Seth

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"ok" she smiled

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) He offered her his hand

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she took it

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) They walked to the movie theater

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"what movie do you wanna see?"

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) "Anything really I have a feeling I won't really be paying attention to the movie" Seth said smiling at her

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Lynn blushed alittle "ok how about.." she pointed to one

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) "That works" Seth

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) He went to the ticket booth and purchased the tickets for the movie

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she got them some popcorn

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) he went back to her and they went into the theater

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she found them some seats

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) "these are good seats" Seth said as they sat

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"yea" she smiled

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Kjonesbookpage (krj29483) (BRB)

He gently put his arm around her

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She blushed and put her head on his shoulder

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