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message 1: by Leonard, Sorcerer Supreme (new)

Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
((So guys, I was thinking that what if our characters were in this war between the Overlords (evil conquerors of the world) and the Defenders (the good peeps). Still play with your own charries, but remember that you are not in school, are being constantly attacked, and that you still have to choose your side! The large, dark army, or the rebels of righteousness? You decide!))

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
Reilo ran as fast as he could from the giant troops chasing after him. As being a scout sorcerer for the Defenders, he had to go check if there was any danger ahead. Unfortunately, there was. A giant boulder almost landed on top of him if not for a Protect that he did at the last moment.

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) ((lol the good peeps :P))
Lina was stationed at a large tree with her bow and arrow and nothing else. She's been sitting there all day, waiting for Overlords to come by, but they seemed to find another route, because yesterday, somebody killed 16, thinking she would have just as many, but noooo. Lina pouted sitting there, until she actually saw one in a bush! A surge of excitement came over her, but fear took over. What if he already saw her and would make the first move? She shivered a bit, slowly moving onto her stomach on a huge branch. She took out her bow and pulled back a poison arrow, keeping her aim steady. She smirked and was about to shoot, until, a freaking squirrel fell on her face, making her shoot in the tree and miss him and land in front of him on the bush. The squirrel make her shriek and land onto her back on the ground, when suddenly she was shot with a ball of red, but she rolled over and dodged it. She starting running in the other direction, making her crash into Reilo.

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(Oh, I'm not sure... Mizu fits neither... Ok, she's a spy, you know, pretending to work for the Overlords when really a Defender.)

Mizu was smiling. These Overlords really were gullible. Some evil words and they believed she was on their side. Hah! Like she'd be the ally of her family's murderers! Ridiculous. Thanks to her leading a dangerous life before, she was scarred and had tattooed her body, they didn't recognise her as that kid. And she had introduced herself as Cynthia. The only problem was sneaking back to the Defenders whenever she got important information, that was the only thing that might give her away. But she could take her of herself. She could definitely take care of herself.

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Merliza was stationed under the bush and told the squirrel to attack the Overlords and thought Lina was an Overlord until she saw Lina's face. "Oops" Merliza saw an Overlord coming and Merliza had her sword and sheild but Merliza was powerless so she ran until she saw Lina and Reilo. Lina and Reilo were rubbing their heads because they bumped to each other.

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
Reilo put his hand on his hand. He got up and helped Lina up too. "You ready? Cause here they come!"

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Mizu was walking towards the Defenders. She had managed to get away, but for how long? She'd have to be quick. She didn't have much to report, but she had to report, even if she only could say "I'm still alive, they won't tell me anything yet but I'm still alive and they haven't dound me out", which probably was what she had to say. She was walking where she knew Merliza, Lina and Reilo were, wearing the Overlord's uniform for Rangers still. Perhaps it was a mistake... No, they knew her. They'd not attack her unless necessary.

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"Hey I spot an Overlord. OVER THERE !"

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
Reilo was too occupied driving the giants away. "Try this!" he shouted at the nearest giant. He jumped on his back and performed an Energy Drain. The giant then fell to the floor.

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Mizu looked up and saw the Defenders. "You guys should hide, they're coming now. Come on, not recognising me?" She smiled, but the smile was only barely visible. She was glad she'd been trained by both sides to spot the Defenders.

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"You know your becoming like a show off." Merliza saying it to Reilo.

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
Reilo looked to Merliza. "Well, it's not showing off if it saves our.... AHH!!" He was almost crushed by a giant before he projected a shield above him.

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Mizu started attacking a giant. She was becoming a bear, her preferred shape. She started slashing the giant wildly, causing it to bleed a lot.

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) Lina stood there, then her eyes flashed purple, sending two giants backwards, flying and hitting another giant. She smirked at her magical skills, and her eyes went wide not realizing a hand coming right at her.

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Hannah (normalgirl) (Iceia is really neither, because she is a Faerie Princess from the demension of Faerie where the Faeries live and not many travel to this world unless their treators who get exiled or rulers like Iceia or Faeries who want to start their lives over. THey usually don't get involved with these times of squabbles only their own.)
Iceia watched Lina fight the giant. Her eyes all a glitter by all the gore.

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Riku stood up, and a boulder just missed crashing down on him. He screamed as he saw the warriors racing after him. He made a big Protect barrier around Everyone that was completely and utterly soundproof.

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) Lina fell onto her butt, relieved the Protect Barrier would give her some time to revive. She wiped some dirt off her knees. "Thanks Riku."

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"Yeah." He did a Healing spell on her, while the barrier stayed shaky. It broke, and Riku forced Lina up, and they jumped on a nearby Pizza, which took them away.

message 19: by Gabrielle (new)

Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) "Wh-" Lina said confuzzled, putting some hair out of her face. ((whats a pizza?))

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

(you dont know what a pizza is?)

"In an alternate universe, anything is possible." The pizza dropped them onto ice cream.

(ik this is totally random, its just im typing this because I just saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.)

message 21: by Gabrielle (new)

Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) ((oh, i know what pizza is, but lol it confuzzled me :P anyways, gtg, bbl!))

Lina nodded, amazed. The icecream got really slippery.

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(okay come back soon!)

Riku slid of the ice cream, which was 12222222 feet in the air. He grabbed onto Lina's hand.

message 23: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) Iceia stooped to smell a sparkling, glittering dazey.

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(not weird at all! i am gonna play the daisy)

the dazey swallowed up iceia.

message 25: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) Iceia used the element and fried the dazey from the inside out and smiled cruelly.

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The dazey healed itself and took Iceias magic away and then died.

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Hannah (normalgirl) Iceia smiled as she took back her magic from the ground and went to find Riku.

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Riku hands slipped away from Linas and he dropped to the ground, doing a protect just before he hit the ground.

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Hannah (normalgirl) Iceia grimanced, "Show off, much?"

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Riku looked to the right and left before taking off his Protect.

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Hannah (normalgirl) Iceia shakes her head and walks off.

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(i here now waiting for Lina)

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
Reilo followed Riku and Lina. "C'mon guys! We have to tell the main army about these giants! They're thousands of them with the Overlords! We have to go!"

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"Okay! Lets go!" He followed Reilo.

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Suddenly the ground in front of Reilo and Riku exploded. "Carvages..." Reilo groaned. They were relatively new fire demons who joined the Overlord. He turned around. "Look out!" He shouted, tackling Riku out of the way.

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Riku tackled Reilo out of the way too and they both rolled into a now forming volcano.

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
Reilo then grabbed Riku and levitated both of them into the air before the lava hit them.

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"Thanks again." Riku said but then he fell down, into a crowd of bad guys with swords. "HELP!"

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
"Got it!" Reilo then flew in and touched the ground. He grunted for a moment and roots grew out of the ground, wrapping around the soliders. He grabbed Riku. "C'mon dude! Time to run!" He pulled Riku with him.

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Riku ran as fast as he could.

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) Lina still sat on the ice cream, looking down, the lava red color shadowed her grey eyes. "Reilo! Riku!" She said, then her eyes flashed purple, blocking some of it.

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"What is it Lina tell me?"

message 46: by Gabrielle (new)

Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) "Look!" She pointed at Reilo and Riku running from lava.

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"Okay I know what to do." Merliza wave her hand and frozing the lava and when water and lava come it forms rock.

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) "Oh shoot! Merliza!" Lina slipped off the ice cream, pulling Merliza down with her.

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"Hey what did you do that for?" Merliza looking at Lina furiosly.

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) "I'm sorry! It was kinda... an automatic thing." She looked at her apologetically.

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