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message 1: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) hi people whats up?

message 2: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) writing?cool

message 3: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) what are you writing'?

message 4: by Mari (new)

Mari (jinxsantos) hi! can anyone tell mo how to do a post where it shows the photo of the book cover? thanks :)

message 5: by Kim (new)

Kim | 84 comments Right above the comment box there is a link that says add book/author. If you click on it, you will get a pop-up box where you can type in the title of the book (or author), and then choose link or cover.

message 6: by Mari (new)

Mari (jinxsantos) ha! it was that easy.. thanks for the info :)

message 7: by Amie (new)

Amie | 102 comments So, I was wondering do you think we can get partial credit for books we are having to read to our children? (e.g. I have to sit and listen/read/correct my 7 year old reading Spiderwick books.)

message 8: by Amie (new)

Amie | 102 comments I think I spent more time reading my daughters books than my own this week. Busy Busy.

Maybe more time next week.

I couldn't count the books if I wanted. My daughter and I have a bet I can't finish 100 books before she does. But since I have to read with her she pointed out to me this week that I could be cheating and counting her books and that would not be fair. So I made a promise and I keep her book list and let her look at mine (just in case, she says). I told her that a cheater never prospers, and she said told me that daddy would cheat if he was reading with us. Guess it's a good thing he doesn't like to read much!!

At least she reads chapter books. They take 1 to 2 night instead of 10 mins. I might still have a chance to keep up now! Without cheating! :)

message 9: by Mari (last edited Dec 24, 2010 10:33AM) (new)

Mari (jinxsantos) Happy Holidays everyone! :)

Just a thought.. aside from posting the total number of books we've read, how about we start a thread of the 10 best books we've read this year too? Or we could do this on the 2011 group. I'd love to see your favorites (and maybe add them to my TBR file too if I haven't read 'em yet). What do you guys think?

message 10: by Catherine (new)

Catherine | 101 comments That is a good idea..although it's gonna be hard to just pick 10!

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