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message 1: by Savannah (new) - added it

Savannah I want to be in the first movie so badly. I memorized every word in the book!

Anica even though i bet it's cammie, who would you want to play?

Mahum *It's Summer!!!!* I would probably want to be either Bex or Cammie, Cammie obviously cause she is like the main character, but I like Bex too, and also I used to live in London but I just moved.

♫Nicola♫ I think I would like to be Bex, cuz she's just plain awesome, or Cammie, cuz I think I vanish into the background a lot too!!!!! :_( *tear*

Mahum *It's Summer!!!!* Wow, that's cool! I might be able to do cammie, cause people don't usually pay that much attention to me.

Anica i think that i'd want to play Cammie because i have a general/plain look like she does, and i have really similar outlooks on things. She's also such an awesome character and would be really fun to play!

message 7: by Skidmore (new)

Skidmore there isn't going to be a movie. My source?

Mahum *It's Summer!!!!* Nooooooooooooooooooo!! I really wanted there to be a movie!

Anica aww, well that sucks :(

Mahum *It's Summer!!!!* SOMEBODY MAKE A PETITION!!!!!!!! I WOULD SIGN IT!!!

Anica Mahum wrote: "SOMEBODY MAKE A PETITION!!!!!!!! I WOULD SIGN IT!!!"

ME TOO, i wicked wanted to see the movie :(

Mahum *It's Summer!!!!* i could try ad make one... but I do not know anyone who would sign it unless I could somehow get it on the internet, but I don't know how! Does any one in this group know?

message 13: by Skidmore (new)

Skidmore Mahum wrote: "SOMEBODY MAKE A PETITION!!!!!!!! I WOULD SIGN IT!!!"

I would totally sign it!!!!

Mahum *It's Summer!!!!* Yay!!!!! Next year we are going to make a webpage at school, so once I do that I will figure out how to put the petition on it! And to all those smart people who already know how to make a webpage, I'm sorry I am no genius with a computer. I can do most things, but not everything!

message 15: by Skidmore (new)

Skidmore same here I can use most things

Mahum *It's Summer!!!!* it is hard to be able to do everything on a computer

message 17: by Skidmore (new)

Skidmore yeah it is

message 18: by Diana (new)

Diana Actually, I don't want a movie. I'd rather a TV series. With one they have more time to show all the actions than a like 2 hour movie that would cut out needed parts. with a show there could be 20 episodes (about a season) for each book. And i would LOVE to play Cammie!!!!

Anica we ALL want to play cammie, (or atleast some of us do). i think that a TV series would be really cool! cuz then their would be more stories and we could watch it alot!

Ashpash i love the books they are awesome!!!!! There needs to be a movie!!! what is wrong with ally?!! Just except disney's offer will you!!!!!

message 21: by Diana (new)

Diana Right? Common just take Disney's offer! With a franchise like that you know the movie could be a hit!

Ashpash I know and that's why she can't be picky at a moment like this! Her movie could become another hariet the spy movie!

message 23: by Skidmore (new)

Skidmore the movie would be epic

Ashpash Do you know how much girls would pay to see that movie? If it where in theaters?!

message 25: by Skidmore (new)

Skidmore I'm going to hazard a guess at a lot

Ashpash I want a movie!!! i want to see people playing those characters!!!!!!!!

message 27: by Emma (new) - added it

Emma IDK if i want them to make a movie I might think they have awful charchters and then my view of them would be messed up when i read the book

Ashpash true... but still.... i mean ya sometimes movies end up changing seens or cutting them short so i guess i can see what your saying...

Ashpash Zach should be played by Drew Roy.
From Hanna Montana "he could be the one"
From Icarly "i date bad boy"


Ashpash Read my book- Stranded Love, You can find it on page 56 if you type in "stranded love" in the search box and look under the stories catagory.

Bryce i agree with mahum there should be a movie and you know ill sign the pettion

Ashpash Yes! There should definitely be a petition! I mean Alley needs to hurry up and just take Disney up on their offer. There's no time to be picky! If that movie were to come out in theaters every girl would flock to see it! She and Disney would make big bucks!

Read me story "Rebel" and it's sequel "Rebellion"!
Only on Goodreads!

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

i there was a petition i would soo sign it. and i know a couple of people who would also love to sign it

message 34: by Zeva (new) - rated it 5 stars

Zeva Martin I agree with all of you. the books were awsome, a movie would be great and exciting.

Ramsha Marie wrote: "even though i bet it's cammie, who would you want to play?"
Well I would love to play Eva "Chica" I don't know why but you know how in the book cross my heart and hope to spy at the where one of the girls are sitting on Grant or Jonas I forgot, I just found it hilarious.

Heidi NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Definitly not because when people make movies out of books they always mess it up!

Nicole I would want to play different characters for different reasons.
I would want to play Bex because she is gorgeous an is really tough, and feisty, which I like. But I don't know if I could pull off the accent.
I would want to play Cammie because she's...Cammie.

Nicole Savannah wrote: "I want to be in the first movie so badly. I memorized every word in the book!"

I would too! When I read the books I was like, yes! I want to, no, HAVE to be in this movie!
I always want to be in the movies of my favorite books. I feel like every time I think that way, a movie is made. It's like can't they wait until I'm older or something? Haha!
I wanted to be Katniss in the Hunger Games (in the process) ; Janie in the Face on the Milk Carton; Max in Maximum Ride (in the process ; Cammie, or Bex, in the Gallagher Girls.

Karli Mahum *It's Summer!!!!* wrote: "SOMEBODY MAKE A PETITION!!!!!!!! I WOULD SIGN IT!!!"

ME TOO!!!!! :)

Sonia Count me in as well!!!! :)

Karli Sonia wrote: "Count me in as well!!!! :)"


Luana C. KadiBob wrote: "Mahum *It's Summer!!!!* wrote: "SOMEBODY MAKE A PETITION!!!!!!!! I WOULD SIGN IT!!!"

ME TOO!!!!! :)"

Me!!! :D

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